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The Metaverse contains countless virtual worlds to explore. The metaverse can contain entire worlds due to the fact that it's a boundless 3D universe with no limits. And that doesn't just apply to the physical world. Social lives can also move seamlessly into the metaverse's world

Looking for the best metaverse virtual worlds, and perhaps you want to get into land NFTs? Look no further. Here we list best metaverse worlds with land NFTs, and each of them comes with tons of features and benefits.

How many Virtual Worlds are in the Metaverse?

NFT Worlds is a collection of 10,000 virtual worlds that exist as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each world is a limitless universe that can be built into anything a user can imagine. Built on top of Minecraft, each land plot is a mini-metaverse that users can craft, shape and design as they see fit.

Virtual Worlds

These Virtual World Developers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Is metaverse virtual world?

How many virtual worlds are in the metaverse?

Will metaverse be VR?

How do you create a virtual world in the metaverse?

Is the metaverse AR or VR?

Is metaverse real?

Is metaverse like Second Life?

List of Top Metaverse Virtual Worlds

The Sandbox
The Sandbox is the third-largest metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, share, and monetize their assets (like real estate) and gaming experiences. People can own assets, play, build, and own their properties and in-game assets in the virtual world.
axie infinity
There are tangible similarities to the giant gaming behemoths of Tamagotchi and Pokemon. Axie Infinity combines NFTs with a play-to-earn model, making it the perfect candidate for a major metaverse project. The monsters in the game are called Axie, and each Axie is a unique NFT.
The metaverse is an amalgamation of virtual reality and augmented reality where users live within a digital universe that extends beyond our physical universe. Decentraland is the first-ever blockchain-powered place in the metaverse, which was launched in February 2020
While metaverse platforms have stressed the importance of virtual reality (VR) and immersive experiences, Somnium Space is a metaverse with a different objective. It allows users to join in either through a downloadable VR client or a browser-based version to function like any other web app
A browser-based metaverse, Portals is an immersive social space where you can explore, make your own, and gather with others.
nifty island
Nifty Island is an open social gaming platform and virtual world being developed by Nyft Studios.
Cryptovoxels is a metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. This virtual world consists of real-life infrastructure like roads, buildings, lands, etc. Users can own land parcels & build structures on top of it. Ethereum can be used to purchase land parcels.
ember sword
Ember Sword is an NFT-based MMORPG created by Bright Star Studios. The game is aiming to create an open, immersive virtual world that integrates Immutable X NFTs. After a $204 million land sale in 2021, Bright Star is aiming for a full release by the end of 2023.
Aavegotchi is a crypto collectible game built on Ethereum where participants can purchase and grow Aavegotchis, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) avatars used to explore and interact with Aavegotchi’s digital universe. Each Aavegotchi avatar is a digital collectible that has unique attributes defined by a rarity score.
Treeverse is an upcoming free-to-play, play-to-earn (P2E) MMORPG built on Ethereum and developed by Endless Clouds (previously Mooner Labs). The leader behind the project is Loopify, an NFT artist who first gained prominence through the NFTrees project.

How do you create a virtual world in the metaverse?

How to build a metaverse virtual world?

  • Step 1: Choose a metaverse platform.
  • Step 2: Design the metaspace.
  • Step 3: Build an interaction layer.
  • Step 4: Build an interoperability layer. Let’s dig deeper and understand what needs to be done in each step.

Ready to Make the Move to the Metaverse?

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MetaMundo is a platform where 3D creators can mint their 3D assets as #NFTs & sell, auction or license them to collectors & game builders, empowering architects, designers, & #3Dcreators to mint, sell & license their 3D assets for use across open #metaverse & VR/AR applications.
highstreet metaverse
Highstreet is a play-and-earn open-world metaverse that incorporates shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional brands, and crypto brands with an MMORPG game. Users can play to earn by completing quests, attending social events, socializing with players, and shopping for NFTs from real-world brands.
wilder world
This includes Wilder World, a 5D metaverse project created for NFT-focused artists. It aims to be a liquid Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for artists and creators. This virtual reality is where artists of all kinds can show off their work.
Dvision Network
The Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. The Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse.
DeHorizon is a prospective metaverse game ecosystem led by a group of gaming veterans who previously held roles at Riot, Dungeons & Dragons, and Blizzard, as well as web3 experts who have years of experience in the fintech and blockchain industries.
Big Time
Big Time is an upcoming free-to-play* and play-to-earn* multiplayer action-adventure RPG for PC, integrating blockchain (ETH) and NFT technology protocols that enable players to own and trade what they earn or buy in game for cryptocurrency (ETH-convertible).
cradles origin of species
Cradles is the first time-lapsing metaverse game – a living, breathing virtual world that continues to evolve and progress, simulating the laws of time and physics just like in real life.
Mirandus is an epic fantasy RPG set in a unique world with great cities ruled by five kings. These five player monarchs decide the course of their world, allowing other players to join their realm in order to complete unique adventures. One of the best things about Mirandus is the absolute freedom this game provides.
BYO in BYOsomething is short for Blue, Yellow, Orange and hints to the alternate erality. In BYOVerse (sometimes BYOPills) you can own land which can be aquired under OpenSeas’ BYOLand to be use when the experience is release. In BYOVerse the crypto untiltiy token Tryptamine or $TRYP will be how you get around, you can play to earn more or consume them.
Pixelynx is a new venture that is focussed on blurring the lines between music, blockchain and gaming. We are building technology and acquiring equity in a range of startups that will form the foundation of how music is experienced in the metaverse.
Realm is a cross-chain based NFT platform where designers, artists and developers can build their own personal metaverses, curate NFT exhibitions and events, and trade NFTs, NFTix and on-chain genetic pets.
angelic metaverse
Metaverse Game Studios is a cross-platform game development and publishing company. Currently, we are working on Angelic, a narrative multiplayer Strategy RPG backed by the blockchain and set in a collaborative sci-fi metaverse.
Derby Stars is the first horse racing metaverse game to run on the Terra blockchain. Players can level-up, breed and trade horses, as well as interact in-game in various ways with other users.

Is Metaverse Built on Blockchain?

Web 3.0 will be the foundation for the metaverse. It will consist of blockchain-enabled decentralized applications that support an economy of user-owned crypto assets and data.

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How Can Businesses Get Started in the Metaverse?

Big brands may be preparing for a future in the Metaverse, but it’s not that simple for smaller businesses. Entrepreneurs need to future-proof their businesses by preparing for the lines between physical and virtual worlds to blur.
Though it may seem promising, the Metaverse isn’t a guarantee. No one knows if it will truly be the next big technological revolution, so it’s best for businesses to prepare and understand the risks and rewards.

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