Instagram Influencer Outreach Templates

Instagram Influencer Outreach Templates

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Let’s be honest: Connecting with someone new can be daunting. Whether you’re meeting a new co-worker face-to-face or you’re contacting an influencer online, you want to make sure you get the words just right.

It’s completely natural to feel this way, and that’s why pre-written outreach messages are crucial. They can provide a starting point, so you’re not looking at a blank page. And once you find a few that work, you can feel more self-assured in your creator outreach efforts.

Look at some of our top Instagram influencer outreach messages that we’re confident your creators will adore.

How influencer outreach templates can assist you conserve time

Think about all of the messages you write in a day at the office. These can take up a bit of time, right? And the person you’re writing to can impact the time it takes to construct, too. After all, emailing a note to a long-standing co-worker shouldn’t take too long, but crafting the flawless introductory message for a creator you’re interested in collaborating with will definitely require more time.

And while you should customize all creator outreach messages, some level of templatization can save you time, especially if you’re reaching out with the same offer each time (free products, X% commission, set flat rate, etc.).

Template the majority of your outreach and leave spots where you can add in personal details like their name, what you cherish about their content, and why you think they’d be a superb partner for your brand.

What to do before sending an outreach message to an influencer

There are certain steps you can take before sending an outreach message, so it doesn’t feel like a “cold” DM.

First, use your brand account to follow the influencer on the desired platform, as well as any other social media channels they use.

Also, when relevant, comment on their posts. This increases your visibility and shows them your support.

1. "Let's Start a Partnership" influencer collaboration proposal template

This is one of the best Instagram influencer outreach templates. Its goal is to help you build a relationship with influencers. This DM template ideally compliments them on some of their content and suggests setting up a time to discuss a collaboration. It also gives the influencer room to consider where they want to take their relationship with the brand.


I’m [YOUR NAME], and I work at [BRAND]. I recently discovered your content, and I think it’s fantastic because [WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THEIR CONTENT].

I believe you could be a great partner for [BRAND] because you match our [AESTHETIC, TONE, VALUES, ETC.]. If you’re interested, let’s set up some time this week to chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


2. "The Introduction" influencer collaboration proposal template

Name dropping can be a powerful tool for gaining trust and credibility. So if a mutual connection recommended this influencer, let them know.

Introductory Instagram influencer outreach templates present your brand, mention the mutual contact, and then directly get to discussing a collaboration.

Not only does this pique the influencer’s interest, but it also gives you a chance to start a working relationship with them quickly. Here’s a template to help with that:


I’m [YOUR NAME], and I work at [BRAND].

[MUTUAL CONTACT’S NAME] told me they think you’d be a fantastic fit for [BRAND]’s influencer program because [REASON].

I love your content about [TOPIC] and think a partnership could be great for us.

If you’re interested in working together, let’s schedule some time this week to talk.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


This template works great if you have current influencers who can recommend others. Just be sure to also say why you like their content directly so they know you truly want to partner.

3. "We See You Love Our Product" Influencer Outreach Template

Is there an influencer tagging your brand in awesome posts about why they love your products? The most authentic partnerships come from genuine brand excitement, so these creators make excellent spokespeople.

You can find people posting about you by searching hashtags, checking brand tags, or looking through general hashtags like #BestMakeup or #FitnessGear.

Once you find a good fit, reach out. Reference their post about you and offer free products since brand fans often accept those as payment.

Here’s a template:


I’m [YOUR NAME] from [BRAND].

I loved your post about [PRODUCT NAME]. I’m so happy it provides value for you.

You’ve done a great job promoting us to your fans, so we’d love to send free products!

If interested, let’s chat this week to discuss.

Looking forward to connecting,


4. "Free Product Sample" Influencer Outreach Template

Lots of brands give away free product samples to influencers. This lets creators who haven’t tried your products experience them firsthand, which can lead to more authentic content if they love them. These types of outreach templates also make the offer more enticing for the influencer, prompting a reply.

When influencers receive your freebie, they may post about it without requiring payment. This can increase your reach organically. But don’t expect it—see it as a nice surprise if they do.

If they don’t post, follow up after they get the product. Ask how they like it and if they have questions. If positive, bring up a potential partnership and offer a call to discuss further.


I’m [YOUR NAME] from [BRAND]. I love your content because [WHAT YOU ADMIRE ABOUT IT].

I think you’d make an amazing partner since you match our [AESTHETIC, TONE, VALUES, ETC.]. We want to ensure our products provide value for you, so we’d like to send you some to try.

If interested, send us a message!

Looking forward to connecting,


5. "Event Invite" Influencer Outreach Template

Inviting influencers to events and asking them to post about it is great for building hype. Whether it’s a makeup creator showcasing their event look early or someone sharing why they’re excited to attend, it encourages more people to come.

An invite can also grab an influencer’s attention. Posting exclusive event content is appealing for their Instagram feed.

Events and parties attract influencers, so these types of outreach templates work very well:


I’m [YOUR NAME] from [BRAND]. I love your content because [WHAT YOU ADMIRE ABOUT IT].

[BRAND] is hosting an exclusive event on [DATE]. It’s [DESCRIPTION OF EVENT].

We’d love for you to attend and post about it to share details with your followers.

If interested, let’s chat this week to discuss.

Looking forward to connecting,


6. "The Collaboration Pitch


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I work for [BRAND]. I love your [TYPE OF CONTENT] and think your audience would be interested in [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

We have an idea for a [FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM] collaboration where you would [PROMOTE PRODUCT, SHARE DISCOUNT CODE, ETC] and we would compensate you with [COMPENSATION OFFER].

If you’re interested, let’s jump on a call this week to brainstorm ideas together. Looking forward to hearing from you!


7. "The Callback


We connected [X WEEKS/MONTHS] ago about collaborating together. I’m circling back to see if you’re open to partnering with [BRAND] at this time.

We would love to have you as an ambassador and are happy to discuss compensation that works for both of us. Please let me know if you’re interested!


8. "The Giveaway Proposal


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I work for [BRAND]. We are launching [NEW PRODUCT] soon and would love to get the word out through an exciting giveaway with you!

We can provide the giveaway prizes and promotional assets. We would simply ask for you to promote and manage the giveaway on your channels.

Let me know if you are interested in further discussing this opportunity!


9. "The Long-Term Partnership


I’m [YOUR NAME], head of influencer marketing at [BRAND]. We are looking for influencers to join our long-term ambassador program.

Ambassadors receive [PERKS] in exchange for [X POSTS PER MONTH] featuring our products. We love your style and think our community would adore you!

Would you be open to a quick call to discuss an ongoing partnership? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


10. "The Content Collaboration


I love your work on [PLATFORM]! As [ROLE] at [BRAND], I think a content collaboration between us would be amazing.

Some ideas:

An Instagram TV video
A blog post
An Instagram photo series
We can provide product, messaging guidance, promotion across our channels, and fair compensation. Please let me know if you are interested in collaborating!


How to adjust these outreach templates for a niche business

If you represent a niche brand, you’ll likely need to provide more explanation in your outreach. Depending on the template, add a section that describes what your company does or what your products are. Include your brand’s handle and website so they can learn more.

Otherwise, most of these templates will still work great for your niche and help you save time.

How to turn these into influencer outreach email templates

Turning these templates into emails is very easy. Most of the content can stay the same. You just need an engaging subject line to get them to open it.

Be sure to have a professional signature with your work email, not personal, so they know you’re legitimate.

The ultimate guide to contacting influencers on Instagram

Check the influencer’s Instagram bio before reaching out. If they list an email, use that since it’s their preferred contact method.

If no email, direct messaging (DMing) is best.

What to do if an influencer doesn't respond to your message

Don’t take lack of response as disinterest. We all get busy and miss notifications. Wait a few days, then send a polite follow-up:


Hope you’re doing well. I reached out about [OFFER] and wanted to follow up.

If interested, I’d love to set up a call. Let me know when you’re free.



It’s safe to send 2 follow-ups, but if no response after 3 messages, they’re likely not interested. Don’t get discouraged! There are still many creators who’d love to partner.

Key takeaway: Reaching out doesn't have to be scary.

Read your outreach back to yourself. Does it sound like a friend wrote it? Give your messages personality and authenticity – hallmarks of great partnership requests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.How many influencers should I reach out to at once?

It’s best to start small, maybe 5-10 at a time. This allows you to personalize messages and follow up individually. Too many outreaches at once can be overwhelming.

2.When is the best time to contact influencers?

Aim for Tuesday-Thursday during normal business hours. Mondays and Fridays tend to be busy, while weekends can be hit or miss.

3.How long should my outreach message be?

Keep it concise – a few short paragraphs at most. Get to the point quickly while still being personal. Giant blocks of text can be off-putting.

4.Should I offer compensation upfront?

If your brand has an established influencer program with set rates, provide those details. If not, ask to discuss compensation on a call. Avoid making generic offers.

5.What’s the best platform to contact influencers?

Start by checking their Instagram bio for preferred contact info. Email and Instagram DM tend to be most common.

6.How can I stand out from other brands?

Personalize each message. Also, focus on micro-influencers who are more likely to reply than huge accounts. Offer creative collaborations beyond codes.

7.What if an influencer doesn’t disclose our partnership?

Politely remind them of FTC guidelines requiring disclosure of material connections. If they refuse, reconsider working with them.

8.How do I build an ongoing influencer program?

Nurture relationships, provide excellent support, and offer new opportunities. Loyal influencers will keep promoting your brand.


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