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Larry Sanger

Co-Founder of Wikipedia

Professor Bob Solomon

Head of UCI Cannabis Research Center

Jeffrey Maganis & Will

Private Family Office Investor Conference

Christine Moy

Blockchain Lead at J.P. Morgan

Tim Draper

Draper Associates Founder with Will Walker

Emmi Yoshikawa

Ripple Labs Director of Partnerships

Adrian Tan

Head of WeWork Labs Asia

Kelley Weaver

Founder and CEO of Melrose PR

Charlie Lee

Litecoin Founder

David Moss

EOS Senior Vice President

Joseph Lubin

ConsenSys Founder

Jack Lu

Wanchain Founder & CEO

Jay Zhou

Loopring Co-Founder

Tatiana Koffman

With Wework panel


Booth at TokenFest 2018

Antpool Team

Antpool Team

Alex Mashinsky

Celsius Network Founder

Min Kim

ICON Chief Strategy Officer

Syed Fazli

Celsius Network CTO

Laura Shin

Forbes Editor


Celsius Network Risk Manager

Omar Bham

Ivan Kan with
Crypto0 Host

Jeffery Maganis

Roth Capital Growth Conference

Ran Neuner

CNBC Crypto
Trader Host

Ken Anderson

Lead Developer

Ran Neuner

Cryptotrader Host


Bezant Lead Members with Crowdcreate

Eric Ly

Eric Ly Co-founder of LinkedIn

Crowdcreate Team

Crowdcreate team with Chief Executive of High Times

Benzinga Investor Conference with Tim Seymour

Tim Seymour

Benzinga Investor Conference

Jeffrey Maganis

Jeffrey Maganis at Family Office Club

We’re Thought Leaders and Speakers at Conferences
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Jeffrey Maganis

Crowdcreate on stage at TEDx


Ivan Kan

Speaking in China at Global Sources Business Conference

Mission Statement

We turn passionate projects into profitable ventures so people can make money doing what they love.


Strong alone. Unstoppable together.

Core Values

This is what we hire, fire, recruit, reward, review by:

C – Coachable (Are you easily adaptable to ever changing requests?)
O – Overachiever (Do you want to constantly be the best?)
R – Results driven. (Do you strive to hit metrics?)
E – Execution. (Can we depend on you to get it done fast?)

What do you do if you have a challenging problem?

First, you need to realize that every problem you have, there are 100’s of people who had that same problem.

Google/YouTube search what your problem is. Watch multiple videos, read articles, and listen to podcasts about the topic on YouTube.
See what our competitors are doing. Pretend like you’re their customer and figure out how they do it.
Search on Google/YouTube again to see what industry experts are doing. There is almost a conference and industry trade conference for everything, ask those people there. Or again, watch multiple videos, read articles, and listen to podcasts about the topic on YouTube.
Ask your team members. Video call is always best.
Post your question on Reddit or Facebook business group forums so others can advise.
Hire a consultant. Clarity.fm has a great network of experts we can tap into.

Characteristics of a Crowdcreate Team Member

Little to no follow up is needed. Actually, they’re the ones following up with others.

  • Examples – When a task is assigned, you notify the team with updates along the way, and you complete it on time to the best of your ability, on par with the completion.

They take initiative on new tasks without even being told.

  • Examples – You constantly look for ways to improve things at the company.

They take leadership and uplift others to get their work done.

  • Examples – Teamwork makes the dream work. You support all of your team members, our clients, and our community industry.

They won’t stop until the customer is happy and will do anything to achieve that.

  • Examples – Frequent and constant communication via desktop screen share video call with team members. Ask them, what did you think? What can we do to be better?

100% perfect attendance at all meetings and work days.

  • Examples – Be dependable, rain or shine. We expect all team members to be there, if you say we have a meeting at 9am PST, we expect all team members with their video on to be on time, well prepared, and ready to engage.

They are always learning and want to be better than their competitors.

  • ROAD B – Rip off and do better.
  • Examples – Always research what our competitors are doing AND do it BETTER. Sign up for their email lists and follow them on social media. Learn new skills and YouTube/Google everything.

Move fast. Speed is one of our main advantages here at the company.

  • Examples – You respond to messages immediately, and you complete tasks the same day you are told. You hit your goals and quota ASAP.

Ability to learn new skills and execute on them quickly

  • Examples – Learning to take proper notes, creating Google calendar schedules, downloading and utilizing new software communication tools, and creating a Google slide presentation.

They demand excellence

  • Examples – The expectation is to compete with one of the best companies on a global scale and inspire to be as good as them, if not better. Expect to Win

Set Metrics, and Hit Goals

  • Examples – Are we being productive or just being active? Hitting our numbers and metrics let us know if what we’re doing is productive and truly helping the business grow.

Meet The Team

Crowdcreate Team


Ivan Kan



Jeffrey Maganis


Mask Group 52

Princess Sambilay

Director of Operations


Christian Alma-Jose

Project Manager


Don Ho

General Counsel


Will Walker



Eduardo Fonnegra



Ben Wingender

Business Development


Milos Djokovic

Account Manager


Kaleem Abbasi

Web Developer & Designer



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