5 Mistakes Made by ICO Community Managers – Crowdcreate

5 Mistakes Made by ICO Community Managers

No organic firm is perfect. I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my days as ICO community manager. As my experience with clients stack up, so does the number of my errors and fires that I or my team starts. What’s important is your ability to learn from these mistakes as an ICO community manager. […]


With over 2.1 trillion USD of online sales, marketing has changed massively since the beginning of the 2010s. What used to be everyday users uploading their daily lives has turned into a machine than can nearly guarantee the success of your product.Today we call these users influencers. Influencers have become crucial figures in the online market. […]

Can a Startup Have More than One ICO For Further Funding? – Crowdcreate

ICO funding

ICO startups are in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to figuring out how many token sales they want to have. The topic is incorrectly phrased as ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. You can’t initiate an offer more than once. However, this does not mean that a startup cannot do […]

How Crypto Exchanges can be made More Secure – Crowdcreate

How Crypto Exchanges can be made More Secure

Despite several bouts of high volatility, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies has stayed over the billion-dollar threshold for some time. Undoubtedly, part of this is because, from the beginning of 2014, there has been a tremendously steady influx of cryptocurrency users. However, as cryptocurrency use continues to grow, exchanges will be increasingly pressured to shore up their […]

Community Management during an ICO Sale – Crowdcreate

Ico community management

Community Management During an ICO Main Sale I’m sure all of my community managers in the ICO marketing business will agree with me. There’s a fundamental difference between ICO community management before a sale and during a sale. ICO community management is complicated from the beginning because of the unknown.Currently, there is no one standard […]

What Should Your ICO Marketing Budget Strategy Plan Look Like?

ICO Marketing Budget

My sales lead Josh said to me the other day,”Man, all these ICOs always ask about budgets.”“It’s either too little budget, they have no idea what to spend, or they need to be coaxed into boosting the most crucial part of their sale.” While talking about marketing budgets aren’t the most exciting thing in the […]

Crypto Telegram ICO Community Management – Crowdcreate

Crypto Telegram

As an ICO community manager, I have to say that I am mostly focused on Telegram ICO Community Management. Telegram holds a special place for many crypto-enthusiasts heart. It is one of the original ICO focused communications network that really brought a sense of home for a lot of investors. If you are running an […]