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How to Build a Crypto Marketing Strategy

Effort Economy is building an economy that will allow as many earning opportunities across Gaming, DeFi, NFTs and many more for everyone. Being one of the largest projects in the Elrond ecosystem, their community is uniquely based in the Philippines where projects like Axie Infinity and others have now become a target market for earn based economic models Through the Effort Token $EFFORT stakeholders and players can now earn capital through the efforts they contribute to the economy.

How to Market your Gaming, DeFi, & NFT Project

Effort Economy partnered with Crowdcreate to provide strategic guidance and introduce investors for their capital raise. This case study outlines the strategies presented by the Crowdcreate team and recorded excerpts from the strategy sessions that were instrumental in the growth of Effort Economy.
The Challenge: The Effort Economy team wanted to differentiate their project among a growing trend of new earn economy projects. With the uncertainty of the markets, they needed to identify the growth opportunities available quickly. They also wanted to understand the usage and trends from their competitors and from the crypto industry.
The Crowdcreate Approach: Crowdcreate connected the client team with crypto marketing experts with backgrounds in community building and growth experience. Our experts and strategists have the combined insights of working with 100s of the top crypto projects and have a birds eye view of the industry trends and techniques.
With that base of understanding, the client identified key themes outlined in this case study including (1) Keep your audience engaged, (2) Identify your champions, and (3) Synchronized marketing message.

Outcome: In the months following, the Effort Economy used the insights from the expert calls to revamp the brand messaging on the website and create a movement around the human stories behind the community. Quickly after implementing the recommended strategy, the Effort Economy was able to raise $700,000 from their community. The details of the actual raise in less than an hour can be read on their Medium page here: Effort Economy Medium 

NFT Social Media Marketing Strategies

Highlight NFT Community Members on Twitter & Discord
These are the stories that show it’s actually building traction. People are using it. Show your user growth acquisition charts because those are the things that investors want to see

Share the stories behind the people. You want to humanize your wins, because you have a very strong human story.

Focus on the community and social sharing

Host Crypto Twitter Spaces Interviews and AMAs

Share the vision alongside thought leaders and get on their content by being a guest speaker.

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Run Marketing Collaborations With Other Blockchain Audiences

Lean into the Elrond ecosystem and create shared wins

If you grow more publicly and visibility in your community, Elrond is going to repost these wins because Elrond is in the same scenario where they need to grow fast projects against competitors like Solana, Near, and even Matic.

Use NFT Marketing Buzzwords Such as Play to Earn

Differentiate your project from the earn models that only have an extraction mechanism rather than a closed ecosystem and can become sustainable.

Grow your NFT Social Media Followers

Build a Real Community of Users and NOT Bots

Show the growing community that helped individuals make it through the pandemic while jobs disappeared. The effort economy has the possibility to position as the next play to earn economy, and give people financial freedom through crypto.

Share Web3 Announcements and Partnerships Through Social Media Posts

Creating social tractions through partnerships is a powerful way to cross promote audiences between projects. With an upcoming token launch and NFT partnerships already tapping into their ecosystem, the social media team turned every opportunity into a milestone.

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Hire a Crypto Consultant & Marketing Advisory Firm

Let Crowdcreate’s team of experts guide your NFT/Web3/DeFi/Crypto growth strategy. We’ve worked with hundreds of projects, and review thousands of the top NFT projects because we’ve helped many of the biggest crypto projects sell out their token launch. Book a call with our team today.


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