Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Influencer Marketing

Crypto & Blockchain Influencer Marketing

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As Crowdcreate continues to expand our crypto influencer network, we’re excited to showcase the massive amount of content we were able to generate for our clients. Crypto influencers bridge the gap between mainstream investors and innovators in blockchain technology. Within the online community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ICO investors, crypto influencers are highly respected individuals whose output can noticeably affect the value of cryptocurrencies. Read our guide why your ico needs crypto influencers. Crypto influencers are an integral part of the cryptocurrency community, and we’re excited to showcase great content they’ve created discussing our clients’ companies.





Example #1

The first cross-chain lending platform for the crypto economy. Lendingblock is an open exchange for cryptocurrency loans, where borrowers and lenders are instantly matched in a simple, safe and transparent way.

Total raised from Token sale: $10,000,000
Total views: 54,825

Example #2

BaaSid is 100% decentralized and stores your personal information on a network without a central database.

Tokens sold in Token sale: $5,290,000
Total views: 11,476

Example #3

Bezant offers blockchain-as-a-service that allows enterprises to build dynamic services and applications on top of the Bezant blockchain network, enabling enterprises to power up their services.

Total raised from Token sale: $27,500,000
Total views: 9,443

Example #4

Profede is a decentralized professional ecosystem that helps you get compensated for your data, making intermediaries unnecessary.

Total views: 19,183

Example #5

OPEN provides the application rails to connect all on chain payments and the complimenting proof-of-goods into any application’s backend.

Total views: 34,390

Example #6

The first decentralized margin lending protocol on Ethereum mainnet.

Total views: 11,840

Example #7

BGX is a decentralized solution, which eliminates intermediaries and excess, and allows businesses to easily attract new partners.

Total views: 3,384

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