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The influence of social media is transforming online retailers every day. They look to influencers in eCommerce to help them determine which eCommerce services and products to acquire to suit their exclusive online stores.

That's why we bring together a collection of 20 popular eCommerce influencers who would be interesting for any SaaS App provider and who can bring them many potential clients.

How we Rank these E-commerce Influencers & Bloggers

Subscribers, views, and comments can now be manipulated. At Crowdcreate, we use a proprietary ranking formula based on these factors.

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking other influencers, founders, and investors who ranks at the top of their list.

2.) Quality Content. How good is the content that these influencers are creating?

3.) Subscriber Growth Rate. A faster growing following shows more influence. The number of subscribers isn’t as important as how fast an influencer is growing.

4.) Community Engagement. Our propriety formula includes metrics such as average view counts, organic mentions from other platforms and channels, and audience retention.

5.) Comments. An engaged following that posts genuine comments that aren’t generated by bots or spam is how to spot a good influencer.

These Blogger Ecommerce Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

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What is an e-commerce influencer?

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Who are the most successful and highest paid influencers?

Meghan Rienks is an actress and the creator of her own wildly popular comedy and lifestyle YouTube channel. Meghan flexes her acting muscles (and sometimes her real muscles) in a number of series, including Freakish, 12 Deadly Days of Christmas, Mr. Student Body President, and in her first feature film, The Honor List.
Marques Keith Brownlee, also known professionally as MKBHD, is an American YouTuber and professional ultimate frisbee player, best known for his technology-focused videos as well as his podcast Waveform. As of December 2021, he has over 15 million subscribers and over 2.7 billion total video views.
Mark B. Rober is an American YouTuber, engineer, and inventor. He is known for his YouTube videos on popular science and do-it-yourself gadgets. Before YouTube, Rober was an engineer with NASA for nine years, where he spent seven years working on the Curiosity rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics. Engadget operates a total of ten blogs—four written in English and six international versions with independent editorial staff.

What is an e-commerce influencer?

Influencer commerce is a new strategic approach implemented by brands and marketers to generate leads and sales. The true definition of Influencer Commerce is the act of using influencers to drive and channel traffic from their audience to your website or e-commerce platform in order to generate sales. Instagram Shop.

Blogger Ecommerce Influencers

Looking for Blogger Ecommerce Influencers for your Project?

That’s what we do here at Crowdcreate. Imagine if you could get these Blogger Ecommerce Influencers in your project? Book a call with our team to learn more.
The Verge is an American technology news website operated by Vox Media, publishing news, feature stories, guidebooks, product reviews, consumer electronics news, and podcasts. The website launched on November 1, 2011, and uses Vox Media’s proprietary multimedia publishing platform Chorus
CNET is the premier destination for explaining and navigating the changing world around us. Through news, product reviews, price comparisons, and more, we’ll tell you what’s new in the parts of modern life that increasingly matter more — from health, home, and money to tech, culture, and climate — and how to get the most out of them.
Digital Trends is a Portland, Oregon-based tech news, lifestyle, and information website that publishes news, reviews, guides, how-to articles, descriptive videos and podcasts about technology and consumer electronics products.
TechHive is passionate about the smart home. We keep a close eye on connected gadgets that can make your life easier and offer unbiased reviews of the latest smart home products.
TechRadar is an online publication focused on technology, with editorial teams in the US, UK, Australia and India. It provides news and reviews of tech products and gadgets.
Tom’s Guide is your knowledgable best friend who’s always on call to answer your questions. From phones to TVs, appliances to electric scooters, gaming gear or fitness equipment, we’ve tested out all the latest products to help inform your buying decisions.
Pocket-lint is the largest independent gadget website in the UK regularly beating the competition to the story. We offer news, reviews, and opinion, great photo galleries and video covering the latest news from digital cameras and mobile phones to home appliances, boys toys and much more.
Trusted Reviews is a leading UK-based technology website and YouTube channel dedicated to bringing our viewers the best news and reviews from the tech world. We cover product reviews, technology tips & tricks, gaming & shows from the leading experts in consumer technology.
KnowTechie is a tech blog for people who love tech, but live outside the bubble. It’s for the reader who is interested in technology, but doesn’t necessarily live and breathe it. Some of the stuff you should expect to see here will l fall under the realm of technology, gadgets, and the internet. Who knows, we may even get silly.
Learn tips and tricks for everything from computers to brewing coffee from the team at Lifehacker. Want to learn how to make a touch-screen stylus from a candy wrapper? Done. Need to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper? Right here. Whether you want to be more productive or just have fun, you can find out how to do it all on
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, also known by her YouTube name Zoella, is an English social media personality, entrepreneur and author. Sugg began posting videos to her YouTube channel in 2009, which went on to amass over 10 million subscribers.
The Ambient
The smart home has become the most exciting space in technology – yet no-one has been covering the space in the manner it deserves. That’s where The Ambient comes in.
Mighty Gadget is a Technology and Gadget website dedicated to bringing you all the best Technology and Gadget news and Reviews. If you have a product that thinks deserves a good review please contact us and we will consider it.
Smart Home World
Smart Home World is an exclusive magazine for Smart Home Technology, Home /Building Automation & Audio -Video. Smart Home World, aims to bring to your knowledge, all the latest technological advancements and noteworthy national and global news related to Smart Homes.

What is an e-commerce transaction?

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

Blogger Ecommerce Influencers

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Practical eCommerce
The mission of Practical Ecommerce is to help merchants improve their online businesses. We do this with expert articles, commentary, guides, webinars, and podcasts. We are an independent publishing company, unaffiliated with any ecommerce platform, service, or provider.
Ben Marks
Ben Marks the the Official Magento Evangelist, so he knows ecommerce. Basically, he travels the world and talks about Magento (his words, not mine). You can follow his hectic lifestyle and everything new and exciting about the platform on his blog.

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Looking for Influencers for your Project? Imagine the impact of having these top influencers championing your project! Connect with our team today and discover how you can bring influential voices into your venture.


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