Community Management Crowdcreate grows your community on Telegram, Reddit and BitcoinTalk

Community Management

 Crowdcreate is a global team of crypto enthusiasts and thought leaders who provide 365/24/7 support across all major languages and can effectively grow your community.

Every investor when evaluating an ICO looks at the size of their community and engagement.

Stop the FUD, and provide immediate responses to your team. Fast responses are reflections of how committed a team is to their project. Check out why Lendingblock sold out $10 million in 3 days!

A problem startup founders make is answering the Telegram questions and answers themselves. This isn’t time well spent for the most important people in the organization. Or they try and hire an in-house community manager with a background in social media on Facebook. Unfortunately, these people aren’t skilled or talented enough to answer thousands of messages on Telegram about technical white papers.

Crowdcreate is an elite team of the best community managers in the world. We hire and recruit the most knowledgeable and passionate crypto enthusiasts in all major time zones and hold them to a very strict 365/24/7 schedule. We don’t sleep, so you and your startup team can.

Crypto Influencers

We operate one of the largest network of YouTube and Twitter influencers; over 2.3 billion views across all of our channels with over 4.3 million subscribers.

Are you looking to get your ICO covered by the top YouTube and Twitter crypto influencers?

This is influencer marketing at scale and gives you the opportunity to leverage social influencers organically. Crowdcreate understands algorithm virality and can help you trend to the top of the ICO charts. The numbers don’t lie. 81% of investors turn to social signals such as influencers, buzz and community management to make decisions. 74% of average investors trust social media influencers to inform them on good projects. With Crowdcreate, you’ll be able to unlock new audiences and build credibility for your ICO.

Most startup founders try to contact influencers on their own, but are often not as effective as working with a crypto influencer network like Crowdcreate. We have pre-existing relationships and negotiated rates for top tier influencers. We’re faster, more efficient and cost less than trying to do it on your own.

Public Relations

We have connections with press & media writers across outlets and publications and attend 100’s of crypto conferences and local meetups around the world.

Are you looking to get your ICO featured in top tier media PR publications?

We have connections with press & media writers across outlets and publications including AP, Barron’s, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, Dow Jones, Economist, CoinDesk, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Fox News, Huffington Post, MSNBC, New York Times, NPR, Reuters, TechCrunch, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and many others.

Getting your ICO featured through top tier PR media outlets brings credibility to your project. Crowdcreate is an award winning marketing agency and ranked in the Top 5 for both crowdfunding and ICO raises. Reputation is everything, and building a brand name takes strategic pitching. Crowdcreate’s team of experts understands how to build, protect and strengthen a company’s brand name. We help founders get quoted as thought leaders in their industry.

We amplify your messaging by reaching out to 100’s of writers on your behalf, and can even seed out your existing PR features to 1000’s of websites. PR features can sometimes be short-lived and a temporary spike in traffic. We’ve developed evergreen content marketing strategies that also get your ICO organically ranking through Google SEO.

Need ICO PR?

Ask us how we grow crypto communities by 10K in just 1 week!


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