About Us

Crowdcreate is a leading digital marketing agency and advisory. Since 2014, we’ve leveraged the latest disruptive technologies to help companies create more hype, generate leads, grow their social presence, and raise capital.

To date, we’ve worked on over 500+ successful projects and funded over $250 million dollars across multiple industries. We’ve been rated one of the best marketing agencies to help fund, launch, and scale some of the most successful projects by leveraging our proprietary strategies and network.

Crowdcreate is an award winning full-service consultancy that also runs a large network of industry executives, founders, investors, influencers, and creators.

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We’re Thought Leaders and Speakers at Conferences Around the World

Jeff 1024x683

Jeffrey Maganis

Crowdcreate on stage at TEDx


Ivan Kan

Speaking in China at Global Sources Business Conference

Mission Statement

We help grow passion projects, so people can do what they love.

Core Values


Strong alone. Unstoppable together.

Core Values

This is what we hire, fire, recruit, and reward by:

C – Coachable. (Are you easily adaptable to ever changing requests?)
O – Overachiever (Do you want to constantly be the best?)
R – Results driven. (Do you strive to hit metrics?)
E – Execution. (Can we depend on you to get it done fast?)

Everyday We're Building Connections to the Most
Influential People in Business

Co Founder Of Wikipedia Larry Sanger

Larry Sanger

Co-Founder of Wikipedia

Professor Bob Solomon

Professor Bob Solomon

Head of UCI Cannabis Research Center

Jeff Will Walker

Jeffrey Maganis & Will

Private Family Office Investor Conference

JP Morgan

Christine Moy

Blockchain Lead at J.P. Morgan


Tim Draper

Draper Associates Founder with Will Walker

Roth Capital Growth Conference

Emmi Yoshikawa

Ripple Labs Director of Partnerships

Head Of WeWork Labs Asia

Adrian Tan

Head of WeWork Labs Asia

Kelley Weaver

Kelley Weaver

Founder and CEO of Melrose PR

Blockchain Connect 2018 Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee

Litecoin Founder

UCLA Cyber Days 2018

David Moss

EOS Senior Vice President

Joseph Lubin Consensus Systems Founder

Joseph Lubin

ConsenSys Founder

Blockchain Connect 2018 Jack Lu Wanchain Founder CEO

Jack Lu

Wanchain Founder & CEO

OC Blockchain Meetup 2018 Jay Zhou Loopring CMO 2 400x400

Jay Zhou

Loopring Co-Founder

Wework Panel 2018 Jaeho Sheem Crowdcreate Team Tatiana Koffman 2 400x400

Tatiana Koffman

With Wework panel

TokenFest 2018 Crowdcreate Booth 2 400x400


Booth at TokenFest 2018

Blockchain Connect 2018 Antpool Team 2 400x400

Antpool Team

Antpool Team

Token Fest 2018 Alex Mashinsky Celsius CEO 2 400x400

Alex Mashinsky

Celsius Network Founder

Blockchain Connect 2018 Min Kim Icon Foundation Council 2 400x400

Min Kim

ICON Chief Strategy Officer

Token Fest 2018 Syed Fazli Celsius CTO 2 400x400

Syed Fazli

Celsius Network CTO

Laura Shin Forbes Crowdcreate SXSW 2 400x400

Laura Shin

Forbes Editor

Blockchain Connect 2018 Roman Krywulych Celsius Network Team 2 400x400


Celsius Network Risk Manager

Crypto Invest Summit 2018 Omar Crypto0 400x400

Omar Bham

Ivan Kan with
Crypto0 Host

Jeff 1

Jeffery Maganis

Roth Capital Growth Conference

Crypto Invest Summit 2018 Ran Crypto Trader 400x400

Ran Neuner

CNBC Crypto
Trader Host

Crypto Invest Summit 2018 Ken Anderson Hashgraph 400x400

Ken Anderson

Lead Developer

Nbc Crypto Trader 400x400

Ran Neuner

Cryptotrader Host

T Bezant 400x400


Bezant Lead Members with Crowdcreate

T Eric Ly 400x400

Eric Ly

Eric Ly Co-founder of LinkedIn

Chief Executive Of High Times

Crowdcreate Team

Crowdcreate team with Chief Executive of High Times

Benzinga Investor Conference with Tim Seymour

Tim Seymour

Benzinga Investor Conference

Family Office Club

Jeffrey Maganis

Jeffrey Maganis at Family Office Club

Top Tier Brands That Trust us

Crowdcreate Team


Ivan Kan



Jeffrey Maganis



Princess Sambilay

Director of Operations


Christian Alma-Jose

Project Manager


Kaleem Abbasi

Web Developer & SEO Expert


Milos Djokovic

Account Manager


CJ Barker

Head of Business Development

Samuel Plesnik

Samuel Plesnik

Account Manager

Kevin-Melony-min (1)

Kevin Maloney



Don Ho

General Counsel