PartyIcons x Crowdcreate

From Hype to Sellout: The PartyIcons NFT Success Story

Client Overview:

PartyIcons, in collaboration with Crowdcreate, leveraged strategic influencer partnerships and community engagement to achieve phenomenal success in their NFT sale. Through curated content, organic conversations, enticing giveaways, and community contests, PartyIcons garnered over 25,000 Discord members, 70,000 Twitter followers, and generated 12.5 million views. With an impressive 80x to 400x increase in conversions, they sold nearly 400 ETH ($700,000) worth of NFTs. This is a testament to the power of authentic engagement and strategic collaboration in the competitive NFT landscape.

Services Provided:

Crowdcreate, a Leading NFT Marketing Agency, provided

  • Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing

The Challenge

PartyIcons wanted to amp up their community and create hype for their upcoming NFT sale in a quick manner. They needed experts who understood the ins and outs of the NFT scene, even in a bear market, and could come up with effective and proven strategies to ensure success for their NFT sales.

The Solution

To make things happen, Crowdcreate hooked up with influencers who could promote their project and generate hype for the upcoming NFT sale. They handpicked influencers with a solid community of NFT enthusiasts, steering clear of accounts that massively consist of bots. On top of that, Crowdcreate played a pivotal role in coordinating the content of these posts, aiming to boost conversion rates and build a tight-knit community of supporters. Crowdcreate’s campaign with PartyIcons has been going strong for over a year, and our collaboration with them continued even after the NFT sale

The Results

Through the strategic collaboration and comprehensive marketing efforts, PartyIcons achieved remarkable outcomes, solidifying their position in the competitive NFT landscape.

These results validate the power of strategic influencer partnerships, organic engagement, and well-executed marketing strategies. PartyIcons’ achievement in building a thriving community, boosting conversions, and generating substantial sales exemplifies their resounding success in the NFT market.

0 K+
Discord Members
0 K+
Twitter Followers
0 M
Views Generated
0 x
Increase in Conversion
out of 4,000 NFTs sold out

Our Process


1- Crowdcreate’s strategy with the PartyIcons campaign included important elements such as having a visible team rather than anonymous members. To generate early interest and secure brand ambassadors, we showcased alpha and beta gameplay through influential individuals, including a notable mention from Orangie, and enlisted respected Web3 and NFT gaming influencers like VonDoom.eth.

2- To expand beyond the digital realm, we incorporated an in-real-life strategy, featuring vinyl figurines and captivating project photos. Finally, we organized engaging Twitter Spaces sessions with our brand ambassadors to build excitement for the NFT launch. These efforts have prepared our client for a successful NFT sale.


Retweets & Quote Tweets

PartyIcons usually garners around 5,000 views on their Twitter posts, but with Crowdcreate’s help, they supercharged the exposure of their tweet announcements and giveaways. Crowdcreate worked with a bunch of Twitter influencers to retweet and quote tweet the content to their own communities, resulting in millions of collective views.

Organic Tweets and Twitter Threads

An organic tweet is like a breath of fresh air on social media. It’s a genuine and authentic post where influencers share valuable insights, knowledge, and opinions about a project without resorting to shilling or hosting giveaways. It’s all about adding value to their community by providing meaningful information and engaging in authentic conversations. No gimmicks, just real talk.

Promotional Tweets and Giveaways

A promotional/giveaway tweet is like a party where everyone has a chance to win cool stuff. Influencers use this type of tweet to offer exciting giveaways such as cash, NFTs, or exclusive spots on the allow list for an upcoming NFT sale. It’s beneficial because it creates a buzz around the project, attracting attention from their community and beyond. People love freebies and the chance to win something valuable, so these tweets generate excitement, increase engagement, and help expand the project’s reach.

Community Contests

PartyIcons organized a series of exciting community contests that ignited enthusiasm and fostered active participation. These contests included a dynamic graffiti campaign, an engaging Zealy campaign, and an entertaining meme contest. By encouraging community involvement and creativity, PartyIcons cultivated a sense of camaraderie and strengthened their bond with supporters. These interactive contests not only showcased PartyIcons’ commitment to engaging their community but also attracted attention from beyond, contributing to their overall success in the NFT market.

Dedicated Videos

PartyIcons collaborated with influential content creators to produce captivating videos that showcased their unique offerings and captured the attention of a wider audience. Through these dedicated videos, PartyIcons was able to convey their project’s value proposition and generate additional excitement within the NFT community. These videos served as a catalyst for increased exposure, driving engagement and further solidifying PartyIcons’ position as a trailblazer in the NFT space.



PartyIcons, in partnership with Crowdcreate, embarked on an impactful journey to transform their NFT sale into a resounding success. By leveraging strategic influencer collaborations, engaging community contests, and captivating dedicated videos, PartyIcons witnessed remarkable results. With over 25,000 Discord members, 70,000 Twitter followers, and an impressive 12.5 million views, their visibility soared. Moreover, they achieved an 80x to 400x increase in conversions, leading to the sale of nearly 400 ETH ($700,000) worth of NFTs. This case study demonstrates the power of authentic engagement and effective marketing strategies in driving NFT success.

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