Top Home Workout Influencer

Top Home Workout Influencer

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A home workout is a great way to exercise and stay healthy. It’s also a great way to get in some exercise when you are feeling lazy or when you’re just not in the mood for going to the gym. If you’re not sure what exercises you should do, check out this article.

Is it Effective to Workout at Home?

Working out at home can be just as effective. While a gym provides a dedicated space, home workouts offer more flexibility and can be more efficient. It all depends on how you use your time and equipment to maximize your effort. It’s convenient.

Home Workout

List of Top Home Workout Influencer

Chris Heria a popular American Fitness instructor and is the founder and CEO of ThenX fitness program. He has founded multiple fitness businesses including the Calisthenics Academy, Miami Trainer, Calisthenics Evolution Institute, Weightvest, Heria Shop, and Heria Pro fitness app.
Started her youtube channel in april 2017 to share with the world what she believe in – that fitness and health can be for everyone, and that anyone can also take control of their life. she also wanted to share her bulimia recovery story to help whoever out there was going through similar battles with eating disorders.
Jordan Yeoh is a fitness instructor, born on 2 August 1987 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jordan is passionate about fitness and upload fitness tips videos on his YouTube channel Jordan Yeoh Fitness.
The BeautyFit Channel covers Sports, Home Workouts, Health And Beauty.
Allblank TV covers Homeworkout with beautiful background and offers free workout program.
Her YouTube channel is where she post real time, at home workouts. Her goal is to help inspire everyone at all fitness levels to get up, get moving and reacg ther goals.
TikTok star known for her diet and fitness videos. She also posts dance and motivation content. She has over 360,000 followers and 4.7 million likes. Born on August 4, 1995, Pernilla Stryker hails from , United States.
Lose weight and get lean with simple video workouts at home.
Lilly Sabri is the founder of Lean with Lilly. She is a Chartered Physiotherapist since 2010, APPI Pilates instructor, Fitness, Heath and Lifestyle Influencer. Over the years, she have educated and empowered hundreds of thousands of people around the world to live a healthier lifestyle in a way that encourages increased body confidence regardless of shape, size and fitness level.
Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor. Her goal is for her viewers to accomplish their health and fitness goals so they can not only look amazing but also feel amazing.

Home Workout

Is Gym or Home Workout better?

Exercise leaves you feeling energized, but you don’t need to go to a gym to get a great workout. Exercising at home can be just as effective. While gyms provide dedicated space, home workouts offer more flexibility. Using your time and equipment to maximize efficiency is the key to a great workout.

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Home Workout

Makes videos about Home workout programs to get shredded physique and gain perfect muscle proportion.
An incredibly active person, and absolutely love working out. She uses her channel to share some of her workout routines (TABATA, HIIT, LISS, STRENGTH, CARDIO), and hopefully inspire others to start working out along with her.
You can find workouts from her five programs (High Intensity, High Intensity Strength, Low Impact, Zero Equipment, and Post Pregnancy) in the SWEAT app, among hundreds of other amazing workouts from all of the incredible Sweat trainers
YouTube personality and fitness and weight training content creator who rose to fame by publishing motivational workout regimens on his BullyJuice channel.
His ethos is that fitness should always be balanced with a person’s lifestyle to remain sustainable. It should be accessible and enjoyable whilst being tailored to measurable and realistic goals. When he started my career in fitness, he wanted to share his knowledge and workout programmes to ensure that regardless of ability, my workouts could be used to support a healthy lifestyle.
Born in Sydney, Shona was an elite gymnast, dancer and bodybuilder. Now she’s married that dedication with her love of yoga – she’s David Beckham’s yoga teacher FYI– and meditation with a class that runs in New Balance’s Oxford Street store from January. Her book, The Vertue Method, is out now.
Paul Sklar is a 25 + year veteran of the fitness industry and has been training people since 1993. He is a former scholarship athlete and 2x All-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) selection in track and field, as well as a former #2 National and #25 World, ranked Professional Duathlete.
Jeanette Jenkins is the founder and president of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. She studied human kinetics at NJCU. Jenkins is also the host of Lifetime Television’s My Workout: Powered by
The creator of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, The Ultimate Push-Up Program, The Ultimate Lower Body And Core Program, The Ultimate Pistol Squat Program,and The Ultimate Landmine Program. Her programs are currently being followed by thousands of people from over 100 countries worldwide.
CHARLEE ATKINS is an NYC-based fitness expert and creator of the popular fitness app Le Sweat TV. She’s listed as one of America’s top trainers by national outlets such as Women’s Health, Men’s Health, PopSugar, Cosmopolitan, and Well+Good.

How do Fitness influencers Get Paid?

In conclusion, there are many ways to make money as a fitness influencer. You can create your own products or services, affiliate marketing, or advertising. You can also use social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook to sell your services or products.
See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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