Crowdcreate x Renault

How the Auto Industry is Using the Metaverse for Marketing

Client Overview:

Crowdcreate, a leading Web3 marketing agency launches its new partnership with Mobilize, a Renault-backed mobility ecosystem. This new partnership is focused on a metaverse experience to complement the automobile manufacturer’s launch of 4 new vehicles at the Paris Auto Show.

Crowdcreate collaboratively launched a metaverse to experience the new vehicles digitally and a unique customization contest allowing fans of the brand to create a custom design of the new all-electric mobility-focused “mini car” called the DUO. Participants shared their creations and participated in a community leaderboard to drive engagement.

Big Auto manufacturers such as Renault are leveraging metaverse technology to present new unique experiences for fans to see and customize their vehicles from anywhere in the world. Renault’s new mobility-focused vehicle offerings such as the Mobilize VaaS (Vehicle as a Service) are catered towards this next generation.

Mobilize is the brainchild of the top French automaker Renault. The goal of Mobilize is not only to promote sustainable driving but to create more of an emphasis on car usage over car ownership. The Paris Auto Show unveiling of the 4 new electric cars and a complimenting metaverse experience included the following vehicles:

  • LIMO – The elegant electric sedan for professional drivers ensures maximum comfort for chauffeur and passengers.
  • DUO – Compact, all-electric, and connected “mini car” specifically designed for shared mobility.
  • BENTO – Developed as a response to the boom in small parcel delivery. 
  • SOLO – Single-person variation of the DUO.

Service Provided:

Crowdcreate, a Leading Metaverse Marketing Agency, provided

  • Metaverse Marketing
  • Web3 Influencers
  • Dedicated Video Reviews
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Tiktok Marketing

The Problem

Traditional marketing methods often struggle to captivate and engage consumers in an increasingly digital world. Auto manufacturers face the challenge of differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace, where consumers demand immersive and personalized experiences. Additionally, reaching younger, tech-savvy audiences requires innovative strategies that resonate with their preferences. Renault recognized these challenges and aimed to leverage the metaverse to revolutionize its marketing approach.

The Solution

Renault partnered with Crowdcreate, a renowned Web3 marketing agency known for its expertise in influencer-driven campaigns and innovative digital experiences. Together, they designed a metaverse experience that allowed users to digitally explore and customize Renault’s new vehicles, creating an interactive and engaging platform. By collaborating with Web3 influencers on platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, the partnership sought to amplify reach, generate social proof, and build excitement around Renault’s sustainable driving future.

The Results

Renault’s metaverse marketing campaign, in collaboration with Crowdcreate, achieved exceptional results across various social media platforms. By leveraging strategic partnerships on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, Renault successfully created brand awareness, engaged audiences, and attracted new users to the project.

Web3 Influencers

Web3 influencers played a crucial role in activating a younger and technology-savvy audience. Coordinated by Crowdcreate, a strategic release of content surrounding the launch was done on social media platforms Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok that allowed content creators to help share the story behind the Mobilize vision for a sustainable driving future.

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Dedicated Video Reviews

Dedicated video reviews have been an effective tool for Mobilize to reach its goals for several reasons:

  • Increased visibility: Videos have allowed Mobilize to showcase unique customizations of the custom DUO cars to a large audience in a visually compelling way.
  • Credibility: Influencer-generated videos provide valuable social proof and validation, helping to build trust with potential users.
  • Engagement: Videos have the potential to be highly engaging, leading to increased interest and engagement for Mobilize.
  • Reach: Influencer-generated videos have the potential to reach a large and engaged audience, helping to drive user acquisition and reach new audiences.
  • Stickiness: Videos have a longer shelf life than other forms of content and are more likely to be remembered and shared, helping to drive ongoing user acquisition.

TikTok Videos

Crowdcreate utilized TikTok to reach a new, younger audience and drive user sign-ups for Mobilize. TikTok is currently the leading trend in social media, with a massive and highly engaged user base, making it an ideal platform to showcase the project’s unique features and benefits. By creating and sharing short, engaging videos on TikTok, Crowdcreate was able to effectively reach and attract a new generation of users for Mobilize.

Promotional Tweets

Crowdcreate leveraged the power of Twitter influencers to drive more users to register and create their custom DUO cars. Crowdcreate has identified key influencers in the NFT and automobile space and partnered with them to create tweets promoting Mobilize and giving followers a sneak peek through a compelling video.


This strategy was highly effective in generating buzz and attracting a new, engaged audience to the project. The influencer-generated tweets also provided valuable social proof and validation, further driving interest and helping Mobilize reach its user acquisition goals.


Led by brands like Renault, these new digital experiences and spaces are becoming opportunities for brands to engage with their fans and showcase the benefits of Metaverse technology. The possibilities for the auto industry to drive marketing initiatives with this new experience are just getting started. In conclusion, Crowdcreate’s multi-channel approach to driving user acquisition through influencer partnerships on social media platforms was highly effective. Utilizing Twitter influencers, TikTok, and YouTube influencers allowed Mobilize to reach a wide range of audiences and effectively showcase the unique features and benefits of their custom DUO cars and get hype for their metaverse launch. The dedicated videos created in partnership with influencers provided valuable social proof and helped to drive user sign-ups and overall engagement with the project. This strategic approach to influencer marketing was key to Mobilize’s success in driving user acquisition and reaching its goals.

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