Community Management during a Fundraise

Community Management During a Fundraise

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Community Management During an ICO Main Sale

I’m sure all of my community managers in the ICO marketing business will agree with me.

There’s a fundamental difference between ICO community management before a sale and during a sale.

ICO community management is complicated from the beginning because of the unknown.
Currently, there is no one standard for the amount of manpower, resources, and networks you need to have in order to have a successful sale. Than there is the issue of legality and marketing tools like MailChimp banning crypto-companies.

It’s a tough world.

Crowdcreate is just one of the companies that has been growing and recruiting over the past few years. Our top-rated global marketing agency specializes in helping blockchain and ICO projects explode with growth. We use a unique crypto growth marketing formula that includes Telegram community management, public relations, and working with crypto influencers – this makes us the #1 crypto Community Management & Growth Agency.

Crowdcreate Marketing Agency

ICO Marketing and Community Management in General

ICO Community Management in general is incredibly tough.
This is why I write things like the 3 Ultimate Rules.

The market population has been increasing over the past decade, and that means rude, nasty people are popping up more frequently as well. My team spends a major portion of their day answering questions, dealing with trolls, and battling scammers. This may sound more complicated than you think

For example, have you considered the speed of a legitimate community management team’s answers? This is a fundamental.

ICO communities are quick to anger and scare. The thought of their questions not being immediately can send a majority of them into a FUD-ridden panic. The quicker you are at giving accurate answers, the more likely investors and community members will be incentivized to participate. For my team, this translates into lightning fast response times and high information retention rates. This is just basic ICO marketing.

There is a reason why more and more people are choosing to go with companies like Crowdcreate. The best option used to be finding dedicated community members and appointing them as community leaders. These members were early adopters and loyal contributors.

This method, however, is incredibly dated and ineffective. While Crowdcreate itself does groom some community members into leaders, we are firm believers in having a legitimate team with professional experience guide your community base. This is because team members with history will generally have more resources and know-how. ICO community management is very reliant on these things.

For example, we has a registered official Crowdcreate Bitcointalk forum account which we utilize to post ANN threads and bounty threads on. Bitcointalk forum requires that your account have a certain level of activity and actively protects the vetting behind their member ranks. It is near impossible to buy, fake, or spam Bitcointalk accounts. Crowdcreate doesn’t have that problem.

I’ve personally had a problem in the past where someone was trying to communicate to me his difficulty in understanding the bounty rules. Problem was that he was trying to talk to me in Russian. This is a problem for many ICO marketing teams.

Here at Crowdcreate, we’ve taken care of that problem by hiring internationally and around the clock. No matter what, we are running 24/7 and can communicate in most internationally used languages. We also have experience with working in specific communities such as “East Asian Machine Learning AI” and “American Green Energy.” This is another reason why hiring within communities is dying out quick amongst up-and-coming ICOs.

Why People Chose Crowdcreate for ICO Pre-Sales and Main Sales

You can expect your chat volume to spike immensely during pre-sales and main-sales. During these times, ICO community management becomes a list of questions you need to constantly answer.
The massive amount of questions, requests, and demands will get overwhelming very fast.

However, for you to have a successful sale, you must be able to endure it and produce quality answers in a short time.

Think about the influx of previously silent people that are in your room. These people will become the ones making casual conversation or asking repeated questions during the day of the ICO sale. This means doubling up on fast, accurate responses.

This can be especially hard when a lot of the questions are recurring questions. The ICO community in general only care about three things. These three things get even more question intensive when the sales are in action. These three things are “Where do I register?”, “When will I get my tokens?”, and “When will it be listed on exchanges?” Answering the same questions repeatedly gets tiresome and tedious. Not knowing this is a common ICO marketing mistake.

One way Crowdcreate does this is by setting up redundancies that both new and veteran employees can use for quick searches. The team compiles a list of all the questions ever asked in Telegram. They then use keywords to search for the correct answer, or the one that most closely corresponds to it.

One way Crowdcreate does this is by setting up redundancies that both new and veteran employees can use for quick searches. The team compiles a list of all the questions ever asked in Telegram. They then use keywords to search for the correct answer, or the one that most closely corresponds to it.

Another reason why Crowdcreate can be so vital to your pre-sales and main sales is our ability to adapt. Announcements may need to be made on an hourly basis, or 15 minutes prior to a large ICO event. Trying to coordinate 10 community members can get incredibly messy. People’s messaging get switch around, and the brand isn’t consistently portrayed. This leads to lower credibility in the communities eyes, which in turn lead to lower sales.

Our clients just need to pass on their messages and how they want us to pitch to their community. We take care of everything from private messages and partnership requests, to scam shields and announcement updates. 

This is why most of our clients are so successful during their ICO pre-sales and main sales.


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