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5 Ways to Build a Cryptocurrency Community

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Building a cryptocurrency community is incredibly important for your business

There is a reason why I write so often aboutcryptocurrency community managers and engagement targeting your crypto community.

There are tons of reasons why building a cryptocurrency community is so important. One, it allows you to keep an eye on what type of audience your project is reaching. Two, you can use it as a communication portal for customer support issues. Three, it can be a great means of spreading PR, marketing assets, and engagement pieces. The list continues for eons, but the main point is that having a cryptocurrency community can only benefit you.

Without a cryptocurrency community, your ICO will have absolutely 0 participants showing up during your main sale. I mentioned this in a lot of my crypto-focused articles, but your cryptocurrency community is an easy benchmark to measure how successful your platform will be. If you haven’t considered setting aside some ICO marketing budget for building a cryptocurrency community, you must consider it. 

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Traditional Telegram Cryptocurrency Community

There is a reason why Telegram ICO community management is so prominent with ICOs. Telegram is brilliant at keeping their communications open ended while also curbing your interaction with trolls. They have an easy interface that your cryptocurrency community neophytes can easily learn. Crypto veterans will most likely already be familiar with how Telegram works, which is a bonus as well.

In fact, most cryptocurrency community fanatics will question the legitimacy of your project if you don’t already have a Telegram. The easy two way communication that Telegram allows gives users a sense of connection with the core teams. These participants end up staying because they know that they will get the highest quality answer from the most important people on the project they are about to spend money on.

Using Telegram as the foundation for your cryptocurrency ICO community is a great option. Telegram itself has a great team with the technical savvy to understand the position they’re in. The Telegram company itself has launched an ICO! They completely understand how communication works in their channel during these sales. I highly recommend you start Telegram as your basis for your cryptocurrency ICO community.

Influencer Outreach

I love writing about influencers because I know how powerful they can be. CEO’s and developers look down on these social media moguls without realizing what their doing. Influencers are some of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.

There are creative ways to tap into an influencer’s community and turn it into your own. A great example of this is MKBHD and his deal with Tesla. Marques Brownlee is a well known tech YouTuber with millions of followers. About three years ago, he started releasing videos showcasing his love and excitement for Tesla vehicles. The Tesla Company found out and sent him marketing materials and subsidized his content. This partnership led to massive amounts of MKBHD subscribers to follow Tesla.

While Tesla was already an established company when they partnered with Brownlee, the strategy remains ever efficient. Tapping into established YouTuber may be the key to dominating your ICO community space. These guys already have a cryptocurrency community built. They can tap into that cryptocurrency community so that you don’t personally have to.

This follows my favourite rule of ICO Startups: Don’t build structure if someone’s already built it and you can afford it. You simply don’t have the time.

Winning Competitions

Check out this interaction I had with one member of my vast cryptocurrency community.

This image should prove something to you if you’re keeping up with my articles at all. This image holds the proof in the pudding about how important having a cryptocurrency community is to your ICO. It proves that a healthy community will always try to help the team out whether it brings leads or partnerships. The second thing it proves is that winning competitions really boost your visibility.

Winning competitions increases your presence in cryptocurrency communities for two main reasons. One, it’s an awesome way to get some free PR. Publications are likely to write about a project winning hackathons than a project by itself. By gaining visibility, you can grow and kick start your cryptcurrency community.

Two, it gives social proof to the team and platform.  Prestigious hackathons are weary of scammers so the process of even competing vets a team. People can trust the Ethereum organization to vet the correct people. In addition, getting first place gives a direct benchmark on how good the project is. People will already know your development skills and are much more likely to stay in your cryptocurrency community.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

Previous Cryptocurrency Community Members

Previous cryptocurrency community members are a great way to give your cryptocurrency community a little boost. As a community manager, I let my most loyal members know in private when I start a new project. While the numbers have been initially small, they are getting larger by the week. Cryptocurrency community members are willing to trust their cryptocurrency community manager.

Do you follow any influencers? I always make sure to look for good reviews on the internet before I buy any product. I am further prone to purchase something if there is a lot of people with the product prior to my discovery. The same logic applies to ICOs.

This is actually one of the easiest ways to get people into your neophyte community. People are prone to follow the leader and his recommendations due to a psychological process called transference. Sigmund Freud found that people respond to transference in a paternal or maternal light. According to Harvard Business Review, CEO’s and people in traditional business settings tend to show paternal transference. I believe this is what happens when people follow my ICO reviews and recommendations.

Outsourcing your ICO Crypto Community

If you simply cannot find the time or energy to structure your ICO Cryptocurrency community, you always have the option of outsourcing the work. Outsourcing community management is an excellent choice for a multitude of reasons. First, they already have the structure so that you won’t need to build it. My company Crowdcreate can switch in and out of different projects with ease. We are always on the lookout for new community managers so that we can staff our clients to their liking.

Second, many agencies are already in a lot of cryptocurrency communities and have access to a lot of members. These agencies can harness the power of their communities in order to bring yours up to standard. This means people joining, community feedback, and influencer recommendation among others.

Third, they know what they’re doing. We get thousands of questions every single day that we log and track. We have lots of potential interaction and systems in place to deal with emergencies.

A lot of agencies have worked with ICO companies before and can tailor their style to you. I truly recommend outsourcing your community management. It might be the best investment you ever make for your startup.

A Cryptocurrency Community Is Important For Your ICO

If there is one point that I can leave you with is that having a cryptocurrency community is incredibly important. It can make or break your sale days and carry you over tough times. If you haven’t already come check out Crowdcreate. We can give you hard metrics and show you what a successful cryptocurrency community looks like. At the end of the day, regardless of your partnership with us, we urge you to look at starting a cryptocurrency community.


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