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Near Crypto Wallets are digital wallets designed for securely storing, managing, and transferring Near Protocol’s native cryptocurrency, NEAR. These wallets offer features such as multi-account management, encryption, two-factor authentication, and staking for governance participation and rewards. Near Crypto Wallets provide a user-friendly interface accessible through web or mobile applications.

Top Near Wallets is the official wallet of near and a web-based cryptocurrency wallet designed for the NEAR Protocol, which is a blockchain platform for creating decentralized applications.

MyNearWallet is the official successor of the Official Wallet and acts as a web wallet that allows users to securely store and stake NEAR tokens and compatible assets.

Sender is a browser extension wallet built on NEAR. Sender makes it safe & easy for users to store, send, receive, stake, and swap tokens on NEAR blockchain. Their goal is to build a secure and smooth wallet for DeFi and NFT users.

Ledger provides a range of hardware wallets, including the Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Blue, which allow users to store their cryptocurrency holdings offline, providing added security against hacking attempts and other digital threats.

MetaMask users can swap NEAR tokens directly from their mobile or desktop wallet. This swap feature combines all information from the DEX aggregators, DEXs, and Market Makers. It helps to make sure that every user gets the best price at the lowest network or gas fees.

Trust Wallet is an easy to use multi-asset mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports both NEAR and Aurora, and which can connect with and trade over decentralised exchanges (DEX Wallet support).

A multi-currency web-based wallet that supports NEAR and other cryptocurrencies, with an easy-to-use interface.

Liquality is a Self-Custodial Multi-Chain Wallet that is 100% Open Source. One Wallet, All Chains, All NFTs. Use Liquality to hold and Swap 10,000+ Assets across 10+ Chains. Keep all your NFTs in one Gallery – regardless of the Chain.

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