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Best Crypto Subreddits to Join

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What is Crypto Reddit?

Introduction to Crypto Subreddits

Reddit has been the go-to platform for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts. With 52 million active users and ranked as the tenth most popular Social Media platform in the U.S, it boasts a wide array of Crypto Communities – from Bitcoin Maximalists to those chasing after the next Moonshots – Reddit certainly holds influence within the Crypto Realm.

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Best Crypto Subreddits to Join

The beauty of Reddit is that it has a plethora of Subreddits, there is a decent chance that you’re likely to find the Crypto Community of your choice, hence you can enhance your knowledge of specific Crypto topics that interests you the most. Even if you’re searching Crypto Reddit for Memes, you’re guaranteed to have a well-spent time. The following is a comprehensive list of the best Subreddits out there.

Which Crypto Reddit Subreddit’s Should I Follow?

The Subreddit where it all began. Known as the OG Crypto Sub and made exclusively for those interested in Bitcoin and what it has to offer. The subreddit is ideal for beginners and amateurs alike willing to learn more about Cryptocurrency – be it memes, discussions, or analysis.

Unfortunately, r/bitcoin is only restricted to Bitcoin, and any altcoin-related talk is simply deleted so be sure to be cautious of this rule.

What is the Hottest Crypto on Reddit?

Fairly recently, the title of the largest Crypto Subreddit had been enjoyed by r/Bitcoin until it had been overthrown by r/CryptoCurrency. Its popularity has risen massively over the years as its role has been changed from acting as a platform to contemplate the future of cryptocurrencies to acting as a platform for advising of how they could manage their finances properly. Although this sub may have slightly looser restrictions on what you can talk about, any discussions apart from the top Crypto Coins are deleted.

Content within the community is rewarded via Reddit’s infamous ‘Community Points’ and in the case of r/CryptoCurrency, it’s known as ‘moons.’

Which Crypto Should you Invest in on Reddit?

All content on this website and also on Reddit is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained on our website constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by any third-party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in this or in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

Should you Trust Reddit Crypto Advice?

The popular Ethereum investment community that’s fond of everything Ethereum, wondering what life would be like if ETH went to the ‘moon’ and has an appetite for Memes, unlike no other subreddit. This is evident since most of the content in this Sub shared is a meme.

What makes EthTrader stand out is the fact that its native cryptocurrency, donuts has a use case, i.e via which banners on the Subreddit can be purchased. Donuts are rewarded to the community for engagement and can be bought on popular ERC-20 dApp exchange UniSwap. The banner is awarded to the highest bidder, more information is shared here.

An example of a banner is as follows:

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What is the Hottest Crypto on Reddit?

If Crypto Reddit had a decentralized currency of its choice, this would surely be it! Ranking in with a staggering 2.1M subscribers (or as the Subreddit calls it, ‘Subshibers’) and sometimes even mentioned by the great ‘Elon Musk’ himself, the Subreddit is definitely popular among Redditors.
Dubbed as the ‘People’s Crypto’ and inspired by dogs, memes of these cute, furry animals are at the very centre of almost every conversation. Typical posts include inspiring fellow dogecoiners to ‘HODL to the Moon,’ memes in tribute to Elon Musk and inspirational posts from holding dogecoin.

How to Trade Crypto Reddit?

Founded principally by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community and is a smaller sibling of r/bitcoin. The Subreddit claims that it was creators after moderators of r/bitcoin began censoring content and banning users they disagreed with. Hence, the BCH community was aggravated because of r/bitcoin’s rule of having a strict ‘no altcoin’ policy so as a last resort they created their own community. It claims to be a platform where users can post freely without retaliation due to its past history.

Typical posts in the community include the technology of BCH, why it acts as a solid alternative to Bitcoin (i.e. low fees and scalability) the latest developments for Cryptocurrencies. However, discussions can be technical so this may not be the ideal subreddit for amateurs.

Read its mission statement (highlighted in the image below)

Where to trade Crypto Reddit?

Finally, a popular Crypto Subreddit where you can take about your favourite altcoin! Do exercise caution though as hardcore shilling may land you in hot waters. However, informational posts about what makes certain projects unique and how they are solving a given flaw (be it in DeFi or CeFi) are welcomed. This subreddit is perfect for those that are somewhat new to crypto since the level of technical knowledge required to understand certain posts is relatively low.
However, this particular Subreddit may not be as active as some more accomplished ones so be sure to visit some other ones too. Most of the content is also limited to links.

Can Crypto Make you Rich on Reddit?

No Crypto Subreddits list would be complete without the addition of a sub where Moonshots are frequently shared. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find the next ‘CryptoMoonShot’ here. However, do tread with caution since the likelihood of several coins ending up as a rug pull is high.

Nevertheless, despite its drawbacks, it has been the go-to platform for sharing low market cap coins. A typical moonshot post includes details of the coin, why it was founded, Social Media links, and Tokennomics. Posts that get a good amount of upvotes are guaranteed to have at least a thousand impressions with interests from ‘Moonshot Seekers.

What is Crypto NFT Reddit?

The trend for Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT’s) has gone mainstream and Reddit is no exception. In case you’re wondering what NFT’s are, they’re basically digital artworks minted as an NFT and certified by the Blockchain (such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc) as Proof Of Work (POW) to prevent copy right infringement. Ownership of NFT’s can be transferred to and from wallets or traded on NFT Marketplaces (such as Opensea, Rarible, etc)
The Subreddit has been a popular place to promote one’s NFT as doing so pitches your artwork to potential buyers and increases your exposure. Regardless if you own NFT’s or not, the community is engaging and some artworks are definitely mind-blowing. Be sure to have a look at some of the NFT’s on display!
An example of the NFT on display on r/NFT is as follows:

How to Mine Crypto Reddit?

When browsing through Crypto Reddit, it is almost impossible to overlook a mining-specific Subreddit. The bitcoin mining community claims to be a community that is “Turning Computers Into Cash Since 2011.” This community may not be ideal for amateurs in the space as it talks about jargon like, “hash power, validators, mining pools, etc” and might be a bit technical at first look.

However, in the event that you’re a miner, do consider joining this Subreddit as it would better help you understand and grasp of the issues at hand facing Bitcoin miners. A keen debate has been to focus on mining Bitcoin entirely on renewable energy as doing so not only preserves the environment’s wellness but also improves the outlook of Bitcoin itself.

Where to Stake Crypto Reddit?

Although this Subreddit may not have as many followers as its counterparts in this list, r/DeFi is an untapped gem; the Subreddit is ideal for DeFi amateurs and gurus alike. Typical posts include common questions on DeFi and farming such as a guide on impermanent losses, how to enhance one’s knowledge about the space, etc. If you have any questions related to the sector, don’t be shy to make a post regarding it. No question is too dumb or technical to ask this community.

The best part of joining the community is that it allows you to ask questions related to specific DeFi based Cryptocurrencies, regardless if they are relatively unknown and have a considerably low market cap.

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What is DeFi Crypto Reddit?

If r/DeFi had a younger sibling, this would be it. Unlike its counterpart, it allows members of the community to share links from third-party websites at their free will.

Prominent discussions include the future of DeFi and what it would look like. After all, DeFi has a solid use case and perhaps the ability to outstrip and overtake our traditional financial systems if it were provided with the rails and support needed.

Conclusion on Top Crypto Subreddits

Unlike other Social Media Platforms for talking about Cryptocurrencies, Reddit has a diverse and broad community that explains why its crypto communities have witnessed exponential growth in its number of users; it’s educational, entertaining, and a true community for people to network with each other.
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