Top SAAS Influencers

Top SAAS Influencers

Looking for Influencers for your Project? Imagine the impact of having these top influencers championing your project! Connect with our team today and discover how you can bring influential voices into your venture.

Elevate your SaaS knowledge and network by exploring our curated list of 2024’s Top SaaS Influencers. These thought leaders and pioneers are transforming the industry, offering invaluable insights, trends, and strategies to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Software as a Service.

Whether you’re a startup founder, a product manager, Saas investor, or a SaaS enthusiast, connecting with these experts will provide you with a competitive edge and a deep understanding of the best practices in SaaS. Follow them today and get an unfair advantage in SAAS.

Looking to Leverage Influencer Marketing for your Saas Company?

Software as a service, (SaaS) is an online software delivery business model in which software products are accessed by the customer through the cloud rather than by downloading the software products they need.

Influencers have become one of the fastest growing marketing segments over the last couple years as people spend more and more time on social media. This allows the potential to expand your reach, educate your audience, and drive more leads.

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List of Top SAAS Influencers

Aaron Levie is a prominent entrepreneur and the CEO of Box, a leading cloud-based file sharing and content management platform. He co-founded Box and has been instrumental in reshaping how businesses manage and collaborate on their digital content. Levie is recognized for his thought leadership, especially in the areas of the future of work, digital transformation, and cloud computing. He continues to be a driving force in the tech industry, advocating for innovation and the positive impact of disruptive technologies.

Rand Fishkin is a well-known figure in the digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry. He co-founded Moz, a prominent SEO software company, and later founded SparkToro, a marketing software startup. Fishkin is recognized for his thought leadership in SEO and online marketing and has shared valuable insights through his blog, Whiteboard Friday video series, and speaking engagements. His contributions have had a significant impact on the digital marketing and SEO communities.

Neil Patel is a digital marketing expert and the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, a SaaS company that helps businesses improve their online presence. He is also the author of several books on digital marketing. Patel is a popular blogger and speaker on digital marketing topics. He is known for his actionable advice and his ability to explain complex topics in a simple way.

Hiten Shah is a well-known entrepreneur and SaaS (Software as a Service) expert. He has co-founded multiple SaaS companies, including Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, and has played a pivotal role in their growth and success. Shah is recognized for his expertise in product development, growth strategies, and marketing within the SaaS industry. He has been a thought leader and a prolific writer, sharing his insights and experiences to help businesses navigate the challenges of scaling and succeeding in the SaaS space.

Scott Guthrie provides professional consultancy services to the SaaS marketing sector. He serves as a board member for the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB) and holds a position among the top 10 PR bloggers. In addition to his written contributions, he is an active presence in the podcasting and media commentary spheres. Acknowledged as one of the top 50 influencers in the marketing industry, Guthrie’s work has been prominently featured in respected publications such as the Daily Mail, Vice, Business Insider, and the Financial Times.
Tomasz Tunguz is a prominent figure in the tech industry, known for his expertise in venture capital and SaaS (Software as a Service). He is a partner at Redpoint Ventures, a venture capital firm. Tunguz is also renowned for his SaaS-focused blog, where he shares valuable insights and data-driven analysis on SaaS trends, metrics, and growth strategies. His work has been instrumental in helping startups and businesses make data-informed decisions to achieve growth and success.

Influencers Bring Visibility, Boost Credibility, and Drive Sales

Here are some reasons why influencer partnerships can be beneficial for SaaS companies:

Credibility and Trust: When a respected influencer in a relevant niche or industry endorses a SaaS product, it can lend credibility to the brand. Consumers often trust the recommendations of influencers they follow, which can make them more willing to try out the SaaS product.

Expanded Reach: Influencers typically have a significant and engaged following on social media platforms, blogs, or other channels. Partnering with them allows SaaS brands to tap into the influencer’s audience, potentially reaching new customers who may not have otherwise discovered the product.

Education and Awareness: SaaS products often require explanation and education to show their value. Influencers can create content that demonstrates how to use the software, showcases its benefits, and answers potential customer questions. This helps increase awareness and understanding of the product.

Social Proof: Seeing an influencer they trust using a SaaS product can provide social proof to potential customers. People are more likely to try something if they see others, especially influencers, using it successfully.

Targeted Audiences: Influencers often have a specific niche or demographic they cater to. This allows SaaS brands to reach their ideal customer segments more effectively, as they can partner with influencers whose followers align with their target audience.

User-generated Content: Influencers can create user-generated content that showcases the SaaS product in action. This can provide valuable content for the SaaS brand’s marketing efforts and can be used across various channels.

However, it’s essential to approach influencer partnerships strategically:

Choose the Right Influencers: Select influencers whose audience aligns with your target market and who genuinely believe in your product. The influencer’s authenticity is crucial for building trust.

Clear Agreements: Establish clear expectations, goals, and compensation for the influencer partnership. Ensure that the influencer discloses their relationship with your brand, as transparency is essential.

Content Guidelines: Provide guidelines and support to influencers to create content that effectively showcases your SaaS product’s features and benefits.

Monitor and Measure: Keep track of the influencer campaign’s performance, analyzing key metrics like engagement, conversions, and ROI to ensure it’s delivering the desired results.

Long-Term Relationships: Consider building long-term relationships with influencers, as ongoing partnerships can have a more significant impact on brand trust and customer loyalty.

In conclusion, partnering with respected influencers can be a powerful strategy for SaaS brands to build credibility and trust, expand their reach, and connect with their target audience. When executed effectively, influencer collaborations can have a positive impact on brand recognition and customer acquisition.

David Cancel is known for his entrepreneurial and leadership roles in various technology companies. Before co-founding Drift, he was the Chief Product Officer at HubSpot, another notable SaaS company specializing in inbound marketing and sales software. Throughout his career, David Cancel has been recognized for his expertise in product development, customer engagement, and SaaS business strategies.

Des Traynor, along with Eoghan McCabe, Ciaran Lee, and David Barrett, co-founded Intercom in 2011. He has played a key role in shaping the product and vision of Intercom. He is known for his insights into product design, user experience, and the importance of building strong customer relationships through effective communication. Intercom has been widely adopted by many SaaS companies and businesses as a means to improve their customer interactions and user engagement.
Tien Tzuo is a visionary and trailblazer in the tech industry, known for his pioneering role in the Subscription Economy and the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. With a background at Salesforce and as the co-founder of Zuora, a SaaS company specializing in subscription billing, Tzuo has redefined how businesses operate, emphasizing subscription-based, recurring revenue models. His thought leadership and book, “Subscribed,” have made him a leading authority on the subject. Tzuo’s ongoing influence continues to shape the way companies approach their business models and revenue strategies in the digital age.
Noah Kagan is a growth hacker and the founder of several SaaS companies, including AppSumo and He is also the host of the popular podcast “Noah Kagan Presents”. Kagan is known for his expertise in SaaS growth marketing and his ability to share actionable advice from his own experience.
Lincoln Murphy is a recognized customer success expert and SaaS consultant. He provides guidance and strategies to improve customer satisfaction and retention for SaaS businesses. As an author and speaker, he shares insights and best practices, and he has developed widely used metrics and frameworks for measuring success. His work has had a significant impact on customer success practices in the industry.
Steli Efti is the CEO of, a SaaS CRM platform. He is also the author of the book The Closers Survival Guide. Efti is a popular podcaster and speaker on SaaS sales topics. He is known for his energetic and passionate approach to sales. He is also a strong advocate for building relationships with customers.
David Skok is a venture capitalist and the author of the blog “For Entrepreneurs”. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events. Skok is known for his expertise in SaaS startups and his willingness to share his knowledge with others. He is also a strong advocate for customer-centricity.
Alexander Theuma is known as the founder and host of the “SaaS Revolution Show,” a popular podcast and community dedicated to Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses. His work primarily revolves around creating a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration within the SaaS community. His contributions to the SaaS industry through the podcast and related events have made him a notable figure in this field.
Ben Murray is the founder of The SaaS CFO and The SaaS Academy. He has over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting and frequently speaks and writes about SaaS finance topics.
Chris Orlob holds the position of Senior Director of Product Marketing at, an AI platform specializing in sales analytics. He is a passionate advocate for SaaS sales and marketing, frequently sharing his expertise on various social media platforms. His content often focuses on sales strategies, achieving success in sales, and effectively launching products. Chris’s posts are particularly valuable for those seeking to expand the reach of their SaaS product and optimize their product launches.
Dev Basu serves as the Founder and CEO of Powered by Search, where he has established a reputation for his deep understanding of SEO, SaaS demand generation, and paid customer acquisition. A recognized speaker, Dev plays a key role in assisting B2B SaaS companies in their growth by providing insights and solutions for effective demand generation strategies.
Omer Khan functions as a business consultant, providing valuable assistance to SaaS companies via his enterprise, SaaS Club. Additionally, he assumes the role of host on The SaaS Product. His written works span diverse topics, including early-stage investment, business launch procedures, and strategies for growth and business scaling. His writings also delve into the successful trajectories of top companies, shedding light on the strategies that propelled their achievements.

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Looking for Influencers for your Project? Imagine the impact of having these top influencers championing your project! Connect with our team today and discover how you can bring influential voices into your venture.


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