Did you know that there are at least 3 ICO mainsales every, single day?

Massive numbers of people gather internationally to place their bets on the next big company. We’re talking millions of people spending multi-millions on future billion dollar companies. So why isn’t the core of sales, community management, ever talked about?

Here’s why crypto companies hit rock bottom during their sale and after.

Good thing is, experts themselves are learning in the crypto-focused world. Everybody in the space is testing or figuring out how to tailor their services to the cryptoworld.

However, my company Crowdcreate has been building online communities since it’s crowdfunding days. We’ve created groundbreaking processes such as the White Wall that have successfully engaged communities over 13,000 strong. Our training programs have been implemented internationally by help centers and community managers. We’ve worked with major tech corporation like ANKERTencentBitClave, and Zilla.

So I think I can say that we know a thing or two about how to invigorate your community management.

Why You Need Community Management

Cryptocurrency investors are opportunist and opportunist are fickle people. Investors are often looking for the shiniest coin. The problem is that there are a lot of shiny coins and it’s hard to tell what the brightest one is. An investor may obsess over a single currency one week and be swayed to a new “up-and-comer” the next.

You Need Crypto Community Management As Competition Against Other Up and Comers

This is because these communities aren’t communities at all. To the investors, the Telegram room is nothing more than a help desk. These groups aren’t developing organic, long lasting relationships with each other. Instead, their entire interactions are based on self motivation and making as much money as possible. When another shiny coin comes around, their loyalty to self and greed overtake their appreciation of the community. This is how platforms lose their 10,000 strong Telegram community to the wind.

As the SEC and popular social media platforms continue to tighten regulations on cryptocurrency, it is going to get increasingly harder to build and maintain and actively engaged community. Whitepaper launches, hype ads, and poorly thought out Influencer videos are methods of crypto Stone-Age. People are going to need some new tools to build the future for crypto-communities and startups.

Building Your Brand With Crypto Community Management

In order to build your community, you need to build your brand and presence right now. Too many times we have clients who want to build a community two weeks before their main sale date. These projects are often lacking the foundation, like an MVP, to even begin community building. Your early adopters are going to be the key to influencing your community in the long run. By setting the example with the correct resources, you can grow your presence and influence early on and being your community building with the right first step.

If you’ve already started the process of your sale, there are still some solid techniques you can implement to help maintain your current structure and add value for your potential community.

Which leads to a cheeky sales pitch.

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Okay, on with our guide.

The Three Rules

1 — Constantly Ask For Feedback

There is a reason why this rule is the first one from the list. Before you can claim yourself the king of the castle, you have to earn the respect of your subjects. Asking for feedback is a great way to build rapport with your community and show the fruition of communication.

Check this out from one of my clients.

They recently had an AMA where only one person showed up to the event. So of course we asked this:

He sent us a 4 minute video where he explains that he is looking for influencers and an increase in announcements. According to our participant, he says that so many people are making big moves that our client is getting pushed into obscurity. By asking our participant, we confirm that he is being listened to and that we care about our community beyond price. By communicating this information to the client, we bring value directly to their project.

Community feedback has helped me out in a multitude of ways. One way collecting feedback has provided value is the insight it provides on what draws the participants to the community initially. By understanding what draws people in from the outside, I can truly understand how participants view the goals of the platform. This is very powerful as it can guide you on where to pivot.

For example, if your group is to amass potential investors but you’re finding that your chat is primarily used for technical Q&A, than you need to pivot. If you’re finding that your community is used solely to qualify for an airdrop, than you need to pivot. You would never know these things unless you ask your community for feedback.

A community is an investment. Many ICOs use it as a trophy for social confirmations. However, this is not a sustainable. Your community are the building blocks for your business. By making organic, wholesome relationships, you can turn your community into life long customers.

2 — Get To Know Your Members

Getting to know your members is just one step ahead of asking for feedback. When you get to know your community, you get to understand their wants and needs.

Your community is just that, a community. It is made up of different type of investors and participants from different parts of the world. For example, an up-and-coming YouTube channel believes that we should be smacking our children and hates the LGBTQ. Our lawyer, says that our community would be negatively affected by his channel and that Google needs to remove him from YouTube.

This brings up the questions you should ask yourself when getting to know your members.

Why did they join the community? Are they looking to make a quick buck? Do they believe in the platform? Where are they from?

While these might seem arbitrary, they are actually very important questions. For example, by understanding where your participants are from, you can create content in their native language. Another client of ours started with a community that was mostly South Korean. When we tried to implement a Westernized approach to community management, it was received with confusion. By switching over our content creation to Korean, we successfully engaged our community and built an international audience on top of it. This client sits at 13k strong.

Start by asking your most active members about themselves at least once a week. A participant of mine is actually becoming a good friend. He will actually invest in every group we pick up. This type of die hard loyalty can only happen if you actually get to know them and allow them to know you.

3 — Create an Experience

A majority of ICOs have the same recurring problem.

Their channels are super boring.

Clients I have worked for in the past have implemented supergrowth techniques to achieve some amazing results. Once the excitement of supergrowth dies out, the company asks themselves the questions that turns their platform into a house of cards.

“What’s next?” “What do we do with all of these people?” “Are these people even interested in our product?”

Once you learn why your community members are their and who they are, you can start to create experiences that will capture their loyalty for life. They’ve done their job of entering a room and consider investing, now you need to do yours in order to fill the spaces of boredom that communities usually are. Content can literally be anything that you wish to share to the community. However, originally created content is the most impactful and leaves the longest lasting impression from the get-go. There is a reason why media companies like Watchable and Kurzgesagt, dominate the space that they do. Their branding is not only compelling, but hand crafted.

Experiences not only give your community things to do, it gives them things to talk about. When our community members start to be creative, the entire chat group starts to feel alive. It’s important to make experiences that cater to your participants because active participants create die-hard communities.

This is what happened when he posted the “marketing material”.

Contact us. We know what works.

This guide gives you the tools to build the foundations of a strong, consistent community. Nobody can tell you the perfect method that will keep all of your participants happy. What we can tell you though is that your strategy should be focused on the clients and the three points I mentioned above.

So give us a shout We can help you out.

There are a bunch of intricacies that lie within ICO community management. Things like setting up structure for your team, influencer marketing, and understanding cycles between sales is incredibly important. By implementing the three rules above, you should be able to organically transition into techniques that maximize your community engagement.

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