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The following van life build YouTube channels are great resources to learn more information about what van life is like, the costs and pricing associated with it, and the pros and cons of saying goodbye to conventionality and heading out for a life on the road if you are an aspiring road warrior and explorer. Many van lifers create useful videos showing what life is actually like for van-dwellers and share how to design your own van.

How Much Does it cost to Build a Van Life?

It’s a story that’s engrained in #VanLife lore: Dreaming of something different, an outdoorsy couple quits two successful engineering jobs and sells their house—with nearly everything in it.

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Van Life Build

These Van Life Build Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Who is the best van life Youtuber?

How much does it cost to build a van life?

How much money do you need to start living in a van?

Can you realistically live in a van?

Is van life cheaper than renting?

How do van lifers make money?

How can I live in a van with no money?

List of Van Life Build YouTube Channels

A creative husband and wife digital nomad travel duo currently working and traveling full time with their pup Kramer from a small-town in Tennessee with passion for all things travel.
Maker of savage vans. Documenting every step of his sprinter van conversion to learn from his mistakes. His goal is to inspire you to build and travel in the home of your dreams.
Passionate about all things tiny living with tiny homes, school bus conversions, camper vans, ambulance and box truck conversions, RV’s, shipping containers and so much more.
They live on a giant Floating Orb which they call FLORB. Dylan Magaster, Jackson Peters and Sitara Shakti make up the team. Alternative Living Spaces is where you can find unique dwellings, Tiny Houses, Van Conversions, and more.
Their channel is about cool campers, travel and RV living. If you enjoy RV tours and travel in different types of recreational vehicles this is the best channel.
They have crafted some incredibly unique van builds in the past. Seth and Scarlett of Louis the Van dub themselves boutique van builders. Rather than do custom builds for a client, they use their artistic freedom to create vans then put up for sale.
A Youtuber whose interest in rock climbing found him a passion in converting vans into self-sufficient campervans: a way to travel cheaper. His expertise and previous Industrial Designer experience, encouraged him to create guided videos on Youtube where he has accumulated over 385K Subscribers.
They travel full-time in their DIY campervan with their cat, Millie, but since Covid-19 hit, they started focusing their time on electric bikes, a new van build, reviewing Van Tours, and converting a junkyard into a tiny house homestead.
Vancity Vanlife from Vancouver Canada shares their travels and journey while they live full-time in a 2004 Ford E250 Extended cargo van. They want to inspire someone everyday to wake up and be true to who they are, to live the life they want and not to live a single day hiding the true person they are inside.
A content creator and a comedian who decided to live in a self-built van that’s become his tiny home on wheels for the last two and a half years. He wanted to inspire those that feel uninspired.

Is Van life difficult?

Vanlife is a lot of hard work.

You’re always going things like finding water, parking, and dump stations (if you have an RV toilet). Every time you drive (even if just for a few blocks), you have to make sure your van is all secured and drive-ready.

Looking For Van Life Build Influencers For Your Project?

Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and creators get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.
After converting 2 vans for them to travel the US & Canada, they settled down in Boise Idaho, opened their own custom van conversion shop, and started their family. They now have converted over a dozen vans for clients, and they love to share helpful tips for those interested in Van Life.
Set up by Harrison Cook and Nicky Horsley, The Vanbitious Project has followed their journey through converting an old 2008 (ex) Ford Transit Minibus into a liveable space that will follow them on their journey as they trek across Europe.
They want to show their fans all kinds of vans from across the globe, ranging from luxury VW buses to DIY projects that were found in forgotten forests. Van Clan has quickly taken off and gained tens of thousands of members within its first week, and now they are the No.1 source for all things van life related.
Jonnie gives a tour of her Ram Promaster builds. She did the conversion on her own. When she’s not working, she lives in her van. She has built a YouTube channel around her inspirational and informative van life adventures.

Is Van life doable?

Yes, living in a van can be realistic. It takes planning and not all people will be able to do it, but you can make it possible if you’re keen on it. If you are ready to downsize, living in a van can be a great way to save money and travel within a budget.

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