Why Your ICO Needs Crypto Influencers – Crowdcreate

Crypto influencers bridge the gap between mainstream investors and innovators in blockchain technology. Within the online community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and ICO investors, crypto influencers are highly respected individuals whose output can noticeably affect the value of cryptocurrencies. Just like influencers within any other internet community, crypto influencers use major social media platforms like Twitter, […]

Questions to Ask When Hiring ICO Crypto Community Managers

Questions to Ask When Hiring ICO Crypto Community Managers

Crowdcreate is just one of the companies that has been growing and recruiting over the past few years. Our top-rated global marketing agency specializes in helping blockchain and ICO projects explode with growth. We use a unique crypto growth marketing formula that includes Telegram community management, public relations, and working with crypto influencers – this […]

10 Fascinating Interviews with Crypto Influencers – Crowdcreate

Influencers are the best way to help your business gain more online visibility and build a community around your product. In the age of social media, utilizing influencers would be key when it comes to marketing your business online. With top crypto influencers at our disposal, Crowdcreate has created the ultimate crypto influencer network. Our crypto […]

Crypto Community Management – Why Discord Is The New Telegram

Crypto Community Management

Just like the decentralized blockchain, the people of cryptocurrency are distributed—bound together by a common interest, but dotted about all over the world. So instead of meeting to discuss life in the local coffee shop, the techno-libertarian community meets online—to discuss ideas on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Slack. Telegram in particular has captured the […]