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Top NFT Influencers on Twitter

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NFT influencers are people who have above-average experience in creating, collecting, or investing in NFTs. People follow them for advice and guidance on how to navigate the NFT space. And many of them are skilled at breaking down complex topics into key insights that even the most inexperienced users can understand.
Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a new type of digital asset developed on blockchain networks. We’re sure you’ve heard of NFT Twitter, the section of the social media platform where accounts have profile images of bored apes, postings are filled with talk of tokens, blockchains, and buying the dip, and Elon Musk is revered.
Finding the ideal NFT Twitter influencers is difficult due to the multiple criteria that must be considered. Although the internet is crowded with self-proclaimed experts, there are a few that are genuine.

How do I promote NFT on Twitter?

  • Network More. Networking is not just going through other tweets or visiting pages.
  • Engage Yourself With Twitter Spaces.
  • Post Only Valuable Things.
  • Express Your Opinions.
  • Join a Community.
  • Focus More On Perspective Audience.
  • Be Active.
  • Create Twitter Threads.

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Top 20 NFT Influencers on Twitter

We did our due diligence to compile this handpicked list of the Top NFT Twitter influencers you should follow.
Gary Vaynerchuck
In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer, Vaynerchuk is well known for his early investments in companies, including Facebook and Coinbase. Vaynerchuk’s “VeeFriends” NFT collection is comprised of 10,255 character nonfungible tokens available for purchase via the cryptocurrency ethereum.
An early, pseudonymous NFT investor who has built a large following and collection, Pranksy is one of the top hoarders of NBA Top Shots. The person behind the avatar told Fox 5 NY that NFTs are, for today’s digital natives, “the collectible equivalent” of taking “photos for their mantelpiece.
After launching a museum district with a long list of top NFTs, punk6529 bullishly told their 323,200 Twitter followers that it might be “the most high-end art NFTs ever displayed in one place.
A Puerto Rico-based, karaoke-loving investor who is also a general partner of Delphi INFINFT, a fund built with crypto research and investment.
Snoop Dogg’s alter ego has maintained a keen interest in several NFT initiatives and amassed an impressive collection. Three Rekt Guy NFTs were recently added to his collection. Furthermore, Snoop tweeted about them with the hashtag “Got #Rekt,” ensuring that the relatively new initiative will garner attention. He subsequently made one of the Rekt NFTs his most recent Twitter PFP.
Aftab Hossain is a strategic advisor and private investor to projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, with special focus on decentralized finance .
Brett Malinowski is all about his passion, madness, and love for NFTs and his quest to spread the right kind of knowledge and insights in others regarding the same.
Beanie Investor
Beanie was a well-respected member of the cypto/NFT world, consulting with NFT developers and running the now-suspended GM Capital VC fund.
Seedphrase is a well known crypto and NFT investor who has recently embarked on a DJ career to further educate people on the possibilities of blockchain technology.
He creates blockchain products for some of the premiere NFT artists like Mad Dog Jones, Murat Pak, and Roger Dickerman.

Who are the best NFT promoters?

The most spoken-about NFT project, Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10000 unique Bored Ape NFTs that has gained massive popularity since its beginning in 2021. Today they are recognized among the most prestigious NFT collections in the world.
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How much do NFT influencers charge?

They offer three pricing packages: The Basic NFT marketing package starts from $14,900 per month. The Pro NFT marketing package is priced at $22,900 with two months of community management.

NFT Influencers

Punk4156 is a popular influencer and investor who has sold his trademark bandana ape CryptoPunk.
j1mmy.eth Is the Founder & CEO of nft42, a serious NFT OG, and an outspoken advocate of on-chain art.
Co-Founder of @pudgy_penguins and Ethereum maxi. Collects NFTs, wine, digital art, sneakers, sports cards and anything else cool.
A crypto artist and one of the few female NFT influencers. She enjoys creating cutting-edge and innovative artwork as NFTs. Her community of followers loves her work. And there’s a lot of hype around her work in progress – Metanatics. This project allows users to create funky avatars and exist in the metaverse.
Crypto Baristas
This NFT influencer also raises awareness about the coffee industry, supports reforestation efforts in Honduras, and creates NFTs for coffee lovers.
This influencer loves collecting artwork as NFTs and owns several pieces like Make Love Not War” by AlienqueenNFT and artwork from Cory Van Lew’s timepiece collection. @farokh also has rug radio, a channel to speak about investments and NFTs.
This account collects NFTs that are art pieces in the metaverse. His project, NEONDAO makes it possible for users to create in-depth avatars with new features in the metaverse. Users can create wizards, warriors, and so much more.
This is a company dedicated to investing and growing the metaverse. @ohhshiny expresses his passion for NFTs through promoting NFT creators, sharing NFT and crypto trends, and sharing opinions on the evolution of NFTs.
Not only does this NFT influencer produce tonnes of NFTs, but he is also a VR artist. @Dikasso_ collects NFTs too, and his collection includes artwork from Rarible, Based Fish Mafia, and Tide Estates. While @Dikasso_ doesn’t call himself an influencer, his large community of followers would disagree.
Essentially @nounsdao is an NFT that’s become a meme. To expand its reach and awareness, this brand has started several campaigns awarding users in the NFT space to make creations pairing their signature glasses. Plus, ads for the Super Bowl featured these red shades.

How can influencers use NFT?

Now, creators can capitalize on the NFT craze to add real value to their fans whilst earning in the process. NFTs align incentives between creators and fans. The more the creator is valued and the higher the demand for their NFTs, the more fans who hold these assets benefit.
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NFT Influencers

Are NFT giveaways real?

NFT giveaways or airdrop scams Here scammers pose as legitimate NFT trading platforms on social media to promote NFT giveaway campaigns also known as airdrop scams. The scammers will offer you a free NFT if you spread their message and sign up on their website.



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