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*Companies listed have either spoke at previous Crowdcreate events, are past clients, or actively engaged in our network.


What is Metaverse Marketing?

The Metaverse is the digital future for how we interact with people in virtual spaces. The possibilities are limitless and with infinite worlds. Businesses can sell digital products and NFTs that give their fans more active engagement with their brand  and more. But, how do you create and market your own Metaverse project? That’s where Crowdcreate can help. Launching something into a new industry has it’s challenges and that’s where our team can help.

The metaverse puts people before brands due to its gaming roots, which means the way you position your offering needs to change. This is a space that’s characterised by playfulness, community, and value creation.


We've built our Metaverse marketing network from the ground up. We talk to hundreds of influencers every week, and know what they're interested in. We get you in front of these influencers by writing the perfect pitch email alongside your business. We then send thousands of personalized messages to qualified influencers in your dream prospect list.

Proprietary NFT Network & Relationships

Strategic Pitches That Know What they Want

Packages of all sizes from startups to enterprises

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Metaverse Influencers, Investors & Thought Leaders

Since 2017, Crowdcreate has been building a network of the most influential names in crypto & NFTs. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over 5+ years building our network. No other agency in world has the relationships and reach we’ve grown.

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Investigate The Possibilities of Metaverse Marketing?

In the event that you’re not investigating the potential, your image has in the metaverse, you are passing up your opportunity to be an early adopter. We’ll track down open doors for your business to develop and expand its web-based presence more than ever.

How to Build a Business In The Metaverse

Join the hundreds of other companies that see the potential of the metaverse and are currently building. Take advantage of first mover advantage for your business today.

Build a Retail Store in the Metaverse

Big tech companies are investing in tools to build virtual worlds to more actively engage their customers. This includes 3D, AR, and VR experiences. Crowdcreate can help strategize with you where you should be paying attention.

Collect Customer Metaverse Data

Make smarter decisions to better target and market to your customers. Whether customers are trying on their favorite pair of clothes, test driving their next car, or buying their next house with a VR headset, the companies with the best data will win.

Personalize Metaverse Shopping Experiences

Imagine walking into your favorite grocery store or local mall, the layout is the same for everybody. The metaverse will allow for infinitely customized shopping experiences for everybody the same way your Amazon.com website feed is tailored to your interests.

Launch a Token Gated Metaverse

Digital assets on virtual platforms like Roblox, Fortnite, and Decentraland amass millions of dollars in sales. The virtual economy is strong, and brands have an opportunity to create virtual twins of their real-life products to create new revenue streams.

Buy Metaverse Land

Ecommerce changed the way businesses operate and the expectations consumers have. While customers enjoy the access they have with ecommerce, however, they want an approximated in-person experience in a virtual space.

International Reach

The internet was a revolution for international commerce. The Metaverse is the next step, allowing virtually anyone to enter and interact with a brand, no matter where they live. For brands, this creates seamless, universally accessible experiences for consumers all over the world.

Build a Metaverse Game

Some say that blockchain gaming will be crypto’s killer app and use case. The Gaming industry is larger than the TV, movies, and music industry. People spend significant amounts of their time & money in video games. Crowdcreate can help you build & market your metaverse game.

Create Metaverse Events

The Metaverse removes these barriers. Product testing can be done with a digital twin, or a complex, hyper-realistic virtual representation of a physical product. Real-life experiences and interactions can be simulated in the Metaverse, so brands can test products in development with users’ avatars.

Hire Metaverse Creators

Artists, creators, and developers can build in your metaverse. Whether you’re looking to design buildings, avatars, gameplay, or content, these creators are the ecosystem community that you can tap into for a flourishing, vibrant virtual world.

Host Meetings in the Metaverse

Technologies like Horizons Workspaces and Mesh offer virtual solutions for the disconnect of remote and hybrid workplaces. Employees can interact and collaborate more effectively, improving satisfaction and engagement.

Design AR/VR Metaverse Experiences

The Metaverse removes these barriers. Product testing can be done with a digital twin, or a complex, hyper-realistic virtual representation of a physical product. Real-life experiences and interactions can be simulated in the Metaverse, so brands can test products in development with users’ avatars.

Improved Advertising and Marketing

Technology always offers new and exciting use cases for marketing and advertising. Targeted ads, interactive billboards, and more all elevated our approach to reaching customers. The Metaverse is no different.

NFTs and the Metaverse: The New Future?

The Metaverse is creating a lot of buzz for consumers and businesses alike, but few understand what it really is. In particular, business owners aren’t sure what it is or how it can be beneficial for their brand. While the Metaverse is a virtual world, it’s also real and tangible. Though it may not exist in physical space, it can generate its own economy and mirror – in many ways – the real world.

Broadly speaking, the Metaverse has been around as a hypothetical iteration of the internet as a single immersive virtual world. In the context of technologies that businesses are referring to as the Metaverse, however, it’s virtual reality and augmented reality.

The idea was championed by Mark Zuckerberg, who changed the name of his wildly successful Facebook brand to Meta. More big brands are getting on board, including Microsoft, Google, and Epic Games.

Even more traditional and less innovative companies are making the move, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, and have purchased virtual properties in Sandbox, a Metaverse platform.

With so many businesses making the leap and investing billions into this virtual environment, the Metaverse is on track to become a $20tn market in the next decade or so. It’s likely that more will follow suit, fueling the growth of the Metaverse on a whole.



Optimize & scale your paid advertising on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, & other platforms.


NFTs are digital asset ownership. We can help you design, build, & promote your NFT launch on different platforms.


Engineering and design in the physical world is just as important as in the metaverse world. Save time & money by tapping into our design expertise.


Leverage the network effects of collabs and strategic partnerships with the top projects and thought leaders in Web3. We've been in blockchain since 2017 and can help you get connected.

How Can Businesses Get Started in the Metaverse?

Big brands may be preparing for a future in the Metaverse, but it’s not that simple for smaller businesses. Entrepreneurs need to future-proof their businesses by preparing for the lines between physical and virtual worlds to blur.

Though it may seem promising, the Metaverse isn’t a guarantee. No one knows if it will truly be the next big technological revolution, so it’s best for businesses to prepare and understand the risks and rewards.

Data-driven Digital
EMAIL Outreach

Step 1


Use machine learning to aggregate all of the major influencer databases.

Step 2


Carefully select the top influencer for your marketing.

Step 3


Write customized pitches for your company that are A/B tested.

Step 4


Get on phone calls with our pools of qualified influencers for 1 on 1 feedback and interest.

Step 5


Optimization to get maximum results.


We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world to raise
investor funds, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.

nft marketing for sandbox
Case Study

NFT Metaverse Marketing for Sandbox – Brand Video & Content Creation

Full Case Study


Frequently Asked Questions

The metaverse is developing faster than we can imagine. With the advent of new technology like Web 3.0, blockchain technology (powering NFTs and crypto) and advancements in XR (mixed reality) hardware, the concept of an alternate virtual world will happen sooner than later. Finally, developments in the software and hardware sides are converging to bring the concept of a virtual world closer to home. It would be just a matter of time before real-world activities like hanging out and working can be comfortably done in the metaverse. The lockdowns imposed due to the pandemic have also accelerated developments in this space as people shifted their behavior and spent more time online.

Nfts are not the same as cryptocurrency because nft uses cryptocurrency to conduct the transaction it uses the same blockchain technology that cryptocurrency uses but the asset is set up differently.

Whereas a cryptocurrency coin can be traded or exchanged at equivalency the nft cannot this is because each cryptographic asset is set up with a unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes one nft from another.

You can offer virtual advertising in the metaverse. For example, Bidstack, a video game ad tech company, transitioned from working off in real-world outdoor advertising to placing ads on virtual billboards.

3 Strategies to Elevate Your Brand in the Metaverse

  • Tell a story to ease your customers’ metaversal misgivings.
  • Give “fake” things away to make your customers feel exclusive.
  • Deliver novel experiences and delight customers.

This is one of the reasons why Facebook is focusing on developing more hardware like smart glasses so users can access the Metaverse easily.

Step 1: You’ll need an Avatar.
Step 2: Time to explore the world.
Step 3: Play games. 
Step 4: Make new friends.

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We here at Crowdcreate can help you out with exactly this. We leverage deep industry knowledge from expert thought leaders to make deals happen and have a proven track record of helping Metaverse projects achieve the hype and buzz they truly deserve!

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