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NFT Metaverse Marketing for Sandbox – Brand Video & Content Creation

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The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. We empower artists, creators, and players to build the platform they’ve always envisioned, providing them with the means to unleash their creativity. Sandbox SAND is a top 50 market cap crypto project featuring one of the most vibrant metaverse communities today.

Sandbox hired Crowdcreate to create a brand video showcasing their NFT IRL experience in a Beverly Hills, California mansion exhibiting the NFTs in their collection, and an opportunity for the local community to meet Arthur Madrid, the CEO of Sandbox. Arthur is introduced in the brand video as the speaker and the narrator. Need a Metaverse consultant?

NFT Social Media Content Creation

Take your digital assets and showcase them in the real world. Digital assets like NFTs and the metaverse are difficult to interact with because they live in the digital world. However, using mediums like specialty displays Sandbox was able to place NFTs alongside architecture, and sculptures creating a space to appreciate the art.

Our team utilized drones, a full lighting setup, along with 2 stabilized cameras to capture the event and the intersection of the digital world and physical world.

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NFT Video Marketing Production

Crowdcreate is a crypto marketing agency that specializes in producing original, narrative-driven content for brands. We’ve helped hundreds of founders from disruptive startups and enterprise companies create engaging content that can actually retain people’s attention.

Featuring Arthur, the CEO of Sandbox, our team crafted a brand video capturing the passion and vision behind one of the largest Metaverse projects today. We combined both digitally rendered assets, with a 2 camera and lighting setup interview using the backdrop of the NFT exhibit Beverly HIlls, California mansion.

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Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing on Twitter

While brand videos showcase the polish and story behind the brand, Crowdcreate recommends complimenting any brand video with a dynamic live coverage from a third party to show the behind the scenes style. Videos like these perform well for live streaming or social media because of their short dynamic style that make it more shareable.

Crowdcreate developed a quick live-stream style video optimized for Twitter and was able to gather social mentions, retweets from other accounts in the industry. These are strategic ways to use a single event and create multiple streams of content to tell the brand story in different channels.

Other NFT artist accounts such as the AmericanApe NFT were being tagged and mentioned on this social post.
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NFT Community Management & Growth

Communities are the number 1 driver behind the NFT movement. The Crowdcreate video team captured the organic interaction as the community behind Sandbox gathered with Arthur. As digital and metaverse companies are trying to increase their user base, finding a team that understands how crypto communities are built and how to build engagement is key. Crowdcreate has grown some of the largest digital communities in the crypto space.

Selling NFTs in the Real Estate Metaverse

Can every company be a metaverse company? Well, you can turn your physical space into a virtual real estate metaverse experience. It’s similar to how businesses have websites, businesses can also have NFT real estate strategy or a Metaverse marketing strategy. Schedule a call with Crowdcreate below to learn more.

Hire an NFT Marketing Agency & Strategic Consulting Firm

Crowdcreate has been creating content since 2014, and we’re experts in creating multi-channel content that converts. Knowing the audience and having the experience of creating powerful content that engages people can be your catalyst. Book a call with the Crowdcreate team to find out how we can help you capture your next brand video like we had done for Sandbox.


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