Bezant | Fastest Selling Token Sale in Asia Raises $18 Million 3 Hours

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We could not have met our 17 million Hardcap and sold out our 4 million Bonus round without
Crowdcreate. They helped us when FUD and spam were getting the best of our Telegram room. They also advised me during peak panic hours.



Community Manager

Eric Youn

The Problem

The Results

Link to the article – “Bezant meets presale goal in 1 hour as Asia’s fastest token sale in 2018.” A token sale with a community manager is 2 times more likely to sell out. Why? A good blockchain project understands that their community is one of their greatest assets. Growing and scaling a true community takes time and resources, it’s an indicator that a project is legitimate and investors are more likely to fund them.





Technique #1

Generate Buzz for your Project

Attract Investors, Developers, & Users

Understanding your target audience is the most important thing to consider when starting to market your project. Next is delivering value and attracting them through inbound marketing. Since 2014, Crowdcreate has been a pioneer in helping some of the world’s largest companies grow and scale their communities. We also ensure compliance and blocked all investors based in countries that were not allowed.

Get Influencers & People Talking

Get connected with the most influential people in blockchain. It’s always important to work with trusted thought leaders that have already built existing large audiences of people. From Reddit and BitcoinTalk, to YouTube and Twitter, it’s important to communicate in all social media channels so your customer sees you everywhere. Conferences & trade shows are also great ways to meet people in real life.

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Technique #2

Propagate Good News & Ban Violators

Promote Your Achievements

To increase the number of supporters, the team focused primarily on disseminating announcements focused on platform development updates and team member highlights.

Announce Partnerships

One of the biggest complaints we got was the uncertainty around claimed partnerships. We had to dig deep into the company archives to find pictures and articles from the past. Once we had an official partnership announcement made, it saved us alot of time during our sales.

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Technique #3

Protect Against Scammers

Carry Out The Rules & Ban Violators

The most important thing during community engagement is that you carry out your rules. For example, we banned posting ETH addresses because scammers were trying to flood our room with them. If you don’t actually ban violators, you will lose control of you room.

Often, as many as 10,000 people can flood onto social media, your community channels and talk about your project. With this many people participating in your sale, Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) will have to be considered. Bezant was the prime example where we’ve seen panic completely overtake a room before a major event. This was due to a mixture of misaligned messaging, vague timeline, and being unprepared for platform questions.

Post Standardized Rules Everywhere

Posting Standardized Rules not only keep the room in control, but it also protects your investors. Legitimate community member like following the rules. When you get complaints from trolls on why they got banned, you can point to the community rules which should be on all of your social media sites.

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Technique #4

Prioritize & Plan for Repetitive Questions

Create a Specific FAQ from
your Engagement Experience

During the weeks before your launch, tons of new
participants will ask the same repetitive questions. By
preparing a FAQ with these repeated questions, you can
save time and point your community in the right direction.
These questions will be asked 100x more during major announcement dates.

Set Value to Questions

Setting value to questions helps you prioritize the
important things first. Repeated questions should be
quickly dealt with a standardized message or the FAQ.
This allows your community members to work efficiently.


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