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Memes are meant to be something that we use in order to easily communicate ideas with other people. Memes capture the essence of a thought in a creative way that everyone understands. They’re visual, they’re short, they catch our attention and they help people to grasp your thoughts in a quick, concise way.

Memes allow us to do all that. Memes are funny and contagious units of cultural knowledge. This makes them an easy and fast way of sharing cultural information. Therefore, whenever you post or share a meme, you essentially share easy-to-digest cultural information with the world.

Generally, memes are the domain of younger audiences. According to a Forbes article, Millennials spend more than 200 minutes online every day, and because memes are so prolific, there's a good chance they and Gen-Zers are laughing at and sharing memes.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is the use of memes to promote your brand narrative. It’s a fun, low-effort way to connect with your audience and increase your engagement rate, as memes are highly shareable. A quick background on memes – they’re concepts, behaviors, or ideas that spread on the internet.

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Meme Influencers

These Meme Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

What is a meme in business?

How do you advertise a meme?

Is meme marketing good?

What are the benefits of memes?

What is the role of memes in today's popular culture?

Why are memes not important?

List of Top Meme Influencers on Instagram

You will find chunks of other popular funny memes on LadBible. From drinking to gaming to “bro-code”, LadBible has a habit of publishing content for its target audience, which is funny as well as highly relatable.
16.1M Funnymemes focuses on providing videos and pictures to the Instagram community that are either adaptations of current memes, or they are new memes that they’ve developed. Either way, it’s a fun site that has been getting a lot of attention and that many people follow for the best meme options.
16.7 M FuckJerry runs a website based on memes and the culture around them, and has also developed a very popular card game called “What Do You Meme?” based on the same premise as Cards Against Humanity. His meme site is one of the most popular that you will find on the web.
Daquan is a fictional character featured in jokes circulated primarily by the Black Twitter community. He defines what’s trending by creating and curating content in a unique point of view, tone, and humor that is loved and shared by millions of fans daily.
10.1M Is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, author, and plus size model. Ostrovsky created this Instagram account in 2009, but it went viral in 2013 after he posted a video parodying Soul Cycle, in which he led a spin class for homeless people.
8.2M Features relationship posts, quotes and focus on love and relationships. Probably not the best account to follow if you are single, as it playful points out all of the downsides to the single life.
7.8M Their posts often feature the funny parts of everyday people’s lives. The site is owned by @joey and publishes funny content daily. The material is a mix of short videos and funny still images, with appropriate captions.
303K Combining the aesthetic of ’80s movie posters with the cynicism of millennials and Gen Zers, this is the perfect account to screw up your sleep schedule with.
232K This account is for people obsessed with the birth charts of their crushes and Lady Gaga. Because, sometimes some memes just make you feel seen.
Popular for posting funny videos and pictures multiple times a day. In fact, the page is updated almost every minute with fresh content that you can share with your friends and family members.

Why are Memes Good for Marketing?

Yes, memes are a great tool for marketing because they can help you connect with your audience more since they are all about humor. It allows you and your audience to share a good laugh and feel good about something, instead of looking too pushy especially if you are trying to sell something.

Looking for Meme Influencers for Your Project?

Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and creators get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.

How do brands use Memes in Marketing?

Meme marketing can be a great way to promote your brand without coming across as too salesy. They’re relatable, cheap to produce, and can increase your brand visibility and engagement. All you need is to follow the latest trends, the latest memes, and understand what your audience finds funny.
If you own a product, you can also collaborate with Memes for brand promotion and gain the required exposure for your brand.
Has been making video and image memes since 2017 and is known for his high quality video memes that have been showcased by notable creators and outlets such as Pewdiepie, CBS News, KnowYourMeme, XQC, and Pyrocynical. His audience is extremely engaged, averaging over 100k likes per post.
He is the definition of a true meme artist.Perhaps the most talented 3D editor in the community that has quickly taken the meme world by storm. The name “Supertrip” certainly describes the experience of viewing one of his works of art – it can feel a lot like tripping on hallucinogens! Some of his work has been auctioned off as NFTs, selling for as high as $27,000. Every video he posts is different and usually incorporates nothing common to trending meme content.
His repost meme page consistently showcases extremely niche memes you likely haven’t seen before. It’s a talent and skill to be able to find good memes, just as it is to make them and loves to make his own memes with cute animals and enchanting music. His personality shines through the content and captions that he adds and puts his page a step above most other repost meme pages.
Is well known in the meme community for being ahead of the curve on up and coming meme trends and turning them into his own movie-quality edits. While making high-quality memes is what Pam is known for, his second account for meme templates and green screens has become a great resource for other creators looking to up their editing skills.
Offers different categories of memes to enjoy such as, original memes and cringe memes. One thing that separates Randy’s family of pages from others, is that his comment sections are some of the most entertaining in the game. There’s always someone in the top of the comments who has a joke or reaction that makes the meme more enjoyable. He is also a talented video editor himself, focusing on the video game and movie meme genres.
Features a great mixture of simple original memes combined with a great catalog of funny videos from TikTok and elsewhere. It’s a great community that makes you feel like you’re in on an inside joke.
Michael 🇲🇽
He has his own particular style of insanity edits, where short videos and snippets of meme culture are blended and combined into ‘meme smoothies’. His content has shifted to be more repost heavy in the last few months, but he still puts out a few quality edits a month that are in this style.

Looking For Meme Influencers For Your Project?

Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and creators get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.

How do you Promote a Meme?

  • Know Your Audience.
  • Create Original Memes.
  • Do Your Take on a Popular Meme.
  • Stay Relevant With Memes.
  • Develop Your Brand’s Personality With Memes.
  • Don’t Be Tacky.
  • Research Your Memes.
  • Stay on Brand.

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