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Crowdcreate is a top rated NFT marketing agency that provides the strategies and secrets you're missing. We connect you with the top NFT influencers, investors and thought leaders that can help your project grow.

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Since 2017, Crowdcreate has been building a network of the most influential names in crypto & NFTs. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over 5+ years building our network. No other agency in world has the relationships and reach we’ve grown.

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What is NFT Marketing?

Best NFT Marketing Agency

As the NFT ecosystem grows in popularity, both startup projects and large enterprises are racing to have their own unique NFT proposition. The space is becoming more crowded and projects are looking to stand out.

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NFT Marketing increases growth and hype around your project, thereby generating much needed traction to take your project to the next level. How do you do this? Crowdcreate are pioneers in NFT Marketing and set ourselves apart from the competition with proprietary strategies, networks, and relationships that no other firm can offer.

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WHY NFT Marketing

Top Rated NFT Marketing Agency

We've built our NFT marketing network from the ground up. We talk to hundreds of influencers every week, and know what they're interested in. We get you in front of these influencers by writing the perfect pitch email alongside your business. We then send thousands of personalized messages to qualified influencers in your dream prospect list.

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Proprietary NFT Network & Relationships

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Strategic Pitches That Know What they Want

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Packages of all sizes from startups to enterprises

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WE HOST NFT Global Conferences & EVENTS

NFT Marketing Services we offer


How to Sell NFTs Strategy

Whether you’re a beginner creator, or the top NFT project in the world, Crowdcreate can provide the strategy and insights on how to market and sell your NFTs.

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How to Create NFTs Advisory

Marketing and branding your NFT properly is the difference between going viral, and being yet another copy-cat NFT project. We can provide the strategy to stand out from the rest.

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NFT Blockchain Advisory

NFT Platform Marketplace Advisory

Which NFT platform should you choose? From OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, to SuperRare and Rarible, we speak to the CEO’s of these companies and can recommend which platform to choose.

NFT Viral Referral Marketing

NFT Viral Referral Marketing

The right content, boosted with a word-of-mouth referral marketing campaign, can help your project go viral and reduce your cost of customer acquisition costs. Learn about the best tools and techniques to use.

NFT Token Offering

Our Crowdcreate network of experts can provide a comprehensive overview on structuring security token offerings and propose a framework for offering and selling NFT‘s in compliance with local securities laws.

NFT Influencer Marketing

NFT Influencer Marketing

Influencers have the audiences and attention that you need to get exposure to your NFT project. Crowdcreate has the relationships, processes, frameworks, and technology to target the right NFT influencers for your project.


NFT Minting Advisory

How many NFTs should you initially mint? How should you setup your whitelist? How much should you charge? These are all questions we can advise on and important for your NFT launch.

NFT Smart Contract Strategy

There’s more to NFTs than just a standard JPEG file. Crowdcreate can share insights on some of the most revolutionary new use cases of NFTs and what the top developers are working on.

NFT Blockchain Advisory

NFT Strategic Partnerships & Sales

Collaborations and partnerships with other projects, investment funds, influencers, content creators, media outlets, and distribution networks can provide exponential growth to your project. We can help you.
NFT Viral Referral Marketing

NFT Community Management

Community is everything. We’ve been building NFT & crypto communities for the past 5 years on different channels ranging from Reddit and Discord, to Telegram and Zoom calls. We understand that the next big crypto projects will be community led. Let us help you build and scale yours.

NFT Social Media Marketing

Successful NFT projects do a good job of hyping up their project on social media. It’s important to educate, inform, tease, and get attention through your posts. Staying consistent and professional is what we do best at Crowdcreate.

NFT Influencer Marketing
From TikTok and YouTube, to Twitter and Instagram, Crowdcreate has created the largest database of NFT & Crypto influencers that can bring awareness to your project. Access our influencer database here.

NFT Hype Explained

Several notable figures have dubbed NFTs to be in a bubble and a gold rush. The technology is revolutionary and is not going anywhere. The ability to own intellectual property is at the core of NFTs. Nevertheless, despite the insane price tag of some NFTs, they are here to stay as their untapped potential means that the future is bright.

To ensure that your NFT project witnesses healthy long-term growth, it is important to keep up with the latest marketing trends and devise your strategies accordingly. There is no fixed strategy, therefore feel free to stretch out the horizons, experiment with new and proven concepts to devise what’s best for your project.


From music album sales and digital art, to sporting memorabilia and IP rights for entertainment, the possibilities of NFTs are almost limitless. The challenge is how brands and creators are going to get awareness to their project. There isn't a one-size fits all approach, and Crowdcreate offers a unique, marketing approach to marketing NFTs in the entertainment industry.

NBA TopShot is leading the sports industry with their record breaking sales of basketball's greatest Moments. NFT music platforms are allowing musicians to own their royalties and earn. Project creators have endless questions when it comes to marketing their project on these online marketplces. We make it simple.

NFT GAMING, COLLECTIBLES & virtual land Marketing AGENCY

How do you market in game assets such as characters, skins, swords, shields, weapons, avatars, and more? Every game title has its own unique identity and audience base. Our NFT marketing agency helps you strategize your launch. These collectibles have many purposes and can be used for various utility within virtual games. Even the virtual land itself is an NFT and can be used for art galleries, community spaces, and new gathering places for billions of people around the world to share experiences. We are the marketing company that understands the culture within digital worlds to help get your project the exposure it deserves.

Top Blockchains for Launching NFT Projects

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NFT Community Management & Growth Agency

Best NFT Marketing Agencies

A Crypto community is at the very core of your project. It’s also a platform for fellow NFT enthusiasts to connect with each other, share valuable insights, and discuss the space in general. Not only can your users share their artwork but eye-catching NFTs could potentially go viral owing to the enhanced exposure from the community – be sure to float beautiful artworks every now and then to maximise traction.

Owning a one of a kind NFT should grant its holder access to an exclusive club similar to having possession of a famous art collection like a picasso or a Leonardo da Vinci. This is a platform for your community to flaunt off their collections, boast about what makes it stand out, and attract others to do the same.

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NFT Marketing Strategy & Branding Agency

The NFT and crypto community have a unique identity and subculture unlike anything else in the world. Figuring out your brand identity and go-to-market strategy is what we do at Crowdcreate.

How do we do it? First, we understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. This includes our proprietary framework, and systematic approach to onboarding clients. We apply some of the top growth tactics and industry best practices that we’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients, and speaking to thousands of companies.

Data-driven Digital
EMAIL Outreach

Step 1


Use machine learning to aggregate all of the major influencer databases.

Step 2


Carefully select the top influencer for your marketing.

Step 3


Write customized pitches for your company that are A/B tested.

Step 4


Get on phone calls with our pools of qualified influencers for 1 on 1 feedback and interest.

Step 5


Optimization to get maximum results.


We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world to raise
investor funds, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.

star atlas case study
Case Study

How Star Atlas’ NFT Marketing Strategy Oversubscribed the Token Sale on Launch

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Case Study

How Pastel Network Grew Their Social Media & Established Partnerships With NFT/Crypto/Gaming Companies

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NFT Gaming Investor & Influencer Marketing for Tap Project

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  • Identifiable
  • Unique
  • Non-divisible

Nfts are not the same as cryptocurrency because nft uses cryptocurrency to conduct the transaction it uses the same blockchain technology that cryptocurrency uses but the asset is set up differently.

Whereas a cryptocurrency coin can be traded or exchanged at equivalency the nft cannot this is because each cryptographic asset is set up with a unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes one nft from another.

  • Trading non-fungible tokens

  • Capitalizing on NFT-based gaming items

  • Investing in NFT-based ventures

  • Content Marketing for NFTs

  • Non-fungible Token

  • Social media marketing

  • Influencer Marketing for (NFT / Coin Offerings)

  • Build Your NFT Community with Marketing Strategies

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Hire NFT Marketing Influencers

We here at Crowdcreate can help you out with exactly this. We leverage deep industry knowledge from expert thought leaders to make deals happen and have a proven track record of helping NFT projects achieve the hype and buzz they truly deserve!

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