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Video games have become increasingly popular on platforms like YouTube and Facebook in recent years, but they have also spurred the creation of dedicated live streaming platforms, like Twitch and Staying on top of gaming terms has been crucial to a better understanding of the industry's value.

It is imperative that brands interested in partnering with leading gaming influencers stay abreast of the changing tides of the gaming industry. Looking at the list, these are the top gaming streamers across all platforms. Looking to connect with gaming Influencers? Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and creators get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community in the gaming industry.

How we Rank these Gaming Influencers

Subscribers, views, and comments can now be manipulated. At Crowdcreate, we use a proprietary ranking formula based on these factors.

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking other influencers, founders, and investors who ranks at the top of their list.

2.) Quality Content. How good is the content that these influencers are creating?

3.) Subscriber Growth Rate. A faster growing following shows more influence. The number of subscribers isn’t as important as how fast an influencer is growing.

4.) Community Engagement. Our propriety formula includes metrics such as average view counts, organic mentions from other platforms and channels, and audience retention.

5.) Comments. An engaged following that posts genuine comments that aren’t generated by bots or spam is how to spot a good influencer.

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These Gaming influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Who is the No 1 gamer in the world?

Who is the most popular gaming YouTuber 2021?

Who are the biggest gaming content creators?

Who is the biggest gaming YouTuber?

Who is the most successful gamer?

Who are the top 5 gamers in the world?

List of Gaming Influencers

Mark Edward Fischbach, known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTuber, podcast host, and filmmaker. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.
Seán William McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTuber, best known for his vlogs and comedic Let’s Play series. As of March 2022, his channel has over 15 billion views and 28.1 million subscribers, and is the most-subscribed Irish channel.

Top Gaming Influencers

Evan Fong, known online as VanossGaming, is a Canadian internet personality, video game commentator, music producer, and DJ. He posts montage-style videos on YouTube of him and other creators playing various video games, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Garry’s Mod.
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber known for his Let’s Play videos and comedic formatted videos and shows. Kjellberg’s popularity on YouTube and extensive media coverage have made him one of the most noted online personalities and content creators.
Netherlands based gamer Jelle Van Vucht, popularly known as Jelly on YouTube, is one of the most-streamed content creators on the planet.
Richard Tyler Blevins, better known by his online alias Ninja, is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber and professional gamer.

Who's the Most Famous Gamer?

PewDiePie – 90.1M YouTube Subscribers. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is a gamer and commentator best known for his humorous “Let’s Play” videos and vlogs on YouTube. As of February 2019, his channel has received over 20 billion video views.

Top Gaming Influencers

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Daniel Robert Middleton, better known online as DanTDM, is a British YouTuber, gamer, musician, author, and actor known for his video game commentaries. His online video channels have covered many video games including Minecraft, Roblox and Pokémon.
I’m MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all!


Harry is a one of the Gaming Influencer who has never lived in the Sidemen House (or the former house). Until 2014, Harry lived with his parents and siblings in Guernsey.
Thomas George Cassell, known online as Syndicate, is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is known for posting gaming–commentary videos and video game walkthroughs on the franchises Call of Duty and Minecraft on his YouTube channel originally under the handle “TheSyndicateProject”.
Turner Tenney, better known by his online alias Tfue, is an American streamer and esports player, best known for playing Fortnite.
Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud, is a Canadian streamer, YouTuber and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.
Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs. He is one of the highest-paid professional online gamers. His main channel Ali-A has a subscriber count of over 17 million, with its total views exceeding 5 billion.
Lachlan Ross Power is an Australian YouTuber, professional gamer and internet personality, known primarily for his video game commentaries of Fortnite Battle Royale. He is the founder of lifestyle brand and gaming organization PWR.
Delirious’ content primarily consists of him doing Let’s Plays of video games, or just messing around with his friends. He is known to have a large group of friends, which he commonly collaborates with in his videos
Bradley Lamar Colburn, better known by his online alias theRadBrad, is an American YouTuber and Let’s Player most notable for his video game walkthroughs of various new games. Colburn is one of YouTube’s “top gaming creators” according to Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive officer.
Toby Joseph Turner, also known by his stage name Tobuscus, is an American Internet personality, actor, comedian and musician. Originally from Niceville, Florida, he is best known for his YouTube videos.
Vikram Singh Barn, known online as Vikkstar123, is an English YouTuber and Internet personality. He is a member and co-founder of the Sidemen, a British YouTube group.

Who is the Richest Gamer?

Ninja AKA Richard Tyler Blevins. Richard Tyler Blevins, popularly known by his gamer name Ninja is the richest gamer in the world. His net worth being $17million makes him the richest out of the lot.

Top Gaming Influencers

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That’s what we do here at Crowdcreate. Imagine if you could get these Gaming Influencers in your project? Book a call with our team to learn more.
My name is Aphmau – that’s my online alias. My real name is Jess; feel free to call me whichever you prefer! Come frolic along with me in this internet world of gaming! I play games every day of the week. Wee!
Jennifer “Jen” better known online as GamingWithJen, is an American former gaming and vlogging YouTuber. For four years, she was married to gaming YouTuber PopularMMOs, another gaming YouTuber, until they became divorced after deciding to separate.
Jaryd Russell Lazar, more commonly known by his online alias summit1g, is an American Twitch streamer and retired competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Colorado Springs, Colorado who formerly played for professional esports teams A51 and Mythic.
Timothy John Betar, better known by his online alias TimTheTatman, is an American YouTube-exclusive streamer and internet personality.
Brett Hoffman, better known as dakotaz, is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber from Dearborn, Michigan who plays Fortnite: Battle Royale as well as other titles. While he has streamed other games in the past, including Fortnite almost exclusively, he now plays a variety including Among Us.
Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, is a Moroccan-Canadian Internet personality. She is best known for her live streams on Twitch, broadcasting video game content, most notably in League of Legends and Fortnite. She is a member and co-founder of OfflineTV, an online social entertainment group of content creators.
Benjamin Lupo, better known as DrLupo, is an American streamer and YouTuber.
Nightblue3″ Yazbek, one of League of Legends’ oldest streamers, has quit the game. On Twitter, the LoL veteran released a statement saying he just doesn’t get the “same satisfaction” from the game anymore and needs to take some time off.
Michael Santana, better known as Imaqtpie, is an American League of Legends player. Formerly a professional player for Team Dignitas, he retired from professional play in 2014 to pursue a full-time streaming career on Twitch.
Saqib Ali Zahid, more commonly known by his online alias, Lirik, is an American streamer. He has among the largest followings on Twitch with over 2.8 million followers in 2021. Zahid is sponsored by Discord and is one of 200 influencers the company pays for promotion.
Stacy Marie Hinojosa better known online as stacyplays, is an American gaming YouTuber who frequently plays Minecraft. She is known for being positive in her videos, and enjoys spreading this to her viewers.
Tiffany “Tiffy” Michelle Herrera better known online as iHasCupquake (or simply Cupquake or Tiffyquake) is an American YouTuber known for her gaming, DIY, and cosplay videos. She has a husband named Mario Herrera, also known as Red, redb15, or SuperRed.
Kathleen Belsten, better known by her online alias Loserfruit and Lufu, is an Australian Twitch live streamer, YouTuber, professional gamer, and internet personality. She has the second-most followed channel on Twitch among female gamers, behind only Pokimane.
Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life. Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods & Random indie games!

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Who is the Most Beautiful Gamer?

6 Female Gamers On YouTube You Gotta Check Out

  1. Melonie Mac.
  2. SSSniperwolf.
  3. iHasCupQuake.
  4. Raya.
  5. Karlie Mckenzie (Kenz)

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