Bezant | Fastest Selling Token Sale in Asia Raises $18 Million 3 Hours

We could not have met our 17 million Hardcap and sould out our 4 million Bonus round without Crowdcreate. They helped us when FUD and spam were getting the best of our Telegram room. They also advised me during peak panic hours. Bezant Community Manager Eric Youn The Problem How do you grow and scale […]

Lendingblock | How to 100X your Investor Community in 2 Months

“With Crowdcreate, our telegram room has already grown 100X within 2 months and their team of experts understands our product extremely well. Already, their team has proven their knowledge in both crypto and lending across all of the community channels.” Lendingblock CO-FOUNDER & COO Linda Wang The Problem Most investors look for three things when […]

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Influencer Marketing

As Crowdcreate continues to expand our crypto influencer network, we’re excited to showcase the massive amount of content we were able to generate for our clients. Crypto influencers bridge the gap between mainstream investors and innovators in blockchain technology. Within the online community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ICO investors, crypto influencers are highly respected individuals […]