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Crowdcreate Helped One of the Largest Crypto Casinos Drive 53% more traffic to their Site and Grow a Community of Gamers.

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VegasCasino.io is one of the largest crypto gaming websites in the world. How did they grow so quickly and what are some marketing tactics they used? Community Management and Influencer outreach.

The Crypto industry moves at the speed of light. The best way to get exposure for your project and build awareness is through social media communities, organic community building, and social media influencers.

It’s near impossible to market crypto-based projects at scale in the current environment. The main marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, and Mailchimp have banned cryptocurrency advertisements.

VegasCasino.io approached Crowdcreate to help with their organic community building. “Community building doesn’t happen overnight,” says Jeffrey Maganis, co-founder of Crowdcreate. “Most people see the overnight success of businesses and projects because of a magic marketing formula. That’s not the case, there’s no substitute for organically growing a true community of passionate engagers that are enthusiastic in talking about your business.”

The results of the Crowdcreate and Vegas Casino client engagement?

By the numbers, an increase in 53% of website traffic through social media channels, more than 6,000 website visits, over 7,000 organic engagements on top social media websites such as Reddit/BitcoinTalk, and 3,000,000+ impressions.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency? Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors. We’ve been called one of the best agencies in the world because we have the track record and case studies to prove it. Book a call with our team to learn more. ​

Crowdcreate Marketing Agency

Marketing Strategy for Online Casinos and Gambling

iGaming Marketing Agency

The Challenge

You can’t advertise Crypto and Blockchain projects on Google and Facebook. How do you market your project at scale?

There are over 3.397 billion active social media users out there, but do you market to them? Social media platforms are becoming increasingly saturated, and getting users’ attention requires well thought out strategy and research. Not to mention that an aggressive social media strategy can also backfire against your company if you do not have the resources, nor expertise to handle the challenges of communicating with thousands of people at scale. Most cryptocurrency and blockchain projects just build a website, pay for online ads, and put their brand out there.

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Yes, you’ll get visitors to your website, but it’s often a leaky bucket because the moment you stop running paid ads, you also stop getting new users.

Converting visitors into paying customers doesn’t happen overnight, it requires trust, social proof, education, and a valuable offering. Cryptocurrency projects have received a bad reputation in the past years because of fly by night operations taking advantage of get-rich-quick-schemes.

The Solution

PR and traditional news media outlets are losing their impressionable power to influencers. Why? Because people trust influencers, they consider them to be more relatable, more authentic & genuine, more knowledgeable, and easier to communicate with. Every industry has a list of top influencers that are highly regarded as thought leaders. It’s obvious why companies want to work with these influencers because a single post or video can drive thousands to millions of viewers that can ultimately turn into a paying customer. However, influencers can be costly, hard to contact, and difficult to control the messaging.

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Crowdcreate helped VegasCasino and other clients like them tap into influencers to rapidly grow their business. How? Crowdcreate already has existing relationships with top influencers that specialize in specific niches like blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s a relatively small world and our team travels the world to conferences, expos, and events where we can meet these influencers in person. We also have a data research team that has created a proprietary database that keeps a log of every time a certain keyword is triggered on a website. 

Leverage Sports Betting Social Media Influencers

Fantasy Football

Crowdcreate are experts when it comes to influencer marketing with top sports betting influencers across fantasy football, boxing, soccer, and more. The secret is to find high quality influencers that have highly engaged audiences looking to place bets. The challenge that most companies face is getting in contact with influencers, vetting & negoto

There was a controversial video where the Nelk Boys Steve Will Do It was caught in an influencer marketing scandal with Roobet exposed by CoffeeZilla.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

Turn iGaming Influencers into Affiliates for Lead Generation

For example, if a content creator posts a video about “cryptocurrency gaming”, we add them to our database, and reach out to them individually with a personalized message for content collaboration. We also work with these influencers so often that we negotiate group rates that are in excess of 50-75% off what they typically charge. These influencers are familiar with how we work, saving the client time, as well as leveraging our unique content creation strategy and processes. That means, we create evergreen content that is search engine optimized, so a customer that wants to use their platform will type in a keyphrase such as “best crypto gaming website” and stumble upon the VegasCasino website.

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What is unique to VegasCasino is how they offer multiple games which require constant communication regarding updates and promotions. The Crowdcreate team executed each promotion in a precise and timely manner, making sure that our engagers are in sync with what our clients’ promotions to keep content fresh and relevant.

Crowdcreate also provided real-time analytics to keep track of all social media platforms that drive paid users and continuously strategized with their core team through our weekly conference meetings. Getting visibility and exposure takes time but it’s an indicator that your product is legitimate and potential customers will more likely vouch for it.

Vegas Casino Case Study

Implement iGaming Media Buying

Technique #1Leverage and Reach out to Crypto Influencers

  • Influencers can make a big impact if you want to rank in Google/YouTube Search. What every company should know is how influencers can leverage and convert the number of views/likes to potential customers through social media exposure. Acquiring partnerships with influencers from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter will give you the edge against other competitors and the more that video/post gets viral, the more you will boost you will get in the rankings.
  • Get featured. Let them review your project and ask them if they would like to interview you.
  • Being relevant in the social sphere is vital in today’s world. Each and every idea is connected and fortunately being shared through different communities online, and this is something we need to focus on if we want to get our brand/product out there.
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Technique #2Engage in Discussions and Frequently Asked Questions Where Your Users Are

  • Social media is an art and a science. For VegasCasino, we first identified who their target market and demographic was, and the platforms where they frequented the most. Those platforms included Reddit, BitcoinTalk, and YouTube. We then researched trending topics, hotly debated topics, and the most frequently asked questions to formulate a content strategy.

iGaming Marketing Agency

  • The key to any participating in any online community is to always add value. Through our engagement marketing and community building services, VegasCasino rapidly gained more users, online reviews from influencers, and social proof from raving fans on the world’s most popular social media channels.
  • Use Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Medium, Reddit and HackerNoon. Twitter, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups are also good.
  • Providing high-quality engagements will add more value to your product instead of just shamelessly plugging to get the word out there. By seamlessly injecting informational, thoughtful feedbacks that our team executed, organic growth will take place in any social media platforms or your preferred community.
  • Insert examples of what we achieved for VegasCasino.io
  • The Crowdcreate team talked with the community on a daily basis discussing new gaming promotions, crypto industry news.
Vega Case Study
Vegas Study Crowdcreate

Technique #3: SEO: Boost your Organic Traffic

  • Through the use of Google Analytics report we sent to our clients weekly, we can make sure that every data we provide is mainly to improve our engagement tactics. Being hands-on on what truly matters for our clients brand/product is our top priority, that’s why we let the numbers and result speak for themselves.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

Hire an Online Gambling Marketing Agency

Launching an online gambling or sports better marketing campaign takes proper time and planning to achieve effective results. Startup teams can either execute on their own or hire experienced professionals in each of these areas. The more marketing tactics employed, the larger the reach and the more holistic of a campaign.


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