Leadership in ICO Marketing

Thought Leader Strategies for Successful ICO Marketing

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Leadership in ICO Marketing

Thought leaders are often sought after, acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts. They are similar to social media influencers, and have the ability to deliver valuable, pertinent and up-to-date content to the public. Thought leadership marketing is increasingly becoming important in the cryptocurrency and ICO ecosystem. Being a thought leader could be the difference between relevancy and obscurity.
ICO Marketing, like anything else, follows cycles and moves in waves. ICO Marketing follows timelines like any other investment. It is important to understand and plan for every stage throughout the process. These are the four timelines that your marketing team should be planning for your ICO Marketing strategy. We will discuss these four timelines in detail below .

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What is thought leadership?

Thought leadership simply means being viewed as a credible industry professional, in one’s industry. A thought leader must have mastered his or her trade, and is knowledgeable of the intricacies involved to making it successful. However, being well-informed and experienced is not enough, they must also share their knowledge with followers and other interested parties. This can be achieved using content marketing. Thought leadership status takes time to cultivate, and it isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. A few social media post and articles here and there isn’t enough. Credibility has to be built over time with assiduousness and patience. Aspiring thought leaders must also be willing to listen, learn and adapt to new innovations in their respective industry. Social networking on social media platforms like LinkedIn is essential and could be the basis to working your way to being a thought leader.
A great example of a thought leader is Neil Patel. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar. As a thought leader and influencer, he helps companies like Viacom, NBC, Amazon, GM, and HP grow their revenue. Patel presents himself a consummate professional and a hard worker. And by using innovative ideas, he is currently one of the foremost, go to, thought leaders for marketing worldwide. To reach his audience, he uses YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts and other social media platforms. Clients and followers alike lean on him to advance their businesses, so he uploads valuable and high quality content about marketing and building businesses regularly. Thought leadership in marketing has been very profitable for Neil Patel and other notable names like Dave Ramsey, Lolly Daskal, Tony Robbins, etc.
ICO Marketing is constantly evolving, and thought leadership is proving to be increasingly effective as a marketing tool. Marketing departments in ICO based companies are striving to be seen as leaders in their respective fields. Any ICO company that is the brand example of its industry, is automatically the face and name of that industry. This can be very profitable and it has very good Return on Investments (ROI).

How does thought leadership function in ICO marketing?

Leadership in ICO Marketing

Thought leadership in ICO marketing functions in the same way as other industries. However, there are small details that make it harder to navigate than others. For example, effective thought leadership requires an extensive knowledge of the field itself.
Nonetheless, we find that in the Blockchain ecosystem, there is little expertise on the technical side. There are only a few people and institutions with the ability to teach Blockchain courses. Consequently, even though there is high interest in this field, there is a deficit in technical knowledge and ability.
This deficit means that there are few genuine cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICO marketing thought leaders available. This is understandable, as the cryptocurrency industry is a relatively new one. This void is waiting to be filled by enthusiastic and knowledgeable cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the next few years. And with Crowdcreate’s expertise and help, they can achieve this goal.

Thought Leadership Methods

An example of a thought leader in the ICO marketing space is David Sphinx. His approach involves tackling ICO marketing with community engagement, and he has inspired ICO marketers globally. His methods include giving detailed reports and constantly updating the community and followers via his bogs and social media. Three easy ways to develop thought leadership for ICO marketing are:
Thought Leadership Methods

1. Continuous Content Production:

One of the better options for advertising online is pay-per-click (PPC). This model of advertising, is often used to drive traffic to specific websites. Pay-per-click is linked with search engines, like Microsoft Bing Ads and Google AdWords. This is a great way to gain visibility because it can accommodate any budget size.

2. Educative and Relevant Content:

A thought leader must focus on creating educative and relevant content. Disseminating spam and irrelevant content is detrimental to the process of becoming a thought leader. Advertisements are okay, but must not be overdone. Google is currently implementing new ways in their search engine that would prioritize educational content over advertisements. Thus, if your content is mostly educational and relevant, not only would potential followers find them valuable, they would be easier to find.

3. SEO keywords:

Search engine optimization (SEO) keywords are essential to your web content, and every thought leader must pay attention to it. This makes it possible for people to find content posted on blogs, websites and social media, via search engines. Keywords serve as guidelines to what people are searching. You should consider your tactics on reaching them through keywords, like meeting them halfway.You should also consider having a name like Forbes or Entrepreneur attached to your brand. This would surely boost your credibility in the cryptocurrency community.

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Leadership in ICO Marketing


Building: This involves hiring editors, content producers, outreach people, graphic designers, analysts, etc. to help manage the process. This can be done slowly over time.

Buying: This doesn’t mean purchasing already produced content. Search engines like Google penalize websites that publish content that has already been published on other websites. It simply means outsourcing the whole process, including writing, editing, design, outreach, and analytics, to a professional firm like

See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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