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Top Cooking Influencers

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Cooking, cookery, or culinary arts is the art, science and craft of using heat to prepare food for consumption. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely, from grilling food over an open fire to using electric stoves, to baking in various types of ovens, reflecting local conditions

Influencer marketing within the food and restaurant industry has become increasingly prevalent, signifying a particular type of social media marketing. From street-style food accounts to fine dining, these influencers are making a major impact on our dining, wellness, and culinary decisions, inspirations and creations. They have emerged as some of the most powerful accounts on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok due to their ability to sway consumer opinions, attitudes and ideas as well as considerably influence trends in demand for particular food products.

How do I find a Cooking influencer?

Look into competitors’ followers and who’s tagged them recently in posts. Your competitors can potentially lead to influencers who fit your niche. Search Google: A quick way to connect with food bloggers and potential influencers in your area is to search for local food bloggers with Google.

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Cooking Influencers

These Cooking Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

How do I find a food influencer?

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How to Work with Food Influencers?

List of Top Cooking Influencers

They have some great content for home cooks. Whether it’s making the most of whatever veggies you have in the freezer or cooking up classic Italian-American dishes like chicken parmesan and pasta carbonara, you’ll find many videos to draw inspiration. They started filming outside of the test kitchen and from the homes of their team.
While best known as a celebrity chef now, Ramsay is successful in a variety of other ventures outside of food and television. Most notably as a published author, Ramsay has released a number of books, many of which have become bestsellers around the world; including his autobiography, Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen.
Jamie Oliver Is known throughout the world for his simple and healthy meals, and his journey to superstardom had its seeds planted in his childhood. Since his emergence, he has become the second best selling British author of all time and the bestselling British nonfiction writer of all time, having published over 30 cookbooks. Besides this eminent publishing career, he has starred in numerous TV series, including Jamie’s Kitchen, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals, and many more.
Joshua produces cooking videos based on simple and affordable recipes that are healthy and tasty. He also has two series, But Better and But Cheaper. But Better is about him creating better versions of fast or junk food items and But Cheaper is about him making a full meal on a tight budget. in 2022 he started the series But Faster, where he will attempt to cook a meal faster than a takeout restaurant.
Food that’ll make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper “yessss.” Snack-sized videos and recipes you’ll want to try.
A YouTube cooking show featured by a canine host Francis and a mysterious Japanese Chef whose real name is not disclosed. While the Chef cooks a variety of popular dishes in Japan, Francis calmly sits next to her and narrates the recipes step-by-step in English.
Maangchi was born in Korea and lived there most of her life. She learned how to make traditional Korean food from the people around her: her mother, her grandmothers, her aunts and relatives, as well as cooks in local markets, restaurants, pubs, and street corners.
Andrew Rea is one part chef, one part filmmaker, and a generous dash of irreverent YouTube personality. Self-taught both behind and in front of the camera, his cooking show, Binging with Babish, is enjoyed by millions of burgeoning chefs and foodies around the globe.
Over the past seven years, Mike G has been on a mission to spread his passion of home cooking through educational and entertaining digital food content. Through his youtube channel and his online course, he has inspired thousands of people to overcome their fears of the kitchen and take back the art of cooking. ​​With engaging video content and an educational platform, Mike spreads his message of empowerment in the kitchen and is growing a global movement of pro-home cooks.
Sam the Cooking Guy is an everyday guy who has found a way to make cooking casually understandable. With no fancy equipment and by speaking English instead of ‘chef-speak,’ who have two shows, the TV show SAM THE COOKING GUY and STCGO.

How do I choose a Cooking Influencer?

To find a great influencer, you have to check how they engage their followers, their formula for their content, and the authenticity that they provide for every content. Consumers find less to not-scripted content more engaging and easier to connect with.

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How do you collaborate with food brands?

The best way to pitch a brand is to get a personal introduction to someone on their PR or marketing team from other bloggers you know who have previously worked with them. If you don’t have a contact within the brand, look for a general PR or media email address on the brand’s website.
She worked as a consultant dietitian in the food industry, then as a community and public health dietitian for a number of years. A wife and mum to 3 boys .
A French cooking instructor who is passionate about educating and passing on culinary knowledge while keeping authentic French cuisine alive. He makes everything from scratch, no stock cubes or pre-made custard on this channel.
The obsessive mastermind behind one of the decade’s best-selling cookbooks returns with the definitive English-language guide to the science and technique of cooking in a wok. His debut cookbook, The Food Lab, revolutionized home cooking, selling more than half a million copies with its science-based approach to everyday foods. And for fast, fresh cooking for his family, there’s one pan López-Alt reaches for more than any other: the wok.
Sam Sifton is the founding editor of New York Times Cooking, and an assistant managing editor for The Times. He has been the national editor, restaurant critic and culture editor of The Times. Here are the Times reporters and columnists who currently contribute recipes to New York Times Cooking. Among the reporters and columnists are award-winning cookbook authors, Pulitzer Prize winners, passionate home cooks and professionals.
The Everyday Food television show cast consists of four home-grown talents from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living: Sarah Carey, John Barricelli, Anna Last, and Lucinda Scala Quinn. Everyday Food has developed recipes with the home cook in mind. These delicious dishes featured on “The Martha Stewart Show” call for simple ingredients that you already have in your pantry or can easily find at local grocery stores and farmers’ markets.
James Beard and team is an award-winning chefs, filmmakers, designers, scientists, and engineers demonstrates modern culinary concepts with beautiful, compelling visuals, shows the why’s behind the how’s of every recipe and technique, and creates innovative technologies that make cooking smarter. We don’t tell you how to sharpen your knife, butcher a halibut, or make macarons from scratch, we show you.
He cooks food in his own twisted way while he flaunts his incredible humor. His videos mostly consists of kitchen tips for meals, alongside some music videos.
Takashima was born in Japan in 1983. When he was 20 he went to Australia to study English and took a job in a café as a chef’s assistant. This was the beginning of his journey into cooking. On return to Japan he worked for 2 years as a chef in a macrobiotic café. During this time he became interested in raw food and studied at Living Light Culinary Art Institute in California.

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Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and creators get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.
Looking for Influencers for your Project? Imagine the impact of having these top influencers championing your project! Connect with our team today and discover how you can bring influential voices into your venture.


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