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See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.

Introduction to Crowdcreate

There are only a few crypto marketing companies that have been around since 2017, Crowdcreate is one of them. We’re pioneers when it comes to growth marketing & strategy in the NFT & crypto industry. In 2018, Forbes called us the #1 community management & growth marketing agency in crypto. In 2021, we continue to work with some of the most successful NFT and crypto projects in the world because of our deep expertise, proprietary marketing technology, global network, and strong relationships with the top founders, creators, investors, and influencers across NFTs & crypto.

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Crowdcreate Marketing Agency
This article will explain what NFTs are, and why you should choose Crowdcreate as your NFT Marketing Agency Partner. Marketing strategy and services for NFTs are unlike any other industry. To be successful, you need a strong community and network. These relationships are not built overnight. Working with Crowdcreate allows you to tap into what we’ve built over the years.
NFT projects need to know how to create buzz, properly launch a crowdsale, build a community for scalable growth, properly manage a community, and drive traffic to their NFT launch.
NFT Marketing Agency

What are NFTs?

NFT Marketing Agency

NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Token, or nifty. It began from the first ERC-721 standard smart contract. With each passing day, the trend for Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT’s) gains momentum. The ability to own and trade digital assets, be it land, art objects, tweets or gaming artifacts are an attractive prospect. The trend has proved popular among a large number of collectors, traders, and artists.
NFT’s as we know it are digital files that are stored on a public ledger, i.e. the Blockchain. Each NFT is certified by the Blockchain as Proof Of Ownership. The technology is similar to what is used by popular decentralized cryptocurrencies like that of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Owning an NFT is the equivalent of buying a digital recording of ownership that can then be transferred to a private wallet.

Why have NFTs become popular?

NFTs have lately become the talk of the town with giants like Alibaba and Gamestop eager to make their mark within the industry. Gradually, NFTs have found their use case and are more than just a piece of “digital art.” From owning a one of a kind artwork like Beeple, to Spanish football leagues like LaLiga offering NFTs of its players, the perspectives of owning digital assets have become popular.
Along with being a proud owner of unique digital artwork, collectors and traders of NFTs have been making bank recently with Opensea witnessing a mind-blowing $3.4B in transaction volume for the month of August exclusively on Ethereum. From mere pictures of rocks selling for a staggering $1.3M to the infamous Cryptopunk collection recording All-Time-High prices, the space has no shortage of interest from retail and institutional investors alike.

NFT Hype Explained

Several notable figures have dubbed NFTs to be in a bubble and a goldrush. The technology is revolutionary and is not going anywhere. The ability to own intellectual property is at the core of NFTs. Nevertheless, despite the insane price tag of some NFTs, they are here to stay as their untapped potential means that the future is bright. To ensure that your NFT project witnesses a healthy long-term growth, it is important to keep up with the latest marketing trends and devise your strategies accordingly. There is no fixed strategy, therefore feel free to stretch out the horizons, experiment with new and proven concepts to devise what’s best for your project.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

NFT Marketing Agency

Potential Use Cases for NFTs

NFT enthusiasts have constantly floated the idea of mainstream NFT adoption and its technology being on-boarded by tech giants. Each NFT is unique and is denoted by a smart contract and transaction log that could then be used for verifying its authenticity and thereby acting as a deterrent against fraudulent artworks. For example, an artist may create two separate NFTs of the same artwork with identical price floors, but the one created before would seemingly hold a higher market value.
NFT values
The prospects of an authenticating factor could have its applications within the financial world as well. NFTs could serve as Proof of Work (POW) and originality. Highly sought-after items like watches and Air Jordans could have a QR of an NFT leading to a contract address on the blockchain and signifying their worth as one of a kind.

What is NFT Marketing?

As the NFT ecosystem grows in popularity and players outside of the industry race to have their own unique NFT proposition, the space has started to become crowded and is flooded with NFTs of various forms. Therefore, it’s vital to promote your NFT project, and you can do that through a multitude of ways.
NFT Marketing increases growth and hype around your project, thereby generating much needed traction to take your project to the next level. What will this do? Well, it’ll attract prospective NFT users, draw a bidding war around your NFT project, increase volume for your NFT Marketplace, and maximize revenue. Continue reading this article to know all about NFT Marketing.
NFT Marketing

NFT Community Management & Growth Agency

A Crypto community is at the very core of your project. It’s also a platform for fellow NFT enthusiasts to connect with each other, share valuable insights, and discuss the space in general. Not only can your users share their artwork but eye-catching NFTs could potentially go viral owing to the enhanced exposure from the community – be sure to float beautiful artworks every now and then to maximise traction.
Owning a one of a kind NFT should grant its holder access to an exclusive club similar to having possession of a famous art collection like a picasso or a Leonardo da Vinci. This is a platform for your community to flaunt off their collections, boast about what makes it stand out, and attract others to do the same.
Telegram and Discord have been the two popular social media platforms for Crypto Communities. However, Discord is a more prevalent option for the NFT community, and may be a better option (also the platform of choice for many NFT Marketplaces, for more details read our article about why Discord is the preferred platform for NFT community management.). To instill a sense of pride and acknowledgement, be sure to award unique tags to your NFT holders as a sense of entitlement and the perks of holding the NFT.
Discord NFT
Larva Labs awards tags to its community based on the type of NFT collection held by a user i.e. cryptopunks, autoglyphs or meebits

NFT Marketing Agency

NFT Community Management Platforms to Use

  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Medium
  • Facebook

Crowdcreate is ranked as the #1 community management agency for NFT & crypto projects. We specialize in creating vibrant communities that make your project shine and provide expertise on how to improve your relationship & trust with your community. We’ve successfully increased the size of our client’s Telegram channels 1,000% in just 3 months!

NFT Marketing Agency

NFT Marketing Strategy & Branding Agency

The NFT and crypto community have a unique identity and subculture unlike anything else in the world. Figuring out your brand identity and go-to-market strategy is what we do at Crowdcreate.
How do we do it? First, we understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. This includes our proprietary framework, and systematic approach to onboarding clients. We apply some of the top growth tactics and industry best practices that we’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients, and speaking to thousands of companies.
Why do clients choose us? We’ve been helping blockchain projects since 2017 with marketing & strategy. We host some of the largest global conferences for the top NFT projects to come together, talk about their project, share insights, and help each other. It’s our unfair advantage as a marketing & strategy agency because we’re able to learn from a global perspective.
NFTs have been thriving due to the rise of the ‘digital economy.’ However, this has led to the space being overcrowded and with an abundance of NFT based projects, it is vital to ‘stand-out’ from the pack. Make sure to offer a unique NFT Focused proposition, focus on the most trending concepts, marketplaces and make decisions accordingly.
Similarly, don’t forget to account for the blockchains that are popular among NFT based users as the chain you select also has an important role. Certain chains may be optimized for specific types of NFTs. When selecting a blockchain of choice it is important to keep in mind decentralization, scalability and ease of transfers. Ethereum has slowly begun to lose its dominance in DeFi as well as NFTs due to high transaction fees. The following are popular Blockchains among NFT projects of different kinds.

Top Blockchains for Launching NFT Projects

The world’s fastest blockchain with transaction costs of less than $0.00025. This has provided Solanart (its native NFT Marketplace) with rocketfuel to jump exponentially in popularity and has since then made waves with popular NFT collections like degenerate apes creating their very own cult-like following..
The world’s best scaling solution for Ethereum and prides itself on having gasless transactions. NFT sales on the chain have surged ever since it has been onboarded by Opensea – the world’s most popular NFT Marketplace by transaction volume.


Popular among player cards such as Streetfighter and hence has been dubbed as the “King of NFTs.” Users have to buy RAM to make transactions. Popular for buying/selling cards

NFT Marketing Agency

NFT SEO Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimization is widely considered a growth hack in attracting new users and making your NFT project more accessible to the wider market. Focusing on popular commonly searched keywords and terms is guaranteed to increase visits to your website, here are ways you can do this:

How to Improve NFT SEO

  • Collaborate with an SEO agency. We here at Crowdcreate can help you do this.
  • Research the most commonly searched NFT keywords
  • Structure your website for Google search.
  • Ensure that your domain is properly indexed
  • Publish your website on different online directories
  • Publish high quality blogs addressing common NFT questions and search words
  • Publish compelling content and infographics
  • Optimize on a monthly basis for using keyword research

NFT Marketing Agency

Launch NFT Airdrops & Giveaways on Social Media Platforms

NFT Giveaways have become the talk of the town and are often seen across Crypto focused social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. The goal for doing a giveaway is to increase your brand exposure and announce to the world what you have on offer.

How to Run an NFT Airdrop:

  • Focus on specific hashtags, tag popular artists and focus on exposure. The key here is reaching out to as broad of an audience as possible by incentivizing users to like and retweet your Tweets.
  • Common hashtags include #NFT, #NFTGiveaway, #NFTCommunity, #NFTDrops, etc.
NFT Airdrop
  • The popular social media platform has quickly become the go-to platform for many discussion-orientated communities and NFTs are one such example. The goal here is having your post trending by obtaining as many upvotes as possible.
  • Popular NFT communities include r/NFT, r/NFTsMarketplace and r/Opensea
Reddit NFT
Conducting giveaways is harder than you think; airdrops need to be balanced in order to keep in line with the value of your project. It is important to analyze the way you airdrop and the subsequent details right to make sure it isn’t counterproductive. Excessive airdrops have often led to an increased sell pressure. Our vast experience in the blockchain field has helped projects achieve parity between the two and can help you do the same.

NFT Marketing Agency

Hire NFT Marketing Influencers

To put it simply, an influencer is someone with the ability to affect the sentiments and investment decisions of a large group of people. You can leverage their existing network, build trust quickly, and get traction on your project. From Snoop Dog to BitBoy, these influencers can move NFT markets and get exposure to your project.

We here at Crowdcreate can help you out with exactly this. We leverage deep industry knowledge from expert thought leaders to make deals happen and have a proven track record of helping NFT projects achieve the hype and buzz they truly deserve!

Don’t forget to read our ranking of NFT influencers by category so that you can narrow down the influencers that fit your project’s target base and values. Crowdcreate conducts a thorough research to find influencers that can help take your project to the next level. You can find the list as follows:
NFT Gaming
nft influencers
NFT Gaming Influencers

We pursued our infamous influencer strategy with StarAtlas and helped them deliver a successful crowdfunding program that was over subscribed. If you’re not aware, StarAtlas is an AAA game on the Blockchain that allows players to participate in lucrative gaming activities like space exploration, territory control, political dominance, and more while providing players with financial incentives. Read our NFT marketing case study on Solana.

star atlas case study
Crowdcreate reached out to 750 influencers with a 51.05% email rates and connected StarAtlas with the following top-tier Crypto Influencers.
Crowdcreate creates a custom-made pitch to influencers by focusing on specific subject lines and Unique-Selling-Points to maximise engagements. We focus on the most trending topics and leverage our experience in the blockchain field to have influencers talk about your project and even share their experience with it. Connecting with influencers is extremely time consuming and challenging – we specialize in doing exactly this.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

NFT Marketing Agency

Build Strategic NFT Collaborations & Partnerships

Partnering up with NFT projects can allow for cross-promotions on both sides. Such strategic collaborations would allow for projects to pool their resources; they may not be limited to cryptocurrency in general so feel free to test the horizons and limits – NFTs have a broad list of use cases and hence their applications are limitless.
When it comes to selling artworks, Christie’s holds the record for achieving the highest bids for NFTs. The highest bids for NFTs were both made on Christie’s: Beeple’s artwork sold for a whopping $69 Million while a collection of 9 cryptopunks sold for $16.9 Million. Undoubtedly, records have been broken when NFTs have partnered up with art houses, this is in fact the holy grail!
Fun Fact: Beeple’s artwork contains 5,000 images that the creator made every single day for over 13 years. That tireless effort is now worth $14,000 per day!

On the other hand, businesses, particularly luxury brands have partnered up with NFT based projects to use Blockchain tech and have it backed as POW to prevent counterfeiting. A notable example is NSAV partnering up with LUXFI to provide luxury brands with NFTs. Data from indicates that $2 Billion was spent on NFTs in the first quarter of 2021 alone – this is a lucrative investment opportunity for many!

NFT Marketing Agency

NFT & Blockchain Conference Event Marketing

Attending Crypto conferences help you gain exposure and increase your networking. Attending them is invaluable to your project as it gives projects an opportunity to meet with prospective investors, industry leaders and VCs. Being backed by well-known figures and Venture Capitals improves your brand outlook and accelerates growth.
We’ve hosted several conferences comprising the most notable industry figures. We believe in the “Wisdom of Crowds” and cover Crypto’s most debated and heated topics along with some of the top projects pitching theirs.

We recently hosted CryptoCom to connect the crypto community and were also featured by Cointelegraph. Our panelists include executives, thought leaders and developers from some of the most popular Blockchain projects bringing new use cases to the Blockchain, we’ve hosted them all.

Crowdcreate hosts an NFT marketing conference that is a great way to get exposure to your project.

NFT Marketing Agency

NFT PR Agency for Press Mentions

To promote your NFT project you need to pursue an aggressive advertising and PR strategy to have your product reach its targeted audience.


PR is one such strategy that yields a higher ROI as with it you can get your desired message out to the right people at the right time. Publishing PR content enlightens people why your NFT project stands out and increases the visibility and exposure of your digital assets. The higher the number of engagements acquired via PR, the higher the interest on your assets and hence ensuring that your project is a huge success. Not only does PR promote your Unique Selling Point (USP) but when prospective buyers get to know about the brand and prospects of profitability, they will start buying it.

Some notable Crypto PR Firms are the following:

NFT Paid Advertising Agency

Paid Ads allow NFT projects to reach their targeted audience at different phases of the buyer journey and enables you to promote your products directly to your targeted audience. Moreover, it also allows projects to re-engage their users – this could be of utmost importance in the event of an upcoming NFT drop as you can never have too many buyers. Make sure to target commonly searched NFT keywords and allocate a budget to stay on track.

Popular NFT advertising networks are the following:

  • Facebook: For now, it is legal to run advertisements
  • CoinMarketCap: The most popular Crypto tracking website
  • Coingecko: Also a Crypto tracking website that comes only second in rank to CoinMarketCap
  • Reddit: Boasts of a large user base interested in NFTs
  • Google Advertising: Places ads both in the search results and on non-search websites.

NFT Marketing Agency

Track NFT Social Media Dominance

Curious to know whether your NFT marketing strategies are working out as they should? Lunarcrush – a Social Listening Site – can help you out with this. It tracks this Social Media engagement and market sentiments using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to analyze data from a wide and comprehensive list of sources to provide you with accurate data.
In the event that your project is not listed on Lunarcrush, you can apply for it via their form, the process takes less than a couple of minutes

NFT Marketing Agency

Summary of Crowdcreate’s NFT Marketing Agency

NFT marketing requires deep knowledge of the culture, community, technology, growth tactics, innovative marketing tools, and strong relationships within the NFT & crypto industry. This is why Crowdcreate is the NFT marketing agency of choice for many of the top projects. From Star Atlas’ record breaking NFT Solana crowdsale, to having CEO of SuperRare, CEO of Rarible, CEO of Gods Unchained speak at our NFT conferences, Crowdcreate knows NFTs and crypto inside and out. Contact our team so we can help with marketing your next NFT launch, and also join our NFT community.

Crowdcreate also offers NFT marketing strategy for all projects, big and small. We connect you with experts in our network to help you uncover insights that you’re currently missing. We help you leverage the power of the crowd so you can grow faster.

See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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