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Top Crypto Whale Investors

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Crypto whales is a term used to describe investors with a disproportionately large holding of a cryptocurrency. They can influence the price of their respective crypto tokens with their buying/selling power and disrupt the crypto markets with relative ease.
In the crypto space we usually refer to High Networth Individuals (HNW) by calling them a “whale”. A “whale” is simply someone who has a large amount of cryptocurrency in their possession. If a whale decides to acquire, sell, or reallocate their assets, the quantity they own must be large enough to have market effect.

Who Are the Big Whales in Crypto?

Some of the publicly-known crypto holders with large amounts of cryptocurrency are Sam Bankman-Fried, Micheal Saylor, and Brian Armstrong.

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Crypto Whale Investors

These Crypto Whale Investors share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Who are the whales of crypto?

Which crypto are whales buying?

How much crypto do whales own?

How much Bitcoin is owned by whales?

What Cryptos are billionaires buying?

Who is the richest Bitcoin owner?

How much of ethereum is owned by whales?

List of Crypto Whale Investors

Barry Silbert is the founder of Digital Currency Group, which owns Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Coinbase, and Coindesk.
Micheal Saylor is the CEO of Microstrategy, which is investing heavily in bitcoin.
Tyler Winklevoss are believed to be the first bitcoin billionaires, reportedly holding about 100,000 coins.
Cameron Winklevoss are believed to be the first bitcoin billionaires, reportedly holding about 100,000 coins.
Elon Musk’s company Tesla purchased $1.5 billion in bitcoin in 2021.
Changpeng Zhao is the founder of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world. Binance has incubation programs which offers mentorship for new projects looking to launch unto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Michael Novogratz founded Galaxy Digital Holdings, a broker-dealer and cryptocurrency and digital asset management firm.
Zhu Su started a firm (Three Arrows) that now owns billions in crypto. Their largest cryptocurrency holding is in Ethereum according to a report by Bloomberg.

Who are the whales of crypto?

Whales are entities—individuals, institutions and exchanges—that hold significant amounts of tokens of a particular cryptocurrency. For instance, when it comes to Bitcoin, a whale is an account that holds 1,000 Bitcoins or more. Some examples of well-known whales include Pantera Capital and Fortress Investment Group.

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Crypto Whale Investors

Tetranode – activist whale for Ethereum projects,
Micree Zhan is the Co-Founder of Bitmain Technologies, a Bitcoin mining startup. Zhan is said to have the second-largest Bitcoin fortune.
Chris Larsen was one of the first bitcoin pioneers. Larsen, the founder and former CEO of Ripple. His net worth is reported to be in the billions of dollars.
Madfes is a partner at Tribe Capital, a venture capital firm with $1.5 billion in assets, where he leads crypto efforts. He’s helped the firm develop a strategy that includes long-term hold positions in liquid coins and tokens.
Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, didn’t let the loss of his first Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox (a Bitcoin exchange) attack dissuade him from buying more. Despite the fact that he lost all of his crypto investments, he went on to play a key part in another early crypto story: Silk Road.
Mark Roszak, a venture capitalist, was another early adopter, purchasing his first Bitcoin in 2012. He is presently the chairman and co-founder of Bloq, a blockchain technology startup. Roszak also serves as the chair of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s first blockchain trade group.

Which crypto are whales buying?

WhaleStats data shows that a whale continues to shell out to buy Shiba Inu (SHIB). Said address purchased up to 48 billion SHIB. Recently, a wallet appeared that bought almost 48 billion SHIB tokens. These tokens are approximately equivalent to 1 million dollars.
Sam Bankman-Fried has risen quickly to the status of crypto billionaire. In October 2021, Forbes projected the 29-year-old MIT graduate to be worth $26.5 billion. He launched FTX, one of the world’s most prominent crypto exchanges, in 2019.
Brian Armstrong is the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, the largest bitcoin exchange in North America in terms of trading volume. After leaving his position as a software developer at Airbnb in 2012, he co-founded the exchange.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The fact that the man who invented Bitcoin is at the top of the list with around one million Bitcoin should come as no surprise to anyone. Since abruptly leaving the Bitcoin community in 2011, Satoshi has stayed silent. The unknown figure is at the top of this list as the reputed owner of nearly 5% of all Bitcoin.

How much crypto do whales own?

According to VentureFounders, “This is officially the highest number of Bitcoin EVER held in this wallet: BTC 118,017, in total the whale has put $2.5 billion (roughly Rs. 18,863.29 crore) to buy BTC with an average cost basis of $21,160 (roughly Rs. 15.96 lakh) per BTC.

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Crypto Whale Investors

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