How to Build a Web3 Community | Complete Guide

How to Build a Web3 Community | Complete Guide

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The pace at which technology is advancing has made a lot of people conscious of being left behind, especially companies and businesses. For a long time, nobody took Bitcoin and subsequent developments very seriously. There were only a handful of crypto enthusiasts in the world who believed in the potential of blockchain, and they were rewarded more than handsomely for it.
We have some bad news for people who are waiting for the cryptocurrency fad to be over; this is only the beginning. Blockchain technology is developing at an exponential pace, and it has the promise of a future where a great part of the internet will be based on Web 3.0, the next iteration of the World Wide Web. Binance tweeted how web 3.0 is a good idea right now.
Web 3.0 aims to integrate the fundamentals of blockchain technology like decentralized currencies, applications, and NFTs with the traditional web to create a hybrid that will be more functional, secure, and free from the control of large corporations. Businesses need to focus on building Web 3.0 communities more than ever before, and in this article, this is exactly what we hope to educate you on. But to build a Web 3.0 community, you first need to understand what it is.

Web3 Community

What is Web3?

As mentioned already, Web 3.0 is supposed to be the third iteration of the World Wide Web. Apart from focusing on decentralization and using blockchain technology, Web 3.0 will also use advanced Machine Learning and AI tools to build more responsive and dynamic applications. There is also a significant focus on using semantic technology which will allow AI systems to understand and process language and information the way humans do it.
Web 3.0 will be developed using HTML just like its predecessors, but HTML itself has evolved considerably with time, which has fundamentally changed how it interacts with data repositories today. With decentralization, apps and services would no longer be governed by a central authority, but through consensus. Therefore, Web 3.0 will be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which essentially means that it will be self-governed by the people themselves. Cryptocurrencies, of course, will play a major part in how Web 3.0 will work.
what is web3
It took more than 10 years for us to fully transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Web 1.0 had a simple system, with no search engines and static information providers. Web 2.0 has made the internet a social and interactive world. It’s expected that it will take us the same amount of time to fully transition to Web 3.0. Right now, we can only imagine how the interaction of man and machine will change on the internet, and consequently the world, as time goes on.

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Know Who Your People Are

The first and foremost step in building any community is the understanding of who your people are. A lot of businesses fail in this because they just try to build a generic community and bring together a diverse portfolio of people, not realizing that people only thrive in communities that are dedicated to their interests.
If you want to make a community centered on developers, give developers incentives to join your community. Seek out their expertise, and make them feel like a part of something big. If you want artists – especially those who work with NFT art – to unite artists and art enthusiasts on a platform so that they can interact in a favorable environment. And so it goes on for finances, economics, books, debates – virtually any topic that you can think of!
Knowing your community is perhaps the most crucial part of developing a productive environment. Once you know who you are looking for, it is time to look for platforms where you can plant the seed of communal trust and prosperity.


Twitter is perhaps the most important space in the Web3 community right now. Its advanced algorithm brings you the content that you desire, and in doing so, it brings together people on one of the most public platforms out there. There is a reason why big names like Elon Musk use Twitter instead of Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to share their opinions.
The barriers and lines become blurred on Twitter; you will often see celebrities and high-profile personalities interacting with random Twitter profiles. This makes Twitter closest to the ideology of the blockchain – a community where people interact without barriers of class, finances, or thought.
The major benefit of Twitter is that it makes it extremely simple for you to find your people. You can use its advanced search engine features to find discussions relevant to your area on Web3, and you can communicate with like-minded individuals directly and bring them into the fold.


Discord web3

Web3 Community

Twitter may be great for finding people in your community, but Discord is perhaps the biggest name to hang out and stay connected with your communities over voice, video, and text all combined on one platform. This is a place where your community has all the tools it needs to interact and thrive. It’s virtually impossible to find people from scratch directly on Discord, however, so it is recommended that you take the Twitter or Reddit route before going over on Discord.
A Discord server has virtually everything a budding community needs. It has text channels, voice channels, and bots. The text channels can be monitored via bots, and you can use various Discord plug-ins to verify users and limit their access to certain resources on the Server, allowing you to easily form hierarchical structures and specific areas for certain types of discussions.

You can boost the server and introduce new themes that go well with the key idea that holds your community together. You can also easily broadcast transmissions to ensure proper communication. Discord has constantly been adding features to help its users, and we can only expect that this growth momentum will continue, and even improve, with the improvements in Web 3.0 technology. There are many such platforms that you can look into, including, but not limited to, Telegram, Reddit, Youtube, etc. Some great Discord Web 3.0 communities are Spiritual DAO, Continuum, Machinations, and Atom DAO.

The Goals of the Community

A community without a vision to guide it can be cumbersome, ambiguous, and directionless. Of course, you did not bring together all those people to share memes and talk about the topic of the day. To find what your end goal is, you need to closely communicate with your community and team and understand what your guiding purpose should be.
Imagine that you want to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As an example, we consider AssangeDAO here. Julian Assange was the founder of WikiLeaks. He leaked a lot of information concerning the secret affairs of the USA amongst other leading countries, and he faced persecution as a result. He is currently awaiting a life sentence. The AssangeDAO community was founded around the primary goal of collecting visionaries and freedom of speech activists who are committed to setting Assange free. This being the primary goal of the community, a secondary goal was also created, that of developing a cryptocurrency under the AssangeDAO banner to collect funds to support these efforts.
The AssangeDAO community also has secondary goals like creating NFTs and grooming brand ambassadors who are vocal about liberty and freedom of speech. The point is that the community has a guiding primary goal, and all its secondary goals and activities naturally shoot off from that one primary goal. To build your community, having goals is highly important to moderate discussion and ensure growth. Take a look at this Telegram community and check out how they achieve their goals:

What a Healthy Community Looks like

If you start a Web3 community, there are obviously end goals you want to achieve. It might seem intuitive to get as many members as you can, as fast as you can, to ensure that you have a substantial online presence. This approach may not work, however.
The problem with internet communities is that they are not physical spaces. If you gather hundreds of people in a physical gathering, chances are you will get productive results out of it. If you do the same thing on the internet, people will be demotivated and choose not to share their thoughts in such a huge community. It is very important to keep the community small and pay attention to each member to help groom brand ambassadors and leaders in the community who can carry the vision of your business out into the world.
Smaller communities are healthy because, with fewer members, you can focus on individual growth. Once you have established a good status quo, you can then move on to expanding the community little by little, with the people you have shared your vision with, and who understand your ideas.

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Web3 Community

Maturity and Moderation

To make sure that your community matures into something fruitful, it is important to closely monitor your members and their engagement. You have to take into consideration the type of posts and comments that you are getting, the reactions that people are using, and see if a topic has successfully created conversation around itself.
As your community reaches its maturity, you should be prepared to lose some of those hard-earned members. As it happens, this is a part of life, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Moreover, this is the point where you might want to consider putting more effort into grooming your ambassadors and giving them certain perks for becoming community leaders and putting the word out there.
You must continuously moderate engagement as well as the behavior of individuals throughout this process. If anyone steps out of the line, reprimand them and remind everyone to keep a light and friendly atmosphere. Do not be afraid to kick out repeat offenders, because they will make the community a toxic place and discourage people from interacting.

Here’s a list of things you might want to discourage in your community:

  • Spam
  • Fake news
  • Abusive language
  • Foreign languages
  • Disrespect
  • Self-promotion
  • Demands and information leaks

Some Reddit communities that set a great example of moderation are ethdev, Elastos, solanadev, and web3.

The Role of Moderators

Moderators are the people who will keep the show running. These are individuals who have insight into the project, give their time to the community every day, and are skilled socially and otherwise. A sense of accountability and a love for conversation go a long way when you’re looking for a good moderator.
Finding moderators in your community can be a challenge, but it is still worth a try. In the early days, you should focus on each individual, and try to learn who they are, where they are from, and what their interests and motivations are for joining your community. Once you have put in the work and picked promising individuals, you will reap the reward in the form of community engagement. Members will soon settle into their newfound role and start contributing more to discussions and moderating any unwanted discussions.
In short, a moderator should have the makings of a leader. They should be kind to all members of the community and should possess great communication skills. They need to be flexible and willing to put in the time and effort to build the community. In your absence, they should be able to handle any issues that arise. And lastly, they should have a creative flair and be procreative in finding new ways to grow the community.

Listen to Feedback

The most important reason why Web3 communities differ from traditional communities is the focus on decentralization. Since there is no central control, decisions are made inside the community by the community members.
To make that happen and to ensure that members care about what actually happens to the community, it is important to keep the feedback channels open. This will also help the moderators in sparking discussions about what the community requires, and what the general direction should be for achieving the goals that the community had set out to achieve.

Building a Web3 community can be quite a challenge since you have to stay very close to the process and put a lot of effort into ensuring that things go smoothly. However, they are a lot more rewarding than traditional communities in the sense that once the members settle in, they contribute productively to the group and actively support you in achieving mutual goals.


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