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    Cryptocurrency Newsletters


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    What is a Crypto Newsletter?

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    In the realm of crypto, staying on top of the latest news, updates and happenings is a must. The Crypto Market is constantly evolving and reshaping itself to cope up with the latest trends. Consequently, it is hard to stay up to date in the buzzing world of Crypto & Blockchain.

    The Crypto Markets are ‘booming’ and followers of the industry are wondering just how ‘big’ the space could become. With each passing day, a major announcement is made, be it a certain Central Bank announcing its intentions to create its very own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or a new upgrade to the Blockchain systems such as Ethereum’s London Hard Fork – staying on top of all Crypto News is a must. This article will make it easy for you to follow along.

    The best way of staying on top of everything is by following a Crypto Newsletter where you can receive daily updates about the space in general. The following is a round up of the best newsletters carefully chosen by a team of crypto experts that you can rely on about the evolving space.

    Best Investor and Influencer Experts Crypto Newsletter

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    We also have a comprehensive list of rankings of the top influencers, investors, thought leaders and projects across multiple industries that are crowdsourced. Each list is rated & reviewed by their industry peers to make these lists the most authoritative in the industry.
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    Best Crypto Newsletter

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    Coindesk is a digital media website specializing in Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies and is one of the most prominent crypto and blockchain news sites in the world. Founded by entrepreneur Shakil Khan in 2013 and acquired by Digital Group in 2013 – a Venture Capital Company based in New York and investing in digital currencies – the news site lives up to its reputation and precedence.
    Unlike most newsletters, Coindesk puts out not one but six different newsletters, each of which aggregates different types of information and allows you to subscribe for content that eagers you the most.
    Screenshot 2021 08 08 At 11.41.58 PM 1024x394
    Screenshot 2021 08 08 At 11.41.30 PM 1024x383
    Coindesk has an array of articles and content to read on, covering not only crypto technicals and fundamentals but also focuses on market sentiment as well as recently launching a separate newsletter for popular CryptoCurrency, Ethereum (known as Valid Points). Published every Wednesday, the newsletter covers problems facing the crypto and its fate in an era where multiple Blockchains are available as alternatives.
    The news site publishes content on almost a daily basis and should among be the top Newsletters you should subscribe to as reading its informative content could prove fruitful and enlighten you on the latest happenings around the space globally.

    Best Crypto Capital Markets Newsletter

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    Bloomberg is perhaps best known as a media company based in New York that provides worldwide news based on statistical data. Taking its roots from being a company providing software-based services, all of its content is backed by a thorough analysis and data to ensure that the news you receive is accurate and up to par with reality.
    Owing to the ‘Crypto Surge,’ Bloomberg recently launched its very own Crypto Newsletter that is published on a monthly basis.
    Screenshot 2021 08 09 At 9.32.39 PM 1024x493
    Whether you’re a beginner to the world of crypto or have been a supporter from the start, Bloomberg’s Crypto Newsletter covers a diverse range of topics – from regulatory concerns in the U.S to fundamentals and how to get started with owning Bitcoin – the newsletter is among the top in its category. Bloomberg also tracks the progress of Crypto Capital funds like GrayScale and Point 72 Ventures.
    However, Bloomberg requires a subscription before you can access its content – the subscription itself isn’t costly, raking it at a mere $2 per month, it is affordable in comparison with its counterparts.

    Best Crypto Investor Newsletter

    CoinSnacks is a Cryptocurrency Investment newsletter known for having a weekly edition of newsletters. It prides itself on being the go-to media site for your basic Crypto News requirements and sending you the “only need-to-know crypto news once every week.”
    Screenshot 2021 08 09 At 5.36.40 PM 1024x498
    Publishing content on an exclusively weekly basis allows it to better understand the Crypto Market and hence ensuring quality over quantity. Moreover, it also has exclusive content for its subscribers, is well-researched and provides valuable insights into the realm of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.
    You can expect a newsletter to be composed of several sections such as Must Read, Sponsored, Regulatory, Charts, etc. However, do note that although CoinSnacks is a weekly newsletter, it does not have any predetermined delivery day – so be sure to check your inbox.

    Best Crypto Insider Newsletter

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    Chain Letter is MIT’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain’s very own Newsletter, publishing crypto content every Thursday.
    What makes Chain Letter stand out is that it has a different Crypto and Blockchain focus each week, each with a different theme ensuring that you always have an appetite for staying up to date on its newsletter.
    Screenshot 2021 08 09 At 3.39.58 PM 1024x481
    Even though Chain Letter has a paid subscription, its content is worth the price tag and has broken down each Blockchain segment into categories where you can read up on each of them individually.
    Taking its origins from being founded by a prestigious institution, Chain Letter has insights on each article along with thorough research from the perspective of both sides of the story. This combination gives you an excellent insight into the far and wide corners of the Cryptocurrency world.

    Best Crypto Beginner Newsletter

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    CoinMarketCap is perhaps known as the world’s most popular coin tracking site and is used for tracking the prices of crypto assets in the rapidly changing, volatile crypto ecosphere. As you may have expected, the Crypto Market’s largest tracking site brings you the latest updates, news, AMA’s, airdrops, Technical Analysis, and events directly to your inbox so you never miss out on any trending topic.
    CoinMarketCap’s newsletter is ideal for beginners as the technical knowledge required to interpret most articles is relatively low but is equally educational. In addition, you can also learn about the hottest and trending Crypto Projects while earning a nice reward on the side as a bonus.
    Screenshot 2021 08 09 At 3.27.58 PM 1024x426

    Best NFT Newsletter

    The trend for Non-Fungible-Tokens is booming and being led by popular NFT collection, Cryptopunks. Even the cheapest CryptoPunk NFT will set you back a whopping $30,000 and with an Ethereum whale recently placing bids worth $6M in Ethereum for 16 of the set. If you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest related to the space, what better Newsletter to follow than the most popular NFT Marketplace, Opensea?
    Screenshot 2021 08 09 At 5.18.42 PM 1024x495
    OpenSea’s blog has it all, from interviews of aspiring artists (some of which have sold NFT’s ranging in the thousands of $) to exclusive NFT collections, the NFT Marketplace has a curated selection of the finest blogs so be sure to give it a read!

    Other Notable Crypto Newsletters

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    Telegram has become the go-to messaging platform for the crypto industry. These groups we’ve highlighted are great places to start where you can freely share your thoughts on a particular Crypto project or blockchain initiative, read the latest news, ask questions, and stay on top of the latest happenings within the crypto industry.

    Conclusion on Best Crypto Newsletters

    Cryptocurrency Newsletters

    While there is no such thing as the ‘Best Crypto Newsletter,’ Crowdcreate has put together a list that’s been curated by crypto experts around the world as their favorites. It’s up to you to put in the effort and find the one that’s best suited to your needs and tailored to your preferences. Each Crypto Newsletter has a different style and approach so be sure to familiarize yourself with their content and sign up on several ones at once to understand what you’re the most comfortable reading.

    Some crypto newsletters focus on NFT’s, while others on crypto prices. At Crowdcreate, we allow you to leverage the power of the crowd and get insights from all the top thought leaders in the industry..

    Do you want your crypto project featured on some of the top newsletters ? We here at Crowdcreate can do exactly that, so be sure to reach out to our team where we can help with crypto marketing and growing crypto communities.


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