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Crowdcreate’s NFT Marketing Agency Introduction

Want to get connected to influencers who are actively talking about NFTs? How about influencers who are in the gaming space that haven’t been introduced to NFTs/play to earn but are interested in learning more and monetizing their channel?

Crowdcreate connects companies with influencers worldwide. Over the past 6 years, we’ve built a network of different influencer groups in the crypto & gaming space that can help grow your business.

Star Atlas is building the very first AAA quality game experience delivered on blockchain. Players will participate in space exploration, territory control, political dominance, and more in a grand strategy MMO. Star Atlas utilizes financial incentives through blockchain mechanics such as NFT asset ownership, crypto native in-game tokens, and mining and staking financial rewards to deliver a true Play-to-Earn model.

Star Atlas partnered with Crowdcreate with their grand strategy game of space exploration that helps new and current gamers that are looking for a fun, exciting space strategy game that also offers monetary rewards in the form of in-game cryptocurrency and governance tokens. Crowdcreate helped expand Star Atlas’ NFT gaming influencer network, by reaching to influencers who are reviewing not just NFTs/crypto, but gaming as a whole.

Crypto Marketing Strategies Used:

Develop a Crypto & NFT Marketing Strategy

Research the Top Crypto Influencers on YouTube

Research the Top NFT Influencers on YouTube & Twitter

Research the Top Gaming Influencers on YouTube & Twitch

Create Crypto & Gaming Focused Outreach

Attend Crypto Conferences & Events

Build a Crypto Gaming Community

Top Tier Crypto YouTube Influencers Connected to:

Speaker at Crowdcreate's NFT Conference Alongside CEOs and VC Investors of Top Blockchain Projects

Majority of in person conferences were all stopped because of the pandemic, and one of the ways to get your project shared are through online events. Crowdcreate regularly hosts conferences, interviews, and mastermind sessions with thousands of investors, influencers, and crypto users in attendance. Star Atlas presented their deck and talked about their platform during Crowdcreate’s NFT conference this 2021.

Asides from the NFT conference, Michael was also invited to speak at different Crowdcreate events.

This one is from our Gaming Mastermind last February 2021 where Michael was joined by some of the top gaming leaders in the space.

Speak at Gaming Masterminds & Events

Network with Investors, Influencers & Strategic Partners

Crowdcreate's Crypto & Blockchain Conference

Leverage Crowdcreate’s marketing for blockchain and crypto gaming.


Blockchain gaming projects are rapidly growing industries. Star Atlas partnered with Crowdcreate to accelerate it’s network by connecting with some of the top crypto/NFT & gaming influencers in the world to introduce their project.
Crypto Marketing Strategies Used:
  • Research the Top Crypto Influencers on YouTube
  • Research the Top NFT Influencers on YouTube & Twitter
  • Research the Top Gaming Influencers on YouTube & Twitch
  • Outreach to Crypto & Gaming Enthusiasts
  • Networking through Crypto Conferences & Events
  • Build a Crypto Gaming Community
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