Crypto Telegram Community Management

Crypto Telegram Community Management – 5 Tips You Need To Know

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Crypto Community Management is changing daily. However, As a crypto community manager, I’ve found that certain trusty tips always help me no matter what project I am managing. Here are five tips you may not have considered for crypto community management.

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1. Your Project Needs to Have Multiple Levels of Support

Having a multiple layers of support is vital. If you don’t its going to ostracize certain sub communities within your project. Multiple levels of support engage your entire community from new to veteran members. This is important for crypto community management in particular. It is equally important to ensure that there is a well-structured and free-flowing hierarchy of support.

2. Create Metrics To Reward Your Community

Metrics such as a ranking system rewards your veteran participants while also motivating new members to stay and get involved in your project community. Whether it’s a top 10, or a tiered metric system, recognizing and rewarding your community incentivizes their actions in the community as well as engages and helps your crypto community management as a whole. This measure would go a long way in building a connected and loyal community.


3. List your ICO on Benching Sites and Social Media:

Listing your ICO on Benching Sites allows you to expose your project into the margins of the cryptocurrency world. Not only does it grow your community, but allows it to interact outside of chat or blog. Social Media follows the same concept. A social media presence allows for more exposure. Having things to like, share, and talk about allows your community to interact with your team outside of the TelegramDiscord, etc.

4. Get To Know Your Community Members

Getting to know your community members outside of the project creates long-lasting bonds within the community. Understanding who people are as an individual would also motivate them to get to know other members, creating a cycle of community engagement. It also creates internal crypto community management with senior members advising junior members. This will also result in more connections by tapping into the most involved members. This not only lets the community foster but also takes a certain amount of work and pressure of the management team.


5. Listen To Your Community Members

Receiving and implementing feedback from your community is a key part of a crypto community management. Your community wants to help and will often bring up amazing ideas you can implement. Working on feedback and analyzing any constructive criticism would help the community and project grow as a whole. Implementing community suggestions also validates them. They feel a part of the project and will want to help build its future.


Crypto community management is awesome because it is so diverse and dynamic. While it is challenging and ever-changing, using these 5 tips may increase your chances of growing a healthy and friendly community. We here at CrowdCreate have helped several projects run a successful crowd sale campaign by optimizing their telegram community. Over the years, we’ve gained insights as to what works best for different kinds of projects. We’ve successfully increased the size of our client’s Telegram channels 1,000% in just 3 months. The results are an increase in funds raised by millions of dollars.

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