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One type of Ethereum-based project is known as “DeFi”, or Decentralized Finance. The space is relatively new, and started gaining a lot of attention in the summer of 2020. However, it’s still fairly segregated from other crypto niches which means it has its own influencers as well.

What crypto are considered DeFi?

Bitcoin, the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, is a good example of a DeFi project. There is no central bitcoin authority — it’s not issued by a central bank or managed by any central institution. And, naturally, it’s powered by a blockchain network, rather than stored on a central server.

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How we Rank these Defi Influencers

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking investors, founders, and influencers who rank at the top of their list.

2.) The number of deals or investment size. How active are these investors?

3.) ROI. How good are these investors’ returns on investment? Do they have the Midas touch and spotting the best deals?

4.) Social Influence. When they speak, do people listen?

5.) Community involvement. How active are they in giving back to the community?

List of Top DeFi Influencers

Finematics is one of the most well known DeFi influencers and was started in 2018. It’s most known for its whiteboard animations videos that cover crypto, defi, finance, technology, and more. The channel is able to break down complex concepts into simple terms.

Justin Bram is known for his in depth review videos and tutorials on how to use DeFi, and his active Discord group community. He’s built a true community of DeFi enthusiasts that chat about everything from yield farming and portfolio strategy, to NFTs and play to earn.

If you want to buy coverage then you need to hold the CLAIM token. If you want to provide coverage you need hold the NOCLAIM token. The best way to participate is to mint the CLAIM and NOCLAIM token via the Mint tab. Once you minted both tokens, then you can sell the CLAIM or the NOCLAIM depending on your preference.

All pieces of information expressed is banter for purposes of personal records and general entertainment purposes only. Loss experienced from consumers of this content is bound solely to individuals and their respective internal decisions making.

Daily Defi we take a look at what has been going on with the DEFI space as a whole from the metrics on Defi Pulse and analyze the top 10 coins by market cap. Next we move into the intuitive decentralized application or DAPP, DEXTools. Reviewing an incredible article from coin telegraph detailing the project and its vision for the future. 

DeFi Dad uses a random Ethereum wallet address to simulate how the pool token prices moving in sync up or down reduces impermanent loss. When relative token prices diverge (ie one doubles and one falls 50%) you incur more impermanent loss.

DeFi summer 2.0 is heating up, with layer-2 solutions finally seeing big use on Ethereum. Now for anyone who doesn’t know, layer-2 refers to technologies that allow for much faster transactions on Ethereum, without the huge gas fees – which can be as high as $100 for a Uniswap transaction during busy periods.

DeFi Trader shows you the best Yield Farms in DeFi and how to simplify yield farming by using the best Yield Farm Pools! As per and unless otherwise permitted under the United States Copyright Act, no part of the content of this video or any video published under DAVID ESPINOSA DE LOS MONTEROS, shall be stored, copied, recreated, republished, or transported. 

The goal of this channel is to look at crypto projects differently, more from a fundamental and data-driven point of view. I love catching pumps, but understanding WHAT a project does and WHY it’s important allows me to have stronger conviction on the names I own. None of this is financial or investment advice.

In this episode of UpOnly, Santiago from ParaFi joins us to talk about the massive repricing that he believes is still early in Defi. This episode is presented by Blockfolio.

Here is a quick video guide on navigating your way through the Ethereum Defi Dapp space as well as the easiest way to grab insights and links for the Dapps gaining the most traction.

We are hyped to bring you our conversation with Richard Galvin, one of the best performing VCs of the last years and frontrunner to the DeFi opportunity. In this episode, Richard and Su make the most condensed case for Defi that I’ve heard to date.

The Ton Stacks project, a Defi Smart Contract designed to earn passive revenue automatically at +1% per day upto 240% max gains. Only 1 withdraw per deposit! You can deposit as much TRX as you like as many times as you like. 

With the Ethereum fees sky rocketing we are looking at DeFi on TRON as an alternative. I show five easy steps for you to start earning crypto on the TRX network.

How big is DeFi?

There is around $38 billion of value locked in DeFi. Global blockchain spending is expected to hit $19 billion by 2024. The worldwide blockchain market is forceast to grow to over $65 billion by 2026. The top three most valuable cryptocurrencies are each variations of Bitcoin.
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Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors. We’ve been called one of the best agencies in the world because we have the track record and case studies to prove it. Learn more how we can help you.

Defi influencers For You, a decentralized finance project on the Binance Smart Chain that offers a peer to peer loan marketplace which allows anyone in the world to have access to loans without going through a bank. DeF For You is also working on several other services such as a way to take out loans with NFTs as collateral so you do not have to sell them and much more.

DeFi, despite its youth, has shown itself to be resilient and deeply anti-fragile. Good logic doesn’t break. As it matures, the growth and depth of DeFi infrastructure will demonstrably contribute to its Lindy effect. The total addressable market (TAM) of this ecosystem difficult to quantify, as it is a non-zero game that currently encapsulates the entire global economy at present.

we look at how one of our members was able to make $24,000 in seconds with some Yield farming incubator, GG2 strategies. A total investment of $4000 turned into $24,000. Just insane the amount of profits he made in a short period of time. GG3 layering is coming up on Goose Defi so get ready for it.

The DeFi space is complicated and dangerous. There are many scams, hacks, and people out there trying to take your money away from you. It’s important to have the tools and knowledge to be safe in the space. Therefore, I’ll be your map and compass to help you thrive on your yourney to financial independence.

Learn about DeFi (decentralized finance), crypto (cryptocurrency) and blockchian technology in 10 minutes. This is the best 10-minute course on DeFi and Crypto. What is DeFi? What is Crypto? What is the Blockchain? This video delivers a quick guide to everything you know to get started in investing in crypto and how crypto will change our financial system.

Mdex is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of fund pools, which is similar in function to most DEX on the market. The platform is based on the Huobi Eco Chain, and has the following significant advantages compared to Ethereum-based DEX:

BXTB is a DeFi protocol developed and supported by the BXTB Foundation. The goal of the platform is to create a high-throughput, yield-generating stablecoin that is suitable for enterprise use-cases

The Daily Gwei Refuel gives you a recap every week day on everything that happened in the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the previous 24 hours – hosted by Anthony Sassano.

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Want to Get Connected to this List?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors. We’ve been called one of the best agencies in the world because we have the track record and case studies to prove it. Learn more how we can help you.

The Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a new protocol for blockchain-based notifications that are incentivized. You can imagine in the near future that all your favorite DeFi teams like Uniswap, Aave, and PoolTogether will build with the EPNS protocol to enable instant communications with you through just your wallet address.

we’ll make an Ethereum price prediction. On this channel, The Moon, I make 1 video every single day about crypto news & Bitcoin. I’ll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, to make a Bitcoin price prediction, and I’ll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & trading.

DeFi and yield farming is not as easy as purchasing crypto from a centralized exchange. Danku_r does a good job breaking down instructions and step-by- step videos on various protocols such as this Mirror Protocol UST video.

OccamFi had NO IDEA I was doing this video. I do not receive money from projects when I cover them. It’s 100% my decision because I am interested. These special videos actually COST ME money.

#Bitcoin smashes $17k!!! Media is silent… why this time is completely different than the last time $BTC was at these price levels. No major pullback in sight? Will #BTC see a new all time high this year? Why the next DeFi boom could be right around the corner!

Anthony Pompliano is an outspoken pioneer in crypto investing. Watch this video where he breaks down DeFi investing with celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary. Most people know about Bitcoin, DeFi takes it one step further. 

The purpose of DefiCrypto.Today is to help regular people learn how to how to reduce risk and increase profit in DEFI and crypto by eliminating technical jargon and making financial concepts understandable. We do a lot of step by step instructions to ensure that people can take full advantage of what DEFI protocols have to offer while reducing their risk.

Why is DeFi so popular?

With low barriers to entry as compared to traditional finance, DeFi and DEXs around the world give easier access to cheaper credit, easy lending and borrowing activities – changing the landscape of the traditional financial systems. One of the most impactful use cases of DeFi has been in the insurance industry.


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