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    Interviews with Crypto influencers

    Influencers are the best way to help your business gain more online visibility and build a community around your product. In the age of social media, utilizing influencers would be key when it comes to marketing your business online.

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    In this article, we’ve listed some of the best YouTube interviews in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, these are some great resources for getting acclimated to the exciting community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.    

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    1. Data Dash

    Crypto influencers

    Cardano Interview | w/ Charles Hoskinson

    Cardano Interview
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    Data Dash is one of the largest Youtube channels in the crypto influencer space. In this interview, he sits down for a relaxed but highly technical interview with Cardano and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson for a wide-ranging discussion on Cardano and the post-Ethereum crypto landscape.

    2. Ivan on Tech

    Crypto influencers

     Ivan on Tech debates Richard Heart – Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Tether, Satoshi

    Screenshot 5
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    Ivan on Tech and Richard Heart are two prominent thought leaders in the crypto influencer space, popular both on and off Youtube. In this piece their cynical but humorous discussion of the rapidly changing crypto market is a great conversation for the fanatics. This conversation skips on all beginner discussion and jumps right into the most controversial and stimulating topics of the day.

    3. Crypt0

    Crypto influencers

    Clif High & Crypt0! (2018 & Beyond- Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Real Estate, Precious Metals, & More!)

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    Crypt0 is a well-renowned crypto influencer primarily based on Youtube, and Clif High is a crypto thought leader and legendary internet finance personality. This discussion is a clash of the new and old worlds of the Internet, and a great overview of some of the more non-traditional viewpoints within the crypto ecosystem.

    4. Boxmining

    Crypto influencers

    Binance – Interview with CEO Changpeng Zhao

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    Boxmining is a massively influential daily content creator, and Changpeng Zhao is the mastermind of Binance, the massive Chinese crypto exchange that has taken the world by storm in the last year. This interview primarily discusses Binance and its roadmap, but with the market space Binance has come to occupy, the details of Binance’s roadmap is relevant to all crypto enthusiasts.

    5. Ivan on Tech

    Crypto influencers

    Interview with Dan Larimer – EOS, Cardano, Ethereum, DPoS, Steemit, Crypto Bubble, Future of Crypto

    O7HQlcl LlQhd
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    In this interview, renowned crypto influencer and interview host Ivan on Tech talks EOS with mastermind Dan Larimer. Dan previously founded BitShares and Steem, and is one of the most experienced and technically savvy entrepreneurs in the crypto space. With their shared love of programming, Ivan and Dan go deep into the technical specifications of EOS and the general technical roadmap of cryptocurrency as a technology.

    6. Doug Polk Podcast

    Crypto influencers

    Charlie Lee Speaks Out On NANO, The Flappening, And Litecoin’s Future

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    Doug Polk is a popular Internet entertainer and entrepreneur who has become a well known crypto influencer. Charlie Lee helped create Litecoin, one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrencies. In this video, these juggernauts of the blockchain world cover a wide variety of topics mostly focused around Litecoin and the potential of 3rd generation coins.

    7. Ian Balina

    BlockCAT Live Stream AMA w/Eric Huang

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    Ian Balina is a legendary influencer within the ICO space, and this hilarious interview between him, his team, and Eric Huang, the whiz kid CEO of BlockCAT is a highly entertaining gem of ICO content. Eric’s deeply technical knowledge of blockchain, and Ian’s expertise of the ICO world exemplifies what’s so special about the BlockCAT project in this interview.

    8. Richard Heart

    Crypto influencers

    Roger Ver and Richard Heart Bitcoin debate.

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    Roger Ver is an established thought leader and entrepreneur in the crypto space, known for his explosive and controversial media appearances. Richard is a knowledgable crypto influencer well regarded for his stoic cynicism, and this detailed interview they calmly discuss some of the most divisive and bearish concepts in the crypto space. Almost a year later, the predictions within this interview still ring true.

    9. Crypto Lark

    Nano / XRB Creator Colin LeMahieu Interview

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    Crypto Lark is one of the most beloved and respected crypto influencers on the Youtube platform, and a highly established interview host. In this interview, he overviews NANO, an extremely interesting and technical project that has made a lot of big waves since this interview. It’s really interesting to see such a high-quality project discussed at this level.

    10. Boxmining

    OPEN platform: Cross-Blockchain Application Payments

    0Gt9 W7YSLQhd
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    Open Platform is a new-wave development platform for blockchain integrations and tools, and in this interview, Michael from Boxmining discusses the potential for such important tools in the space, and the future of crypto as a whole. The market will definitely begin to drastically change as new platforms with such wide-reaching potential enter the space.

    Crypto influencers are a great way to learn about the world of cryptocurrency.

    We pulled these videos off the channels of our massive list of vetted crypto influencers. We frequently reach out to crypto influencers both on and off Youtube for collaboration, and in the process have found the absolute best channels to follow for any particular interest. We love promoting these crypto influencers and their content since their content is such a massive benefit to the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

    Crypto influencers


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