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NFT Marketing for AAA Play-to-Earn Games

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Billion Dollar Gaming Company Launches NFTs

The agency guide about NFT Marketing showing how Crowdcreate helped Jam City: Champions Ascension prepare for their pre/post NFT release.

Through influencer and media initiatives, Crowdcreate helped launch the pre/post NFT sale of Jam City: Champions Ascension, a true AAA play-to-earn game where players can collect and create unique NFT Champions, battle other players for vast riches, and stake their path in a developing token economy.


When it comes to promoting any NFT-related project, there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes, from the idea stage and incubation to launch and promotion. The creator of Champions Ascension – Jam City, is no longer a stranger in the gaming industry. Since 2010, Jam City’s global franchises have amassed billions of installs, and they’re just getting started in the NFT/P2E industry.

Founded by CEO Chris DeWolfe, former MySpace co-founder and CEO; COO Josh Yguado, former 20th Century Fox executive; and CTO Aber Whitcomb, former CTO and co-Founder of MySpace.

Jam City has one of the most creative powerhouses behind some of the highest-grossing and most enduring mobile games.

Major Gaming Studios Finally Joining The NFT Craze

Looking back at 2021: it is without a doubt that the past year in gaming has belonged to the play-to-earn industry. The rise of Axie Infinity which grew from a few thousand users to finishing the year with more than 2.5 million daily active users, has finally opened the eyes of major gaming companies to launch their NFT/P2E-related games.

Ubisoft launching their own in-game NFTs, Big Time Studios raising $21MM to bring NFTs to game economies, Zynga (Farmville devs) set to release their first NFT game this year, are just a few examples of what an established gaming company like Jam City is doing with their first NFT game: Champions Ascension.

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Promote your NFT Gaming Project Using Influencers

Jam City/Champions Ascension reached out to Crowdcreate to help promote their AAA NFT-game on social media channels such as YouTube and Twitter. With Crowdcreate being in the crypto influencer marketing industry since 2017, they helped Champions Ascension by going through several steps in order to help drive interest for their upcoming NFT drop.

NFT Marketing Services Used

1- Find NFT/P2E influencers that understand Crypto

There are several categories of influencers in the crypto space such as NFT, Gaming, Staking, Mining, Trading, DeFi, Trading, etc. Crowdcreate carefully vetted its own network of influencers, suggesting channels that are in the same industry as Champions Ascension, and most importantly, channels that will align with their goals for this influencer marketing campaign.

Crowdcreate also invited Jam City as a speaker in their Play to Earn Mastermind early this year and has made great connections with different thought leaders in the space.

2- Develop an NFT marketing plan on how play-to-earn influencers will promote your project

How do movie actors know what to say and act how a specific scene should be portrayed? Simple answer – they have scripts coming from the directors/writers. Similar to influencer marketing, you will be needing a checklist that will help influencers further understand your project.
Crowdcreate helped plan this out on behalf of the client and designed different strategies to get as much traction as possible.

3- Create Influencer Marketing Videos for the NFT & GameFi Industry

Sample influencer videos of Champions Ascension:

Example of a Sponsored Crypto Influencer Video

4- Leverage an NFT & Play-To-Earn PR Agency - Get press releases/features published on or before your launch date

Crowdcreate gave an extra push coming from the media & PR side and got Champions Ascensions featured on top publications.

When hiring an NFT PR agency, you want a firm that has existing relationships to media outlets, can quickly write content, understands your niche.

5- Grow your NFT Community with a Whitelist Contest using a Gleam Giveaway

Most NFT project creators ask, “how do I grow my NFT community?” One of the strategies we use here at Crowdcreate is whitelist and giveaway contests. The goals would range from:

  • Join a Discord server and saying hello
  • Join an email newsletter for exclusive updates
  • Subscribe your YouTube
  • Follow your username on Twitter
  • Tweet your project on Twitter
  • Follow you on Instagram
  • Follow you on Medium
  • Refer Friends for extra entries on Gleam

Need to Hire an NFT / Play-To-Earn Marketing Agency & Advisory?

Crowdcreate is a Top NFT Marketing Agency and advisory. Few firms have been in the blockchain industry since 2017. Crowdcreate has been a global pioneer in launching and scaling some of the most successful projects in NFT and Play-To-Earn. Crowdcreate is an award-winning full-service consultancy being named “Top Crypto Marketing Firm” by Forbes, CoinBureau, and Clutch. Crowdcreate also runs one of the largest networks of crypto founders, investors, influencers, and creators.

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See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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