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We all know that NFTs are booming, thousands of people are making millions, conferences that bring hundreds of people flying from all over the world to attend and it’s even a market that is quickly taking over Times Square.

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Although we know that this is a market in the eyes of all the big investors, we also know how difficult it is to succeed. This is a market where the success stories are so good that they hide the reality for most people: failure.
That would be a good point to touch on in another article but today I want us to focus on the winning projects, those that are so incredible that leave any unfortunate event on the back burner.
I’m talking about the “Top NFT Project That Sold Out Immediately”.
The projects that we are going to highlight in this article are defined based on different metrics but above all, how long it took them to sell out. Pending transactions, Gas wars, Marketing and Launch Management are other things that we consider to include them here.
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The ON1 FORCE project are 7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their existence.
The initial idea of this came with the Project Manager, JR’s. He and the rest of the team agreed that this post-apocalyptic vibe was exactly what the NFT space needed, ending up with this crazy story that many highlight as one of the most important factors that drove success to this project:
“Life in the ethereal enclave was peaceful and prosperous. Rule under the emperor granted eternal life; infinite leisure for music, arts and poetry. For many this was bliss, but when the emperor suddenly died without an heir, everything collapsed. What was once everlasting, has now been condensed to a mere 7,777 hours. Now, gathering means for survival as a society crumbles, the 0N1 face their greatest enemies: Themselves”
I would even encourage myself to say that the traits of this project are some of the most aligned to its story around all the collections. The 0N1 FORCE clan contains three distinct groups:
  • YOK-A1 Ghost Spirits (There are 5,278), which possess common or rare traits.
  • B4K3M0-N0 Monster Form (there are 2,100).
  • 0N1 Elite (There are only 392), which are rare demons.
There are numerous characteristics that make the 0N1Force project unique and stand out amongst all the other generative projects but how they managed their Discord it’s really unique.
The 0N1 team incorporated elements of the project (such as anime, manga, and RPGs) into its Discord programming, allowing the team to tap into a host of pre-existing communities.
A quote from the founder in an interview with NFT culture:
“Once we tailored the Discord to hold Pokeworld, a Weeb-Radio, and Anime Movie Night, members really started to get engaged and stay engaged. Fictional 0N1 characters filled in and began interacting with members as pseudo-characters, the lore really began to unfold.”
One notable feature of the Discord is the 0N1 Daily Living section, where inventive stories about the 0N1 clan were developed before launch and continue to be shared regularly. A space for creation by community members helped to spawn organic growth while simultaneously empowering people to share their unique storytelling voice.
The minting price for 0N1s was 0.07777 ETH but now the floor price is almost 1 ETH. They’ve decided to mint them at this price to perfectly coincide with our story of the 0N1’s having 7,777 hours left to live.
And yes, you can check it in the screenshots below, they sold out in 5 minutes! An incredible project, with an incredible team and an incredible timing.

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CrypToadz grew from the melding of social commentary and meme culture, and has accomplished importance beyond its collection of toad-themed JPEGs. Following in a long line of iconic memes such as Pepe the Frog and Dat Boi, Gremplin’s amphibious collection has received praise from some of the most prominent NFT collectors and investors around.
The narrative behind the Collection was injected with tons of crypto and NFT references. For example, CrypToadz are small amphibious creatures that roam the swampy basin of Uniswamp, which is a reference to the Uniswap Exchange.
This collection was launched on Sept. 8 at 0.069 ETH each, the CrypToadz floor at press time has bounced to 5 ETH, with the collection as a whole achieving around 45,300 ETH (nearly $200 million) in sales volume. CrypToadz also currently sits in the top 15 most traded collections on OpenSea.
The project sold out in 12 minutes, making the release a huge success. Many people say that they were undoubtedly benefited from the Gremplin’s involvement, a guy that dive into crypto art around January 2021, and began building up his brand months prior to Toadz.
First to jump on board were Punk NFT owners who immediately changed their Twitter avatar to their newest Toadz NFTs. The project attracted the NFT OGs because of the artist, the art and the unique narrative.
Most of the successful projects have 20k-30k people inside their Discord Channel, we could even say that this is a figure that many projects have as a goal but Mekaverse achieved that number within 24 hours of starting the Discord. They end the first night after the public twitter announcement with +50k people inside their Discord, an incredible madness!
Every project has a different story and this project is no exception, the creative and brainstorming process that lead to the creation of “Mekaverse” it’s very particular too. The Meka Team has a strong interest in the Japanese universe and anime culture cultivated through their 5 month stay in the Asian region where they spent their best days. Intended to establish a series of collectibles that may have enormous future potential they take this project as a fantastic source of inspiration that allow them to experiment with a variety of aspects.
Because of all the hype, the sense of ‘FOMO’ and eagerness to be the first to own one of 8,888 Mekaverse NFTs, the project followed a specific minting approach based on a big goal in mind: create a smooth drop with no gas war and avoid bots.
We need to keep in mind that this was one of the most hyped projects of all time and more than 250K+ people were waiting for the release of the same one. It was clear and evident that it was going to be one of the biggest gas wars in history and we all know the catastrophes that this would lead to: loss of community money, people without access, congestion in the network, etc.
Trying to solve this problem they decided to hold a raffle and allowed people to mint only 2 NFTs with maximum protection to avoid botting or hacking attacks. The MekaVerse Team gave the following instructions for the team handling the mint:
The MekaVerse Team gave the following instructions for the team handling the mint:
  • Max 2 NFTs per wallet
  • Registration must be free
  • A price of 0.2 ETH per NFT
  • Minting has to be simple, clean, and smooth
As the Raffle registrations had to be free (and without paying gas), which is why they were not on the blockchain; otherwise, you would have had to pay a minimum of 15/20$ each registration.
To minimize bots as much as possible they established:
  • Google ReCaptcha V3
  • Checking MetaMask Wallet funds
  • Discord or Twitter Authentication
  • An EIP 712 V3 signature (We were unable to support Hardware Wallets because of the V3 signature)
Especifically to avoid any risk of leak of their database they did not save Twitter and Discord IDs in their database.
In total, an estimated 172k total wallets were registered for the raffle, with 661,737 unique users visiting the website to try their luck at the minting ‘lottery’. And following the mint, OpenSea sales soon started to flood in. A price floor of around 4 ETH was established, with minters looking to ‘flip’ their NFTs for an early profit.
Without a doubt, everything was thought out to perfection for the full benefit of the community. We cannot compare it with the other mining systems because this one was totally different, but it shows us that with innovative strategies that benefit the entire community, you can still sell out a project in just a few hours.
Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated Pudgy Penguin NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Or maybe you know the 8888 Pudgy Penguins owners as: Huddlers.
Maybe you do or maybe you don’t, but many people know about this project once it was published in the New York Times by a very famous reporter who talks about his experience joining the community. This boosts the project in a beastly way, even breaking the historical highs of daily sales of the project.
Mr. Patterson, also known as “mrtubby,” is a computer science student at the University of Central Florida. He started Pudgy Penguins with three classmates after seeing all the hype and big sales around NFTs. They chose penguins as their theme because the birds seemed approachable and friendly, and settled on using an algorithm to generate 8,888 unique penguins with different combinations of clothing, facial expressions and accessories.
The original collection sold out within 20 minutes, while raising more than $25M! They are currently working on new drops, the clear example is the recent Halloween when they launched some new NFTs to celebrate. Pudgy Halloween NFTs are available to claim by Pudgy Penguin holders. Each holder can claim 1 Halloween NFT for each Pudgy Penguin they own.
Thousands of people put it on a pedestal, it is said that in the future we will remember it as one of the bluechips of the market, its gas war and total sale in seconds makes it mandatory to talk about “Doodles”.
The core of Doodles is the Art since at the moment we didn’t find any kind of innovative utility. Doodles is a community-driven collectibles NFT project. Doodle NFTs are made up with over a hundred exciting traits of faces, hair, hats, body and backgrounds.
Every holder of a Doodle NFT is going to be able to participate in the Doodles Community Treasury where it’s going to be decided on next experiences, activations, campaigns, the roadmap and bunch of other things that will benefit everyone.
MOST of the people talking about this project say that the vibes are very similar to the successful project “Cool Cats”. I think that if people compare them it could be a very good thing for both projects as Doodles benefits and leverages the success that Cool Cats already has but if this also ends up being a super successful project Cool Cats status would also go up as they are similar projects.
Doodles was created for a super team of professionals that have a good background both inside and outside the community.
Evan Keast aka Tulip in the NFT Community has worked with NFT Market leader Dapper Labs and OG Collectible CryptoKitties. In addition, the artist and creative power behind the project is the Canadian-based artist, illustrator, designer animator and muralist Scott Martin aka Burnt Toast. He has worked with notable companies like Whatsapp, Google and Snapchat. Lastly, completing the list is Jordan Castro aka Poopy Cats. He has been leading CryptoKitties Project at Dapper Labs.
This team and all the community has Impressively pulled in a lifetime volume of 15,500 ETH or almost $70 Million on OpenSea. In addition, the floor price has climbed to 1.62 ETH versus the mint price of 0.123. This represents almost 15x growth in just a few weeks. The NFTs are also spread across 4,900 owners which represent fair distribution backed by an impressive volume.

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Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.
We all know the successful PFP project called Bored Ape Yacht Club (AKA: BAYC), is one of the most prestigious symbols and NFTs to date, almost as prestigious as CryptoPunks.
People that it’s inside the space are holders of the same, such as Gary Vee but also people that it’s in other leagues, such as Stephen Curry also buy and use his Bored Ape as profile pic
The artist of this well recognized project with more than 200K ETH traded put together several ideas in his mind and launched the project called “Sneaky Vampire Syndicate” (AKA: SVS).
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is a series of 8,888 vampire NFTs, each one a unique Migwashere creation.
The art is amazing, the story behind the project too but people still attribute the success of the project to the artist’s past. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s drop was instantly met with intense demand, within 10 seconds the web had 40k people trying to mint the project.
Migwashere and his partners (among them: OpenSea, Binance, 888inner circle) are planning to make the project something different from the average NFT offering.
Since its launch, the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Discord community has grown to over 40,000 members. The growth has been completely organic, without the dubious use of invite rewards.
They are not incorporating a very innovative utility but they are allowing holders of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFTs also get community-oriented perks. In addition to a free companion bat, they’ll receive exclusive access to the “Vampire’s Lair,” a private online club in the MetaVerse, and other specialty merchandise.
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and the Static City Games studio are also developing a browser-based survival game strictly reserved for its NFT holders. Players will use their individual vampire NFTs in the game.
One of the most significant factors in the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s success was its transaction model. Prospective buyers were permitted to reserve their NFTs in advance at the time of launch. They then had a four-hour window of time to complete their transactions.
This process, Migwashere and the team believes, helped users save huge amounts in typical Ethereum “gas” fees. It may also be the reason behind the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s unusually high 55% rate of distribution.
Before the sale, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate offered 888 of its NFTs to those who interacted with them on Twitter and Discord, letting them mint up to two NFTs before launch.
As we were talking about the success of BAYC, now it’s time to talk about Mutant Ape Yacht Club as it’s a derivative project from them. Bored Ape is always trying to keep innovating, they already did a collaboration with Arizona Iced Tea and now they launch this project and announce that soon will do something with The Rolling Stones.
The art style it’s very similar to the original edition but the biggest difference is in the quantity. The first edition had only 10k NFTs but this one 20k with which they decided to do the following:
  • Open a public sale for 10k using a Dutch Auction Mechanism starting at 3ETH.
  • Set aside 10k for BAYC holders to use one of the three Serums, the M1, M2 or the Mega Mutant which would be M3 (these were positions that allowed you to convert your original Ape into something new), to mint a Mutant Ape. When one of the original Apes is injected with one of the M1 or M2 Serums the Mutant Ape would be created retaining the traits of the original with some changes whereas if injected with the M3 the Mutant Ape would be completely different, with potentially rarer traits making them more valuable.
This release has been very important for those who already had their Bored Apes, as it gave them the opportunity to keep their original tokens while minting another very valuable token.
Some even say that from this launch a new standard may begin to be created where the main or genesis projects (in this case BAYC) lead the market and the derivatives (in this case Mutant Apes) follow behind.
This is something that already happens in the crypto market, if Bitcoin rises the altcoins too, and some predict that it may start to happen in the NFT market.
The Mutant Apes, claimed for free by holders or purchased for 3 ETH in the public sale, now sell for a minimum of 4 ETH each, but had been selling for as little as 7 ETH. Since its launch Mutant Apes has reached around 100k ETH in trading volume.


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