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    NFTs seem to be the norm in the crypto space these days. Gone were the ICO and IDO days where projects launch their tokens and provide liquidity to their projects. More projects are turning into NFTs and during the past year there were so many NFT project launches. We’ve witnessed what worked and what did not in the past year since the NFT boom in 2021. YouTube used to be the go-to for upcoming launches but now we have noticed the trend is shifting to TikTok. And Twitter being still the top go to social media platform for NFTs.

    Social Media Marketing Tips for NFT

    Using social media to promote your NFTs is akin to selling any other products or services. Building a target audience, engaging followers, and converting followers to paying customers are all necessary steps for any brand to succeed on social media. Twitter connections in the NFT space is a very important aspect of social media marketing. Different sorts of content are employed at different stages of the marketing process, and planning ahead of time to establish a social media strategy will help you succeed.

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    Ways To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy

    We’ve seen all successful NFT launches with a great engagement on Twitter. What does it take to have a good Twitter following and subsequently lead to your project selling out and succeeding? We’ve laid out these steps for you as a guideline to follow.
    Stand out on Twitter – Get a Twitter voice that users can relate to. Right now in the NFT space, there is a lot of Fomo (Fear of Missing Out). Users are looking to flip projects and you need to stand out to make users want to keep holding on to your project. Doodles have been keeping the engagement up with announcements and engaging with real life meetups.
    Schedule Tweets – Users want updates a few times a day. In the NFT world, users want every time of the day. Tweets can generate engagement and content can go viral. Getting the right time to tweet makes updates consistent.

    Set Twitter Goals – Have a goal for example to achieve 200 additional followers a week. Set a certain amount of tweets in a week that you want to tweet. Retweets to share and engage. Networking with influencers and industry thought leaders. Set aside time every month to measure your Twitter objectives after you’ve chosen them. Then you can look at what’s working and what needs to be tweaked in your plan. To monitor your activity and follow your goal’s success, you may utilize a social media management software like Hootsuites to manage your posts.

    Engage with Your Followers by Retweeting – Acknowledge your followers who tweet about you so that they feel like a part of the community. Hodlers of the project will feel a sense of belonging that they are able to connect with the project directly.

    NFT Social Media Management

    Collaboration with other projects

    People within the NFT space are constantly on the lookout for unique projects through collaborations. Having the connection in the NFT space gives your new project a chance to stand out.
    Examples of collaborations and whitelist giveaways.

    Build a Long-Term NFT Strategy For Your Business

    Having hype pre-mint in the community is important. Having a successful strategy before the official launch date can bring a sellout project. However, you would also want to sustain your project’s success as you are also still earning royalties from each sale transaction and would want that income to continue streaming in.
    Building a long-term NFT strategy for your business is important post mint. This is where the real journey begins. Users will be expecting that your project starts fulfilling what was promised before minting (investing) into your project. Once you have your audience built out, it is suggested to use external analytics tools for data to understand your audiences better. Key metrics to note would be.
    Top followers so that you know who your key followers are. Locations – to know where most of your followers are from and if this method works well for people residing in Asia or Europe. Age range breakdown – know how old your followers are. Gender breakdown & Audience interests – so you can build out better content to reach out to your followers.
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    Looking for a NFT Social Media Manager for your Project?

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    NFT Social Media Management

    Best NFT Twitter Accounts to Follow

    Here are some NFT projects which enjoyed great success from selling out during mint and rocketing floor prices after mint who have been around for a “long” time in the NFT space.

    Bored Ape Yacht Club
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    RTFKT Studios
    Axie Infinity
    World of Women
    Cool Cats


    Hiring a NFT marketing agency can save you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise spend experimenting with different methods that may or may not succeed. A professional NFT marketing firm like Crowdcreate, on the other hand, will use a tried-and-true marketing plan to take your business from obscurity to prominence in the digital world, allowing you to raise more cash or attract more investors to acquire your NFT project.


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