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How to Sell NFTs

How do successful NFT projects sell out and build whitelists of tens of thousands of people?

Divine Anarchy is a decentralized NFT experiment where sandbox game theory combines with community choice to bring forth innovative utility, group building, and an epic adventure. By obtaining a Divine Anarchy NFT collectible, players can participate in shaping an intricate story, battling for ascension, and so much more. 10,011 NFTs were minted and sold out in less than 4 minutes from a community of over 100K+ members.
Divine Anarchy partnered with Crowdcreate’s NFT advisory and marketing agency for strategic introductions and to create content with NFT influencers. Through direct relationships and introductions, NFT holders from RTFKT and Mekaverse are now Divine Anarchy NFT minters. The influencers from the Crowdcreate network gathered over 75,000 views before the mint.
Leveraging the influence of these content creators, Divine Anarchy amplified their reach through dedicated reviews. Example videos managed by Crowdcreate include:

Divine Anarchy

NFT Marketing Services Used:

  • NFT Influencer Marketing
  • NFT VIP Networking with Collectors and Whale Buyers

Why NFTs are the Future?

With NFT search interest reaching all time highs in 2022, the top NFT projects are differentiating themselves using the following criteria:

What do NFT Buyers & Collectors Look For

  • Artwork
  • Longevity
  • Team
  • Utility
The Crowdcreate network includes some of the largest influencers and NFT collectors to help amplify the Divine Anarchy story.

Find an NFT Artist for Hire

The Divine Anarchy NFTs are created by an iconic illustrator known by the name Breri. Best known for Samurai inspired digital illustrations, and often featuring traditional Japanese Oni or Tengu masks.

WIth a unique and visually impressive art, the Divine Anarchy NFTs have reached fans globally from music artists to NFT collectors. Many fans showcased their NFTs replacing the social media profile pictures, or PFP for short.

Divine Anarchy

Build an NFT Community on Discord

With over 100K community members at the time of minting, the Divine Anarchy Discord and Telegram is a prime example of an engaged and active community. Divine Anarchy was one of the earlier projects that were able to reach member heights alongside projects like MekaVerse.
Each dedicated review created by the Crowdcreate team became an update or a community win. It’s important to keep a regular cadence of news and content before and after the day of mint, because these are factors that can affect your floor price and general community sentiment.

NFT Community Growth Strategies

The best advocate for your project is your community. Encouraging champions from within can lead to surprising organic content that can set your project apart from others. A good example in the Divine Anarchy room was the number of NFT collectors who were printing physical posters of their NFTs to share in the real world.
Reward active community members by running giveaways, and collaborating with other like-minded communities. Something as simple as a reshare or retweet can be powerful when the community rallies behind it.

Divine Anarchy

NFT Tokenomics & NFT Token Design

When designing your NFT game theory, think of it as a real world economy that can be sustained and align incentives with your community.

NFT Tokenomics

Divine Anarchy

NFT Gamification Through Contests & Giveaways

NFT projects are often defined by the founding team and Divine Anarchy is no exception. Known by the name AssetBender, he earned the trust and passion through his dedication. There were many days where his account would be active and answering the community questions for over 20+ hours. So much so that his phrase “I’M NOT FUCKING LEAVING” became a rallying cry for the community.
If you’ve been following their story, Ethereum gas fees became enormously high during the mint day. Their developer team tirelessly worked through the night trying to find solutions to no avail. To rectify, AssetBender claimed to have spent $20,000 USD of his own money to accelerate gas fees and to let the community proceed with minting and the community loved it.

Divine Anarchy

Hire an NFT Consulting & Marketing Advisory Firm

Managing a massive community 24/7 and coming up with engagement strategies is where the core team needs to focus. Let Crowdcreate’s expert NFT growth marketing team handle your influencers, PR, and strategy because we’ve helped many of the biggest NFT projects sell out their NFTs. Book a call with our team today.


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