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Crowdcreate is a top rated NFT consulting agency that provides the strategies and secrets you're missing. We connect you with the top NFT influencers, investors and thought leaders that can help your project grow.

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Since 2017, Crowdcreate has been building a network of the most influential names in crypto. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over 5+ years building our network. No other agency in world has the relationships and reach we’ve grown.

Why NFT Consulting Is Important?

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As the NFT ecosystem grows in popularity, both startup projects and large enterprises are racing to have their own unique NFT proposition. The space is becoming more crowded and projects are looking to stand out. How you promote your NFT project is the difference between a success and a failure. That’s why we’re here to help to grow your NFT project.
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NFT Consulting Services we offer

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How to Sell NFTs Strategy

Whether you're a beginner creator, or the top NFT project in the world, Crowdcreate can provide the strategy and insights on how to market and sell your NFTs.

How to Create NFTs Advisory

Marketing and branding your NFT properly is the difference between going viral, and being yet another copy-cat NFT project. We can provide the strategy to stand out from the rest.

NFT Blockchain Advisory

NFT Platform Marketplace Advisory

Which NFT platform should you choose? From OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, to SuperRare and Rarible, we speak to the CEO's of these companies and can recommend which platform to choose.


NFT Minting Advisory

How many NFTs should you initially mint? How should you setup your whitelist? How much should you charge? These are all questions we can advise on and important for your NFT launch.

NFT Smart Contract Strategy

There's more to NFTs than just a standard JPEG file. Crowdcreate can share insights on some of the most revolutionary new use cases of NFTs and what the top developers are working on.

NFT Blockchain Advisory

NFT Strategic Partnerships & Sales

Collaborations and partnerships with other projects, investment funds, influencers, content creators, media outlets, and distribution networks can provide exponential growth to your project. We can help you.

NFT Viral Referral Marketing

NFT Viral Referral Marketing

The right content, boosted with a word-of-mouth referral marketing campaign, can help your project go viral and reduce your cost of customer acquisition costs. Learn about the best tools and techniques to use.

NFT Token Offering

Our Crowdcreate network of experts can provide a comprehensive overview on structuring security token offerings and propose a framework for offering and selling NFT's in compliance with local securities laws.

NFT Influencer Marketing

NFT Influencer Marketing

Influencers have the audiences and attention that you need to get exposure to your NFT project. Crowdcreate has the relationships, processes, frameworks, and technology to target the right NFT influencers for your project.

NFT Viral Referral Marketing

NFT Community Management

Community is everything. We've been building NFT & crypto communities for the past 5 years on different channels ranging from Reddit and Discord, to Telegram and Zoom calls. We understand that the next big crypto projects will be community led. Let us help you build and scale yours.

NFT Social Media Marketing

Successful NFT projects do a good job of hyping up their project on social media. It's important to educate, inform, tease, and get attention through your posts. Staying consistent and professional is what we do best at Crowdcreate.

NFT Influencer Marketing

From TikTok and YouTube, to Twitter and Instagram, Crowdcreate has created the largest database of NFT & Crypto influencers that can bring awareness to your project. Access our NFT influencer database here.

NFT Hype Explained

Several notable figures have dubbed NFTs to be in a bubble and a gold rush. The technology is revolutionary and is not going anywhere. The ability to own intellectual property is at the core of NFTs. Nevertheless, despite the insane price tag of some NFTs, they are here to stay as their untapped potential means that the future is bright.

To ensure that your NFT project witnesses healthy long-term growth, it is important to keep up with the latest marketing trends and devise your strategies accordingly. There is no fixed strategy, therefore feel free to stretch out the horizons, experiment with new and proven concepts to devise what’s best for your project.

Top Blockchains for Launching NFT Projects

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NFT Marketing & Consulting Strategy

The NFT and crypto community have a unique identity and subculture unlike anything else in the world. Figuring out your brand identity and go-to-market strategy is what we do at Crowdcreate.

How do we do it? First, we understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. This includes our proprietary framework, and systematic approach to onboarding clients. We apply some of the top growth tactics and industry best practices that we’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients, and speaking to thousands of companies.


NFT Consulting Guides

NFT Consulting Agency

We here at Crowdcreate can help you out with exactly this. We leverage deep industry knowledge from expert thought leaders to make deals happen and have a proven track record of helping NFT projects achieve the hype and buzz they truly deserve!


Promoting and selling products or services related to crypto business (an exchange, a wallet, a lending bank, a community, etc.) is called crypto marketing. Any activity related to building brand awareness, getting customers, increasing return customers, and improving sales will come under crypto marketing.
The more active and engaged a project’s user base, the more likely it will succeed in both price appreciation and wider adoption. New users can’t join a blockchain network if they don’t know about it, which means that you’ll need to invest in your brand.
Typical campaigns with Crowdcreate can vary depending on the scope, but most marketing campaigns will normally be designed to be finished within 90 days. Your campaign manager will identify milestones and end dates and provide guidance on allocating media budgets within the time frame. Prospecting and talent requirements may be relaxed or constrained depending on availability and timing.

When you work with Crowdcreate, you are tapping into our network and experience since 2014. Our team has been involved with multiple industries including crowdfunding, ecommerce, startups, real estate investment funds, opportunity zone deals, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, CeFi, decentralized finance and much more. We’ve hosted over 30+ global conferences with the last 4 focusing on NFTs and crypto. Many of the influencers today have grown through strategic partnerships with Crowdcreate.

Crowdcreate is not only a growth obsessed marketing firm, Crowdcreate Ventures has been a seed stage investor in many of the top crypto projects since 2017 and investors in Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital, and more.

We don’t work on success fees because it’s your company, not ours. We’re the most busy we’ve been since our company was started and all of our clients pay us 100% upfront before we even get started. It’s how we pay our team’s salaries.

We all know startups are unpredictable. We are strategically aligned with you to hit your goals. We actually lose money in the first 3 months. Our fees just cover our hard costs to get things going. After the first 3 months, we’ll know whether or not things will be successful. Then we start making money together and want to keep you a client once we work together for 6 months to 1 year.

Industry average and what we’ve seen from our clients, is that it takes 90 days from the initial introduction to an investor to build up enough trust to invest in a deal. It may be faster depending on your deal. According to our roadmap, we will be sending personalized emails within the first 60 days.

Crowdcreate has been in the influencer marketing industry since 2014, and we’ve built relationships with most of the top influencers in industries like Crypto, NFT, DeFi, Traders, Health & Wellness and more. Check with your account strategist on specific influencers for your niche.

We’ve worked with and interviewed many of the most influential influencers including Bitboy Crypto, Crypto WendyO, and more. To follow the influencers within our network be sure to follow our website and YouTube for interviews.

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