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The NFT market is driven by community members and user control.

They shape the future, and that’s the key to success with NFTs. Whether you’re an enthusiast, artist, collector, or reseller, a community is a necessary component of NFTs.
If you’re wondering what the best NFT Alpha groups are, we’re here to help. Each group on this list has unique attributes that make it ideal for different segments of the community, from artists and developers to investors and specific projects.
If you’re a project founder, one of the fastest ways to grow your project is to get it in front of NFT Alpha Groups that can help promote and support your project.
NFT Alpha Groups

What Is an NFT Alpha Group?

NFT Alpha groups are NFT Discord servers that offer exclusive, valuable information on virtually every aspect of the NFT world, including markets, projects, brands, and big names. These groups help members connect with one another and gather information on NFT projects, find and track whitelist opportunities, and learn about new developments in the market.
NFT Alpha Groups are comprised of investors, collectors, artists, creators, founders, developers, and more.
When you’re part of a community like this, you gain a competitive edge. You can learn from others and make smart buying decisions, exchange useful, exclusive information about NFTs, and track the movements of big collectors.

There are two types of Alpha groups:

  • Closed: This group only allows users by invite or approved access. Most of these groups need to pay a fee or must own an NFT for entry. Closed groups are smaller, tight-knit communities and tend to focus on niche topics in NFTs.
  • Public: A public Alpha group is open to anyone who wants to join. These communities tend to be large and offer Alpha on numerous NFT projects and events in the NFT space.
If you’re considering becoming part of an Alpha group, test it out with a public group first. You can get a feel for what it’s like to be in these groups before you front the money for access or an exclusive token.
Closed groups usually offer specific information, so consider your options and do your research to find the best option for your needs.
Whether you’re brand new or a self-proclaimed expert, being part of an Alpha group informs your financial decision and works to your advantage.

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What are the Top NFT Alpha Groups on Discord?

The top NFT Alpha Discord groups include:

  1. Dark Echelon
  2. NFT Alpha Club
  3. Champs Only
  4. Plug Pass
  5. The A-List
  6. Zerk Pass
  7. NFT Nato Alpha Pass
  8. Proof Collective
  9. BellaCiao Alpha Group
  10. NFT Caviar

Let’s take a deeper look into each of these top NFT Alpha Discord groups:

Dark Echelon is a collection of 1098 general and genesis pieces that are programmatically generated and living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Joining this Discord group offers benefits like:
  • Access to ZenTask
  • Use of custom in-built Discord market analytical tools
  • Daily analysis, discussions, and reviews
  • Access to a custom in-built Discord FOMO alert
  • Use of an in-built Discord wallet tracker
  • The Automated Contract minter and secondary auto-buy sniper
  • Whitelist allocations to big projects
  • Sophisticated NFT rarity, quick buy, and portfolio tracker extension
The catch is that you can only get these benefits by owning a Dark Echelon NFT.

NFT Alpha Club

The NFT Alpha Club is funded by Blockchain Brown, who offers an array of educational programs. The group is intended to teach users how NFTs work, how to create a wallet, and how to buy and sell NFTs.

Some other benefits include:

  • A weekly mastermind call
  • Access to Alpha Calendar, a tools that offers the top 10 NFT projects each month
  • Access the exclusive NFT Alpha whitelist
  • Opportunities to enter referral programs and virtual real estate programs

Champs Only

Champs Only is another NFT Alpha group with a lot of benefits. The group offers 1444 Champs Only passes that offer year-long access to NFT Discord servers and a number of NFT-related tools and features to expand your knowledge.

Champs Only
Joining the Champs Only NFT community includes:
  • Real-time mint alerts
  • Advanced integrated NFT tools
  • Whale wallet trackers
  • Smart money trade trackers
  • Whitelist spots on upcoming projects
  • Listing bots
  • Real-time updates on NFT-related market information
Champs Only
Plug Pass is a virtual NFT plug. Once you have the pass, you are granted access to exclusive NFT Discord servers, the Kosher Crew. There are 969 passes available for minting, meaning 969 opportunities to reap the rewards.
The Kosher Crew comes with a lot of perks, including:
  • Custom NFT guides
  • Insider team trades
  • Discord analysis and live market updates
  • NFT and crypto trading expert advice
  • Listing and sales tracking
  • Whitelist access to upcoming projects
The A-List
The A-List is an exclusive NFT Alpha group that was originally founded by an NFT trader and enthusiast, @SkiddilyNFT. The primary purpose of the group is to show value to members through an analytics perspective.
There are plenty of other benefits, however, including:
  • Alpha calls on NFT-related topics
  • Whitelist giveaways and raffles
  • An array of online Discord tools
  • Project reviews and tips
  • An excellent community for traders to learn and grow
Zerk Pass is a collection of 333 genesis. Owning a Zerk Pass gives you exclusive access to NFT Discord servers provided by NFTZerk and his team, plus a number of other benefits.
These include:
  • A range of Alpha call channels all over the world
  • Whitelist giveaways and raffles
  • Exclusive NFT trading tools
  • VC calls on a regular basis to discuss market news
Respected NFT Alpha Groups
Nato is an NFT collector that was giving Alpha away for free on YouTube. As he built a reputation, he developed a paid NFT Alpha group.
NFT Nato's

The NFT NATO CLUB is a membership that offers:

  • Access to the future NFT Nato sets
  • Private community chat and announcements
  • Exclusive NFT videos
  • Early access to partner NFT projects
Overall, this group has long-term credibility and focuses on building knowledge and financial security, rather than jumping from project to project.
With Platinum membership, you can get calls about NFTs from Nato and the group researchers.

PROOF Collective

PROOF is a podcast for in-depth NFT insights and coverage, including interviews with emerging and established NFT artists. The podcast covers everything from NFT art to gaming and Metaverse developers to tools for creators and collectors.
PROOF Collective
Hosted by serial entrepreneur and technology VC Kevin Rose, PROOF offers an Alpha group, Proof Collective. You must hold the PROOF Collective NFT for entry, but you gain benefits like:
  • Access to the private Discord
  • Early access to the PROOF podcast
  • Invites to in-person events
  • Access to collaborations created exclusively for Proof Collective members
BellaGio Alpha group was created by @Chiau_eth to bring together like-minded NFT flippers. The group is free to join, but if you want VIP benefits, you can subscribe. Some of these benefits include:
BellaCiao Alpha Group
  • Usage and sharing of NFT tools to aid in investment
  • Guaranteed whitelist giveaways and raffles with a new system that guarantees all VIPs win before the pool is reset
  • Telegram alerts of smart minter buys and whale-notable wallet purchases
  • Creation of VIP DAO, based on voting
  • Weekly livestream training/AMA on Sunday
  • Newsletter summary of the NFT market
  • Telegram announcement of Alpha plays and breakdown
  • Future whitelist for NFT projects
    Sniper tools
NFT Caviar is a lesser-known and more mysterious Alpha group. Though it claims to be one of the best groups you can join, the information on it is sparse. That said, it does have an NFT newsletter and exclusive criteria for gaining entry.
The group touts “alpha and good vibes.” Only the most-deserving “Chefs” may enter the “kitchen.”
WGMI Media

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Respected NFT Alpha Groups

How to Find the Best NFT Alpha GroupS

These are our top picks for NFT Alpha groups, but they’re not the only ones. Joining a lot of Alpha groups can become overwhelming quickly, so it’s best to narrow your choices and focus on the ones that best fit your needs and goals.
If you’re a project founder, contact our team at Crowdcreate who can help you find and connect with these NFT Alpha Groups.

Here are some questions to ask:

Find Trusted Crypto & NFT Influencers

If you don’t have your goals in mind, you won’t find the right Alpha group. Consider what you’re looking to learn, whether it’s a specific NFT project or information about new and upcoming NFT projects.

Start with influencers. Look for crypto influencers on Twitter that offer value and see if they have an Alpha group or Discord community.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Consider what you hope to gain from an Alpha group
  • Don’t buy into an Alpha group if you’re not confident in its validity otherwise you might get scammed
  • Spend some time on social media, follow people you like, and see how reliable the information is. If you find certain influencers resonate with you, see if they have an Alpha group.
  • Limit your Alpha groups to only a few. Too many is overwhelming and you’ll have a hard time gaining any value from them.
  • Take advantage of free Alpha on social media, podcasts, and public groups before making the leap to a closed group.

Alpha Group Comparison

Alpha Group Comparison

Find Your Alpha

Alpha offers an advantage in the NFT marketplace and opportunity others don’t have. Because of this, NFT Alpha is sought after by anyone in the market – for good reason.
These groups are a great start to getting your bearings in the rapidly growing world of NFTs.

Benefits of NFT Alpha Groups Include:

Calendar of Upcoming NFT Launches
Private Token Sale Offerings
Insider Information on News
Shared Due Diligence on Project Information

Find NFT & Crypto Investors

Most people looking for NFT Alpha Groups want to get connected to investors. Groups are formed for different reasons. Here at Crowdcreate we believe in being “Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together”.

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