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Twitter is an Effective Social Media Platform for NFT Promotion and Visibility.

It offers a quick one-to-many interaction model, which helps businesses reach a large audience quickly.
While it’s useful for all types of businesses, Twitter is an exceptional tool for building a presence for your NFT project.
According to data from the Pew Research Center, 60% of America’s crypto investors are between the ages of 18 and 29. This young audience is highly active on social media platforms, including Twitter, and it’s where they spend most of their time.

Using Twitter for the NFT Community

Using Twitter for the NFT Community
Twitter is widely popular, but it’s become a got-to social platform for the crypto and NFT communities.
There are plenty of reasons for that. The 280-character limit allows crypto influencers and NFT brands to make quick, concise announcements, which can then circulate throughout the community and reach millions. The hashtag is also helpful for creators to capture the attention of users looking to find new projects.
As a result, the crypto/NFT community on Twitter has grown more rapidly than on any other social media platform. Over 1 billion tweets have been shared about crypto since 2020, and 299 million of them are from just the past year.
It’s clear – Twitter is the top platform for relevance and exposure in the crypto and NFT communities. Twitter also attracts a range of different enthusiasts and created features to help them out, including tipping using Bitcoin and allowing users to display NFTs as profile photos. Users can link crypto wallets to Twitter for authentication as well.

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Benefits of Twitter for NFT Marketing

Twitter marketing for NFTs can generate a wealth of attention for a project, causing its exposure and popularity to skyrocket.
Here are some benefits of NFT marketing on Twitter:
  • Exposure: Twitter is a free and public platform. Anyone can create an account and find like-minded people quickly.
  • Virality: Viral content spreads quickly on Twitter. Just one well-timed, well-composed tweet can reach millions of people within an hour. In an industry that changes as quickly as NFTs, this urgency and promptness is necessary.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing: Twitter integrates with other social media sites, including Facebook and Telegram, and makes it simple to share and promote Twitter announcements.

How to Build an NFT Following on Twitter

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are part of why crypto and NFT communities have found a home on Twitter. These are the key factors in communities, audiences, and people finding each other and supporting active communities.
You’ll find a variety of hashtags for NFTs that will help your content make its way to the discovery and feed of others, but you should test out and use some of your own as well.

Follow a Lot of People

For some, Twitter isn’t engaging and they lose interest in the platform. This could because they’re not following enough people, which doesn’t give the Twitter algorithm a lot to go on.
Before you can see success on Twitter, you need to follow people, brands, topics, and conversations. This shows your interests to Twitter, and eventually, you’ll discover more content that’s tailored to you.

Leverage Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are a secret weapon that not many know about. This feature allows you to create and manage lists to keep track of the topics, groups, and people you follow. Creating and managing them isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort.

You can use private and public Twitter Lists to organize different accounts under topics, which helps you manage the different facets of your accounts by knowledge, NFT project, and more. Best of all, you can pin your Twitter lists and toggle them on and off within Twitter mobile, which filters the noise into your created lists.

Level Up with Tweetdeck

The second secret weapon is Tweetdeck, which takes Twitter Lists to the next level. The decks allow you to curate your dashboard into different feeds, even if you have multiple Twitter accounts, and keep everything streamlined and organized. You can sort by hashtag to monitor event conversations, your lists, or other feed categories.
Level Up with Tweetdeck

Retweet and Quote

Twitter is social media. It’s about community. If you find a tweet of value, share it! Your audience will appreciate it, the account owner will appreciate it, and you’re contributing to the community.
Remember, retweeting simply shares the tweet for your followers to see. The Quote Retweet allows you to add your own thoughts or spin to the tweet before sharing it, ensuring that your words are separate from the original Tweet.

Interact with Followers

When you’re dealing with massive accounts, it’s unrealistic to reply to each individual comment or reply. Still, that doesn’t mean that it should be a one-way conversation. The community is there for interaction, so allot some time to engaging with followers and addressing their questions or comments.

Embrace Twitter DMs

A lot of brands ignore Twitter DMs – to their own detriment – and miss out on vital opportunities. Make it a habit to check your DMs regularly and see if your followers have questions or want more information. You could be missing out on a collaboration request or another great offer!
Also, if you need to have a more private conversation with a group or individual, DMs keep it out of the public eye.

Use Analytics

Twitter comes with a variety of tools to track performance, report on content, and schedule posts. The analytics on the platform itself are usually more than enough for you to accurately track and monitor your progress, but you can opt for a third-party analytics tool.
Use Analytics

Harness the Power of Video

Like other platforms, videos on Twitter get a lot of traction. You can natively upload any video and post it in short-form (under 270 seconds) and deliver valuable information to your audience effectively.
One of the best advantages of video is that it’s eye-catching and can grab the attention of a user while they scroll. Video is also helpful for condensing complex information into short, digestible bits that are more compelling for your audience.

Share to Other Platforms

Twitter is a prime platform for interest and engagement, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your other social media platforms. You can share a tweet of your own or someone else’s from your account directly to your Instagram story quickly and easily.
Tweets are also a good fit for Discord channels, allowing you to engage with both audiences seamlessly and boost your value on Twitter.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers have a lot of value on virtually every social media platform. With the right influencer, you can get your NFT project out in front of a new, interested audience. You must be cautious with influencers, however. Some make errors like not disclosing that they were paid for the promotion or by pushing brands they don’t use.
In addition, the Twitter algorithm can reinforce what you’re seeing in your feed, so you end up with all this content surrounding one topic or project. It can create a false sense of confidence that something is trending, when it fact, it’s a bit of an echo chamber for you.

Look at the Top Tweets and Trending Topics

As mentioned, Twitter can create an echo chamber. To avoid that narrow viewpoint, toggle between your own feed and the top news or trends to see what you may have missed or what’s trending on the whole of the Twitter universe.
NFT Social Media Management

What Is NFT Twitter? How Does It Work?

NFT Twitter is a new community that caters to the interests of NFT fans on the platform. It’s been gaining incredible attention and uses all the excellent features of Twitter. The NFT community can create conversations around a variety of hashtags within daily live Twitter Spaces.
The community is growing quickly thanks to hashtags like #NFTcommunity, #NFTdrop, and #NFTgiveaway.

Build a Long-Term NFT Marketing Strategy with Twitter

Generating interest and fostering a community is important for the success of your NFT project. And once launched, you will need to put effort into keeping that momentum going. Between its NFT-friendly features and audience, Twitter is an excellent platform that was practically built for NFT promotion.

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Best NFT Twitter Accounts to Follow

Here are some NFT projects which enjoyed great success from selling out during mint and rocketing floor prices after mint who have been around for a “long” time in the NFT space.

Bored Ape Yacht Club
RTFKT Studios
Axie Infinity
World of Women
Cool Cats

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