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Top Crypto TikTok Influencers

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TikTok and cryptocurrency share a lot of commonalities. They are both new kids on the block in a decades old space, followed by a large population of the youth, and incredibly profitable if you can utilize the tools right.

We have gathered the Top 25 Crypto TikTok Influencers that are changing the space for the better. Whether you are looking for technical analysis, penny-stock altcoin picks, or just pure unadulterated entertainment, the influencers listed below will be able to help you out!

TikTok Making Huge Waves in the Crypto Universe

The new social media app called TikTok is taking the world by storm. The app has been described as a mix between Snapchat and Instagram and is currently in a very competitive market. Many people are wondering how this app will affect the crypto universe, so let’s take a look at how it has been doing so far. TikTok has had a huge impact on the crypto market, with users spending an average of $15 million on the app each day. This has given the crypto market a much needed boost.

There are many ways to make money on TikTok, but the most common way is through advertising. With the app’s popularity and use of crypto, it is likely that there will be more opportunities for people to make money off of TikTok.

How we Rank these Crypto TikTok Influencers

Subscribers, views, and comments can now be manipulated. At Crowdcreate, we use a proprietary ranking formula based on these factors.

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking other influencers, founders, and investors who ranks at the top of their list.

2.) Quality Content. How good is the content that these influencers are creating?

3.) Subscriber Growth Rate. A faster growing following shows more influence. The number of subscribers isn’t as important as how fast an influencer is growing.

4.) Community Engagement. Our propriety formula includes metrics such as average view counts, organic mentions from other platforms and channels, and audience retention.

5.) Comments. An engaged following that posts genuine comments that aren’t generated by bots or spam is how to spot a good influencer.

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Top Crypto & NFT TikTok Influencers

crypto tiktok influencers


BitboyCrypto is a household name at this point and it’s good to see him diversify his audience and join TikTok. BitboyCrypto’s crypto TikTok page is great for beginners who are looking to get into blockchain, young adults curious about crypto, as well as the veteran looking for some crypto TikTok humor.


People are really sleeping on Crypto Cita. Crypto Cita is one of the top players in the crypto TikTok space. With over 733 thousand followers, she competes with some of the biggest names within crypto TikTok. It is also worth mentioning that her content also gets massive reposts and can be seen beyond the TikTok platform.

Crypto Mason

Crypto Mason is another heavy hitter in crypto TikTok. He is known for duetting with other influencers and his massive support for securitized tokens. He is known for being bullish on a number of securitized tokens. If you’re looking to see what the new generation of crypto influencers looks like, go give his page a visit.

The Wolf of Bitcoins

TheWolfofBitcoins is another veteran in the crypto TikTok space. In fact, he might be the first to ever bring cryptocurrency viral on TikTok. The Wolf is a great starting point for new investors as well as students looking to get their first taste of cryptocurrency investing. If you’re looking for some good, old fashioned belly busting content, you’re looking in the wrong place!

Hire Crypto TikTok Influencers

crypto tiktok influencers

Virtual Bacon

VirtualBacon is first and foremost a pure, crypto TikTok analyst. His primary purpose for being on the platform is to show and teach signals and technical chart reading to the youth. His explanations and videos while very youth-friendly with a hint of meme’s and fun, is still a valid way to get your toes into the technical trading world. His altcoin picks and Bitcoin analytics are incredibly fun to watch as well.

Crypto Wendy O

CryptoWendyO follows along the footsteps of VirtualBacon in technical analysis. CryptoWendyO also offers something special in the crypto TikTok sphere. She makes videos with companies and crypto news research. If you’re looking for an explanation to why a certain company made a specific move, or why an altcoin was chosen for adoption, it might be good to stop by CrytoWendyO’s crypto TikTok channel.

Patrick Kim

_Patrickkim is another great investor to take a look at for younger folks who are just starting out investing or trying to learn techniques. He is also an advocate for smart trading strategies like dollar cost averaging, as well as strategy based trading bots. His tips, such as using multiple exchanges and utilizing VPNs, will also help new people looking to enter the game get a sense of the community values. Give Patrick’s crypto TikTok page a try!

Brad In Iowa

BradInIowa is a fanatic of HNT and an avid believer in mining. An early adopter, Brad was in the game as early as 2013 when Bitcoin was reaching all time highs of 239 USD. BradInIowa is good for people entering mining and veterans looking to diversify their game. He has great resources such as mining groups, groupbuys for mining products, and more. Give Brad a shot if you’re getting into mining.
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Joshua Jake

If Brad is the go to for HNTs and mining, then itzjoshuajake is the go to crypto Tiktok guy for DeFi. His content surrounds how to avoid trading mistakes, where BTC is going on bear runs, and analysis of whale activities. If you’re looking to learn why crypto is trading sideways, or what is happening with a brand new hyped altcoin, itzjoshuajake is the guy for you.

Mac n Cheeasy

MacnCheeasy is an incredible crypto TikTok entertainer. He makes content surrounding the news, such as Mark Cuban leaking his holdings and China banning BTC. If you’re just looking for entertainment and see how hype content transfers from different platforms, macncheeasy is a good choice. If you’re looking for something more advances or technical, other crypto TikTokers may be a good choice.

TikTok Influencers Making Money

crypto tiktok influencers


Performante is unique because the content isn’t focused on any one trading technique or altcoin pick. Instead Performante is focused on updating the public on the general crypto TikTok world as well as advice on financial independence. Akin to GaryVee, this motivational type of content is great for people looking to get through FUD or crypto exhaustion. It’s always good to be reminded of your long term goal.


CryptoKang is an accessible spokesperson for crypto on TikTok. He interacts with his followers well and answers questions based on community requests. Most of his content focuses on new and interesting altcoins coming out. He either reviews them or gives a little info about why the project might be special. If you’re looking for niche products to invest in, cryptokang might be your go-to.


If you’re the type of person that like market analytics and talking investment theory, than cryptoweatherman might be your guy. Like his namesake, cryptoweatherman keeps a pulse on the crypto investment climate, as well as moves from big whales. His content also guides new and veteran investors alike on interesting trading techniques and signals. Give cryptoweatherman a shot if you’re into crypto trade analytics!


Cryptoentrepreneur or DeFi Dom, is as his namesake says, a huge proponent of DeFi technology. His content however, is focused on memes and entertainment focusing on the cryptocurrency space. From popular interviews with Elon Musk, to meme takes of Warren Buffet, this is the go-to page for crypto TikTok entertainment. If you’re a young investor just looking for some laughs, check out this entertaining but cryptofriendly TikTok channel.


Cryptomoonmoney is a channel dedicated to highlighting new and niche altcoin projects. While the content is reposts of expensive cars and flashy graphics, the picks themselves are worth taking a second look at. Veterans who like playing in pennystocks should take a good look at this channel.

Coin Bureau

The members of Coin Bureau are true educators in the cryptoTikTok world. Their content is focused on the very base of cryptocurrency how-tos and philosophy. Beginners interested in why Bitcoin was made, and why it’s so important to finance will be happy with the number of content available to them.

Top TikTok Crypto Analysts


Aymanmufleh is a young man who wants to bring his peers up with him. His content is centered around his opinion and hot takes on the news surrounding cryptocurrency. He also posts videos on his trading moves and speculations on technical analysis. If you’re a younger investor, Ayman may be just the guy to learn from with his unique approach to crypto education.


Thebrandonjoseph is an investor’s investor. His video is focused on making smart choices, and reading the environment before making your purchases. His other content deals with criticism or certain actors, offering help to early investors, as well as motivational content. Brandon Joseph has one of the most valuable and well balanced crypto TikTok pages.

Eff You Money

Effyoumoney follows true to his motto. Crypto in simple terms. If you’re a veteran and asking yourself complicated questions or attempting to enter a niche you know nothing about, it might be smart to visit effyoumoney. He does deep dives on market analysis, as well as questions like APR vs APY. Those looking for entertainment may enjoy his content as well. He has a video teaching you how to find meme coins!

Crypto Economists

When was the last time you watched the news? Cryptoeconomist reposts the most important aspects of cryptonews so you don’t have to! Everything from important interviews to spotlight corners for crypto on the news can be found on this TikTok page. Cryptoeconomists are worth following just for that. If you don’t have time to scroll through YouTube crypto news, this crypto TikTok channel may be the right choice for you.
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TikTok Crypto Altcoin Influencers


ThatKidCrypto is bullish AF! ThatKidCrypto is another member of crypto TikTok merging entertainment and education. Most of his content is meme’s and opinions focused on the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin community as a whole. He also posts videos on his latest altcoin picks as well as niche investments he is currently interested in. While the older investing might turn a blind eye, young investors may find his content incredibly relatable.


AltCoinMedia is another motivational as well as altcoin pick crypto TikTok page. Alot of the videos are focused on lavish lifestyles as well as motivational speaker type of content. Don’t let that deter you from the value this channel has though. Veterans and people specializing in altcoins will definitely get some signals and choice picks from this crypto TikTok channel. If you like big risk and big gains, altcoinmedia may have something for you.

Crypto Chuck

Cryptochuck is great place to learn how investors think! Cryptochuck’s specialty lies in his stream of consciousness content focused on why he made a certain move in the cryptocurrency financial environment. He also gives awesome takes and explanation for why he is either selling or holding his current position in context with the news of the world.

24 is one of the few verified channels and the only official company on this list. While the exchange itself is a household name in the cryptocommunity, the reason why this company is listed is legitimate. There are very few cryptocurrency financial institutions trying to make a name on TikTok.
Blockchain Boy
Lucas is a crypto content creator on TikTok and co-founder of, and Business Development Officer for InfinityPad, (IPAD), the BSC’s most dominant launchpad.
Crypto Projects talks about tokens and coins such as Grimace Coin, Talent Coin, PeaSwap, and Litedex. He also gives updates on the Leviathan Protocol and Y-5Finance.
More popularly known as CryptoMasun, he is one of the most reliable sources of information when it comes to cryptocurrencies. He already has quite a following on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and many other social media platforms.
Crypto Review gives you a peak at the latest crypto and NFT projects through no-frills TikTok videos. His channel is based on promotions though, so take any recommendations with a grain of salt.
Cryptokang has taken his remarkable presence on Instagram to TikTok. He’s fast-gaining new followers on the platform, making his videos one of the most-liked content on cryptocurrencies.
RW Crypto may seem just like a regular crypto enthusiast who just wants to share his passion for cryptocurrencies but he offers his audience much more than that.
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