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What is the concept of “PLAY TO EARN”. It's a revolution that combines gaming with real cash rewards for playing. It's a way for people to earn a living by gaming.

Are Play to Earn Games Legit?

And there is. On the plus side, P2E games are legit. There is a growing number of games that are, indeed, paying users to play. The downside is that many P2E games have a “You have to spend money to make money” vibe to ’em.

How we Rank these Play to Earn Influencers

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking investors, founders, and influencers who rank at the top of their list.

2.) The number of deals or investment size. How active are these investors?

3.) ROI. How good are these influencers’ returns on investment? Do they have the Midas touch and spotting the best deals?

4.) Social Influence. When they speak, do people listen?

5.) Community involvement. How active are they in giving back to the community?

Play to Earn

These Play to Earn Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

What are Play to Earn crypto?

Can you make money on play-to-earn crypto?

What is the benefits of play-to-earn games?

Can you make money with P2E?

How much can you make from P2E?

How do play-to-earn companies make money?

What games can earn money?

List of Top Play to Earn Influencers

On Chain Gaming is a 26 year old who loves investing, crypto, science fiction and gaming. He feels lucky to be able to share his passion thru his videos. Ready Player One is one of his favorite books and blockchain games are bringer us closer to a Ready Play One style metaverse.
Cagyjan is also a practicalist. Instead of teaching you how to create or invest in bluechip NFTs, he has found a niche space earning real money from virtual video games. Games like Lost Relics and Chain Monster are taking things to the next level by utilizing NFT technology for in-game items. Learn to trade and hustle in this virtual world by mining NFTs in game.
Inspector Mindblow is a newcomer to the blockchain influencer space, but his content ranks among the best for those interested in NFTs. He also makes very unique content like paying somebody on FIVERR to make his altcoin picks. If you’re looking to create NFT’s, or interested in watching someone take on funky missions in crypto, Inspector Mindblow is the guy for you.
Early NFT & Cryptocurrency investor Shea Newkirk, or ‘Stache as most know him, has been creating crypto content since 2017. As a life-long gamer & creator, helping people understand NFTs, Play-To-Earn Crypto Gaming, and our future in the Metaverse is Shea’s true passion. While this passion started out as a one-man crusade to teach the masses about crypto, it has now blossomed into a juggernaut team of crypto visionaries.
Melos Crypto covers play to earn games from different Blockchains but mostly on Solana.
The Blockchain Gamer – Covers anything and everything about crypto and blockchain gaming.
Icaro is a blockchain developer and an NFT enthusiast. He created his channel with a mission to be the best Youtube channel to find Play to Earn NFT games.
Cryptopunk covers Play to Earn, Move to Earn, Upcoming Projects and Technology updates.
Pandapops loves gaming specially blockchain games and crypto space. She also streams over on Dlive about variety games and crypto related games.
Metaverse Investor – Covers both Mobile and Desktop, free-to-play and invest to play p2e games and how much you can earn by playing it.

How much can you make from P2E?

Since its launch the Battle the Oracle P2E game has been hugely popular and the average player stats include a win rate of 47%, a daily average earning of $6.63 a day, and a daily gameplay time of over one and a half hours. This works out to average hourly earnings of $4.12.

Looking For Play to Earn Influencers For Your Project?

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Can you make money with P2E?

Gamers under the P2E model can earn money from playing the games or performing services in the gaming universe using cryptocurrency. This unique community-driven business model gives the gamer the opportunity to collaborate more openly among gamers and developers to make contributions to the game.

Play to Earn

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