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Top E-Commerce NFT Projects

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E-Commerce NFTs

NFT projects now provide a wide variety of physical items that the NFT world knows as “merch”. These items include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stickers, and unique items like toys or a plushie. They frequently collaborate with well-known fashion labels to offer unique merchandise. Non-members can also purchase some of the NFT merchandise. So even if you can’t get your hands on a blue-chip NFT, you can still join almost the same level of excitement without the NFT.
NFTs can be used in ecommerce to limit access to “merch” that’s only available to NFT holders. The possibilities are endless. Learn how to add NFTs to your Ecommerce business in this article.
NFT Merch

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Top E-Commerce NFT Projects Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

One of the numerous utilities of BAYC’s first roadmap was NFT merch. The team created a members-only BAYC Merch Store after 60 percent of the Bored Apes were sold. They’ve held a few clothing sales so far, with limited-edition tees, hoodies, hats, and other things. Then, in October 2021, BAYC released special MAYC merchandise. T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, posters, dad hats, and a limited supply of skateboard decks were among the items available.
Creature world is an NFT project that consist of a collaborative art experience pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology.Creature world’s merchandise, which is an apparel collection, collaborated with Advisry, a New York-based fashion label. The collection’s items were created by designer Keith Herron, who was inspired by Creature World’s art. The clothing from Creature World is all about making a statement.
Creature World
Doodles, the hit NFT collectible, debuted its dedicated digital merch shop in February this year (2022). The Doodles shop sells a wide range of unique and eye-catching merchandise, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags, as well as sticker packs, mascot figures, and more. While some of the things are only available to holders, others are available to the general public.
CyberKongz has teamed up with Uniqly, an NFT platform, to create a line of super-cool clothing for its users. To commemorate the introduction of CyberKongz VX, the two collaborated on a limited-edition Myoo t-shirt. These t-shirts were unique in a way, that they required collectors to burn the connected NFT in order to receive the tangible item. CyberKongz later offered a classic NFT Streetwear line on the marketplace, which included t-shirts and hoodies. Anyone with a Genesis, Baby, or VX Kong can participate in the collection and mint two pieces. Even $BANANA, the project’s native token, can be used to purchase items. The merchandise can then be worn in the metaverse or in real life without needing the NFT.
Getting yourself a Morie gives you access to a community of dreamers, thinkers, lovers, peaceful revolutionaries that believes in education and growth by sharing and having fun. CryptoMories sells apparel with its charming skeleton avatars. CryptoMories, which is part of the iwwon project family of NFTs, has opened up a ‘Famorie Gift Shop’ where members and non-members may buy their stuff. There are currently 12 items on their ecommerce store. Stickers, hoodies, embroidered B&B Bucket Hats, beanies, and more are among the items available.
In March this year (2022), Veefriends debuted its Spring/Summer ’22 collection, which included many graphic hoodies and tees. Along with other VeeFriends personalities, the items also have human characteristics chosen by Gary Vaynerchuk. There were a couple of disappointing comments in that space citing that VeeFriends’ gear is a tad underwhelming and lacks unique designs when compared to merch from most other companies. If you prefer simplicity, the VeeFriends merch is the best place to be.
Gutter Cat Gang NFT project has a range of merch product drops. Gutter Merch 1.0, an NFT redeemable for a merch bundle featuring a dad hat, hoodie, and tee, was released by the project in October of last year. You can also change the size and appearance of the package to suit your needs. The NFT will be burned after it has been redeemed. Following that, Merch 2.0 Phase 1 was launched, which included Bitcoin and Ethereum caps. However, Gutter Cat and Full Gutter Set owners are the only ones who can get them. Hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, beanies, sweatpants, dad hats, and other items were added to the collection in Phase 2.
Gutter Cat Gang


Gap has launched NFTs, following in the footsteps of Adidas and Nike, which have all just entered the NFT market. The fashion label is releasing an NFT hoodie art that unlocks tangible apparel to coincide with the release. GAP is teaming up with Brandon Sines, the artist behind the Frank Ape comic.
Ivy Boys is an unique series of NFTs created by the American web3 firm BBRC in collaboration with South Korean fashion illustrator Aaron Chang. Ivy Boys is a limited-edition NFT avatar set that grants owners exclusive access to the Ivy Bous Universe. The collection is inspired by the American Ivy League fashion style and subculture, which was popularized by icons and heritage brands like Paul Newman and Ralph Lauren, and has since been re-adopted by pop stars like Tyler the Creator and David Beckham. BBRC aims to provide a wide range of resources and assets for utility-enabled PFPs that owners may readily adopt and use to identify one another. Each Ivy Boys NFT grants access to private membership, in-person experiences, and future special projects, airdrops, brand collaborations, and merchandise collections – all of which are collaborative and community-driven.
E-Commerce NFT Projects

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E-Commerce NFT Projects

Future of NFT in Ecommerce Platforms

Businesses can design multi-sensory products, upsell value-added bundles, and deliver the instant gratification of a virtual counterpart of a real purchase with Ecommerce NFTs. They’re also a wise strategy to ensure your company’s long-term viability. In the near future, it is expected to bring over the e-commerce company by allowing consumers to enjoy the world of NFTs. Because NFT is a dynamic network, it may be subject to assets and natural changes in the e-commerce business. Is your business ready for this change yet?
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See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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