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From 30-day yoga challenges, yoga for digestive flow, bedtime yoga, to expert practices and intense meditation sessions, you can find any kind of practice from yoga YouTubers to fit your needs. It is so much better without expensive yoga studio memberships, crowded group classes, and that feeling of looking out of place. With hundreds of yoga videos, you can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank.

What is a Yoga influencer?

Yoga influencers provide motivation for fitness, but in doing so they also motivate a constant journey to a more positive, healthy, spiritual life. Because yoga influencers guide their lives by spiritual values, they can be trusted for high authenticity.

Yoga Influencers

These Yoga Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Who is the most popular yoga Youtuber?

Who is the most famous yoga instructor?

Who is the most popular yoga teacher on YouTube?

Who is famous person in yoga?

What do you call a female yoga instructor?

What is a yoga master called?

Does yoga reduce weight?

List of Top Yoga Influencers

Adriene Mishler is an international yoga teacher, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. On a mission to make tools for mental, emotional, and physical health accessible for all.
Boho Beautiful is a travel, yoga and lifestyle brand founded by Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk creating positive content for the body, mind and earth.
Canadian yogi Kassandra has over 10 years’ experience as a certified yoga instructor who specializes in Yin Yoga and is the author of ‘restore balance with Yin Yoga”. She does not just stick to Yin Yoga though, she has videos on power, restorative, and hatha yoga in addition to workouts for every fitness goal including developing strength, flexibility and core. 55
Is renowned for her yoga stretching videos, which are fantastic for increasing your suppleness, de-stressing and relieving tense muscles.
A famous Australian fitness model and yoga instructor who is well known for her fitness along with physical well-being. She begins to do Yoga to know her inner peace, which she has lost at the wrong time. She was motivated by the people and the picture she used to see on her social media account.
An internationally beloved health and wellness maven with a passion for helping everyone she encounters — both in her classes and off the mat — manifest their dreams. In her life, yoga was the game-changer that helped her articulate and actualize her own and it is through her yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and online content that she aims to help others find health and happiness.
This channel is perfect if you have confidence and anxiety issues surrounding your physique or size. The clue is in the name “Body positive”, founded by Amber Karnes in 2012, Body Positive describes their channel as “for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners”.
She is an international yoga instructor and the writer behind the popular yoga lifestyle blog.. She owns a personal training and yoga studio in Ridgefield, CT called Intention Factor.
Tim’s creative and innovative yoga challenges and workouts, such as his famous 30-day yoga challenge, is what makes his channel one of the best YouTube yoga channels.
What is truly unique and admirable about this yoga fitness channel is that they have contributors from doctors, health coaches and yoga instructors, not just giving them a platform to reach their market, but for you to tap into multiple leading yoga experts.You will find videos for core, flexibility, strength, weight loss and even detox, but what the channel is great for is their workouts and guides for complete beginners that are easy to implement all from the comfort of your own home.

How do I Become a Yoga influencer?

  • Get everything you need.
  • Stand out.
  • Create an Instagram business account.
  • Consistently post Instagram content using relevant hashtags.
  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Market your pages using paid ads and giveaways.
  • Listen to feedback.
  • Collaborate and network.

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A certified instructor registered with Yoga Alliance and earned her 200-hour certificate through YogaWorks in 2006 and went on to complete my 300-hour training to become E-RYT 500 certified. Now she lead 200-hour certification programs and teaches in the 300 hour program. Her teaching style was an infusion of meditative and flowing Vinyasa classes with yoga philosophy, concise technical alignment, and some heart-felt humor.
Like Shilpa Shetty explains, “Everyone wants to feel and look good and she discovered something that did both, Yoga and completely overwhelmed by the beauty and power of it.
Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga, widely known for its unpretentious, inclusive, and straightforward approach to yoga and meditation. Strala Yoga combines the movement wisdom of tai chi with the forms of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a way to help people release stress, heal, and move more easily through all kinds of challenges.
Bird is a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher living in Canada who found a passion for helping others find inner peace, self love and happiness through the practice of Yoga & Meditation. She is known for her gentle approach to teaching and her restorative style yoga classes.
Wife, mama, self-growth student, yoga seeker & 500HR RYT, retreat leader and the founder of a tight-knit online yoga community: the Body Mind Soul Studio. She specializes in holistic yoga for body, mind & soul, the chakra system & helps shift from watered down yoga that narrowly focuses on fitness & poses to confidently leading a wholesome, fulfilling life by leveraging on & off the mat yoga practices.
An Australian personal trainer and yoga teacher. Her method, developed during her decade of teaching, combines weighted resistance training and cardio with her life-long passions – yoga and meditation – placing just as much importance on rest and recovery as hours in the gym in the pursuit of fitness.
A plus size yoga teacher who want everyone to see what a plus size lifestyle truly is and focused on holistic health, mindfulness and building confidence in others.
Sarah’s Method is a mind-body-spirit practice inspired by nature and natural body movement that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, storytelling and meditation into a regenerative and soothing practice. Her signature method is informed by the practice of Kemetic yoga (Smai Tawi), traditional Indian yoga, the movement of animals and the essence of nature’s elements of earth, fire, wind and water.
Srujana is from South India. Through her teaching she strives to communicate that yoga needs discipline and regular practice and not a “yoga body”. Her goal is to make every participant of her classes feel like they’ve accomplished something that day. Her practice is rooted in the classical yoga practices while specializing in prenatal and restorative yoga. She graduated from Aham Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2017 and is currently finishing up her 500 hour training.
Their mission is to help the world achieve greater well being, while being kind to our fragile planet. For a decade, they have been making high-quality, online yoga instruction accessible to everyone.
Cole Chance has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her to the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to yoga. Through her practice she has begun to understand, unravel, and explore the most fascinating of all landscapes – the inner one.

Looking For Yoga Influencers For Your Project?

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How do you Grow Yoga for Instagram?

  • Set your intention. Start your process exactly how you would start a yoga class.
  • Be consistent. This may sound pretty obvious, but consistency is key.
  • Create “save-able” content.
  • Use the right hashtags.
  • Give Instagram stories a try.
  • Focus on your brand.
  • Participate in challenges.

Yoga Influencers

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