Lendingblock | How to 100X your Investor Community in 2 Months

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“With Crowdcreate, our telegram room has already
grown 100X within 2 months and their team of experts
understands our product extremely well. Already, their
team has proven their knowledge in both crypto and
lending across all of the community channels.”




Linda Wang

The Problem

Most investors look for three things when investing in a project – Team, Technology, Community. Lendingblock, one of our token sale clients, approached us with the problem of growing their community of investors, developers, designers and passionate participants on Telegram. We at Crowdcreate are specialists at growing your community.
What is a community? A community is a passionate group of individuals that are interested in the project that you are building.The reason why investors look at the community itself is to gauge whether a project has traction and can
hit explosive growth. We also ensure compliance with local jurisdictions and laws, blocking investors that are not qualified.

The Results

We officially grew their telegram room more than 40 times over.

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Technique #1

Build a Community of Investors with 365/24/7 Telegram Management

Most founders answer the Telegram messages themselves, this is not the best use of a developer’s time. Both Steve and Linda, the two founders, were answering the Telegram message themselves. This is the case for the vast majority of ICO founders we have met. The problem is that Telegram management is a 365/24/7 engagement. Your user-base is all over the world in multiple languages; English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German.

Technique #2

Validating Legitimacy of Project for Investors and VC Firms

Many investors and VC firms validate the legitimacy of a project through the amount of engagement and participation in their Telegram channel. Lendingblock had 40 members when they first approached Crowdcreate. Growing a community isn’t easy. There are multiple challenges that come with growing a community, as well as philosophical questions the team must answer.

Technique #3

Augmenting In-House Community Managers

Startups often hire an in-house community manager with a background in social media. Unfortunately, these people aren’t equipped to answer thousands of messages on Telegram about technical white papers, nor have the infrastructure and bandwidth to handle answering questions 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours. Crowdcreate fills this gap 365/24/7 over 5 languages.


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